Commit 426f4db7 authored by Laurent Bachelier's avatar Laurent Bachelier 🐧 Committed by Vincent A

config: Add extra classes

parent 803d07a7
import multiprocessing
import os
from datetime import datetime
__all__ = ['AutoCleanConfig', 'ForkingConfig', 'TimeBufferConfig']
These classes add functionality to existing IConfig classes.
class MyYamlConfig(TimeBufferConfig, ForkingConfig, YamlConfig):
saved_since_seconds = 42
The recommended order is TimeBufferConfig, AutoCleanConfig, ForkingConfig, and then the
actual storage class.
class AutoCleanConfig(object):
Removes config file if it has no values.
def save(self):
if self.values:
super(AutoCleanConfig, self).save()
elif os.path.exists(self.path):
class ForkingConfig(object):
Runs the actual save in a forked processes, making save non-blocking.
It prevents two save() from being called at once by blocking on the previous one
if it is not finished.
It is also possible to call join() to wait for the save to complete.
process = None
def join(self):
if self.process:
def save(self):
# if a save is already in progress, wait for it to finish
parent_save = super(ForkingConfig, self).save
self.process = multiprocessing.Process(target=parent_save, name=u'save %s' % self.path)
def __exit__(self, t, v, tb):
super(ForkingConfig, self).__exit__(t, v, tb)
class TimeBufferConfig(object):
Really saves only every saved_since_seconds seconds.
It is possible to force save (e.g. at exit) with force_save().
last_save = None
saved_since_seconds = None
def __init__(self, path, saved_since_seconds=None):
super(TimeBufferConfig, self).__init__(path)
self.saved_since_seconds = saved_since_seconds
def load(self, default={}):
super(TimeBufferConfig, self).load(default)
self.last_save =
def save(self, saved_since_seconds=None):
if saved_since_seconds is None:
saved_since_seconds = self.saved_since_seconds
if saved_since_seconds and self.last_save:
if ( - self.last_save).seconds < saved_since_seconds:
super(TimeBufferConfig, self).save()
self.last_save =
def force_save(self):
def __exit__(self, t, v, tb):
super(TimeBufferConfig, self).__exit__(t, v, tb)
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