Commit 4903a7b5 authored by Maxime Pommier's avatar Maxime Pommier Committed by Vincent A

[cmso] Add bdate

parent 39d0443b
......@@ -264,6 +264,7 @@ class CmsoParBrowser(LoginBrowser, StatesMixin):
for tr in, nbs=nbs):
if has_deferred_cards and tr.type == Transaction.TYPE_CARD:
tr.type = Transaction.TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD
tr.bdate = tr.rdate
......@@ -285,6 +286,7 @@ class CmsoParBrowser(LoginBrowser, StatesMixin):
self.trs = {'lastdate': None, 'list': []}
for c in
if hasattr(c, '_deferred_date'):
c.bdate = c.rdate = c._deferred_date
c.type = Transaction.TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD # force deferred card type for comings inside cards
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