Commit 490bcb05 authored by Laurent Bachelier's avatar Laurent Bachelier 🐧 Committed by Vincent A

browser: Normalize encodings

Sometimes it is lowercase, uppercase, or even bytes instead of unicode
This removes a warning under Python 3.
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......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ class Page(object):
self.params = params
# Setup encoding and build document
self.forced_encoding = encoding or self.ENCODING
self.forced_encoding = self.normalize_encoding(encoding or self.ENCODING)
if self.forced_encoding:
self.response.encoding = self.forced_encoding
self.doc = self.build_doc(
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ class Page(object):
def encoding(self):
return self.response.encoding
return self.normalize_encoding(self.response.encoding)
def encoding(self, value):
......@@ -223,6 +223,14 @@ class Page(object):
return None
def normalize_encoding(self, encoding):
Make sure we can easily compare encodings by formatting them the same way.
if isinstance(encoding, bytes):
encoding = encoding.decode('utf-8')
return encoding.lower() if encoding else encoding
def absurl(self, url):
Get an absolute URL from an a partial URL, relative to the Page URL
......@@ -518,7 +526,7 @@ class XMLPage(Page):
import re
m ='<\?xml version="1.0" encoding="(.*)"\?>',
if m:
return self.normalize_encoding(
def build_doc(self, content):
import lxml.etree as etree
......@@ -664,10 +672,10 @@ class HTMLPage(Page):
Method to build the lxml document from response and given encoding.
encoding = self.encoding
if encoding == 'latin-1':
encoding = 'latin1'
if encoding == u'latin-1':
encoding = u'latin1'
if encoding:
encoding = encoding.replace('ISO8859_', 'ISO8859-')
encoding = encoding.replace(u'iso8859_', u'iso8859-')
import lxml.html as html
parser = html.HTMLParser(encoding=encoding)
return html.parse(BytesIO(content), parser)
......@@ -681,18 +689,18 @@ class HTMLPage(Page):
# meta http-equiv=content-type content=...
_, params = parse_header(content)
if 'charset' in params:
encoding = params['charset'].strip("'\"")
encoding = self.normalize_encoding(params['charset'].strip("'\""))
for charset in self.doc.xpath('//head/meta[@charset]/@charset'):
# meta charset=...
encoding = charset.lower()
encoding = self.normalize_encoding(charset)
if encoding == 'iso-8859-1' or not encoding:
encoding = 'windows-1252'
if encoding == u'iso-8859-1' or not encoding:
encoding = u'windows-1252'
except LookupError:
encoding = 'windows-1252'
encoding = u'windows-1252'
return encoding
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