Commit 4bf3557e authored by Stéphane Sobucki's avatar Stéphane Sobucki Committed by Vincent A

[boursorama] Fix: changed condition to filter out insurances

There's a new insurance '/assurance/habitation' that was not filtered
out in iter_accounts. These insurances are all located under this route
'assurance/', so we can use this as a condition.
parent 9f951384
......@@ -327,13 +327,8 @@ class item(ItemElement):
def condition(self):
# Ignore externally aggregated accounts and insurances:
return (
not self.is_external()
and not
# We need to use 'assurance/' as a filter because using 'assurance' would filter out life insurance accounts
return not self.is_external() and 'assurance/' not in Field('url')(self)
obj_label = CleanText('.//a[has-class("account--name")] | .//div[has-class("account--name")]')
obj_currency = FrenchTransaction.Currency('.//a[has-class("account--balance")]')
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