Commit 4b9d48a3 authored by Vincent Texier's avatar Vincent Texier Committed by Florent Fourcot

Fix bug bad characters in titles

The parser returns duble encoded unicode titles we have to convert to utf-8
parent d5460c4f
......@@ -48,7 +48,8 @@ class SearchPage(BasePage):
video.thumbnail = BaseImage(u'' % url)
video.thumbnail.url =
video.title = unicode(, 'p.titre', 1).text)
# The title is poorly encoded is the source, we have to encode/decode it again
video.title = unicode(, 'p.titre', 1).text).encode('raw_unicode_escape').decode('utf8')
date =, '', 1).text
day, month, year = [int(s) for s in date.split('/')]
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