Commit 454cf349 authored by Romain Bignon's avatar Romain Bignon

works correctly

parent 8c4340be
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ import time
import sys
from weboob import Weboob
from weboob.capabilities import CAP_MAILS
from weboob.capabilities.messages import ICapMessages
from import BaseApplication
class User:
......@@ -39,42 +39,48 @@ class User:
class Application(BaseApplication):
APPNAME = 'weboob2mail'
CONFIG = {'interval': 15,
'domain': '',
'recipient': '',
'smtp': 'localhost'}
def main(self, argv):
if not self.config.values:
if not self.config:
print >>sys.stderr, "Error: %s is not configured yet. Please call 'weboob2mail -c'" % argv[0]
print >>sys.stderr, "Also, you need to use 'weboobcfg' to set backend configs"
return -1
self.weboob.schedule(interval, self.process)
self.weboob.schedule(self.config['interval'], self.process)
def process(self):
backends = self.weboob.getBackends()
for b in backends:
for name, b in backends.iteritems():
messages = b.getNewMessages()
for m in messages:
self.send_email(name, m)
def send_email(self, mail):
domain = self.config.items['domain']
recipient = self.config.items['recipient']
def send_email(self, backend_name, mail):
domain = self.config['domain']
recipient = self.config['recipient']
reply_id = ''
if mail.getReplyID():
reply_id = u'%s@%s' % (mail.getFullReplyID(), domain)
reply_id = u'%s.%s@%s' % (backend_name, mail.getFullReplyID(), domain)
subject = u'%s%s' % ((reply_id) and 'Re: ' or '', mail.getTitle())
sender = u'%s <%d@%s>' % (mail.getFrom(), mail.getThreadID(), domain)
sender = u'%s <%s.%s.%s@%s>' % (mail.getFrom(), backend_name, mail.getThreadID(), mail.getID(), domain)
# assume that getDate() returns an UTC datetime
date = time.strftime('%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S +0000', mail.getDate().timetuple())
msg_id = u'%s@%s' % (mail.getFullID(), domain)
msg_id = u'%s.%s@%s' % (backend_name, mail.getFullID(), domain)
body = mail.getContent()
body += u'\n\n-- \n'
body += mail.getSignature()
if mail.getSignature():
body += u'\n\n-- \n'
body += mail.getSignature()
# Header class is smart enough to try US-ASCII, then the charset we
# provide, then fall back to UTF-8.
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