Commit 478a7cd0 authored by Florent Viard's avatar Florent Viard Committed by Vincent A

tools/har-to-old: Fixes typo in extracted file names ".response.txt"

For a given web request, there use to be 2 metadata files generated:


But, there is a typo in the code, and instead the generated files are:


This change fixes the typo to get back the original behavior.
parent 64e92504
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ def main():
with open(f'{prefix}-request.txt', 'wb') as fd:
write_request(entry, fd)
with open(f'{prefix}.response.txt', 'w') as fd:
with open(f'{prefix}-response.txt', 'w') as fd:
write_response(entry, fd)
with open(prefix, 'wb') as fd:
write_body(entry, fd)
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