Commit 4806a2fc authored by Jerome Berthier's avatar Jerome Berthier Committed by Vincent A

[cragr/api] handle new server error when SCA is required

They change the json response, add a check to know whether
we are going to get an SCA or not.
parent 6ee2aa04
......@@ -143,12 +143,10 @@ class CragrAPI(LoginBrowser):
if any(value in message for value in technical_error_messages) or \
any(value in code for value in technical_error_codes):
raise BrowserUnavailable(message)
elif error_type and 'UNAUTHORIZED_ERREUR_TYPE' in error_type:
# Usually appears when doing retries after a BrowserUnavailable
raise BrowserUnavailable()
# When a PSD2 SCA is required it also returns a 500, but info is under 'url' key
if exc.response.json().get('url') == 'dsp2/informations.html':
# When a PSD2 SCA is required it also returns a 500, hopefully we can detect it
if (exc_json.get('url') == 'dsp2/informations.html' or
exc_json.get('redirection', '').endswith('dsp2/informations.html')):
return self.handle_sca()
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