Commit 41892a11 authored by Maxime Gasselin's avatar Maxime Gasselin Committed by Romain Bignon

[cragr] Skip recipients without label

Closes: 16623@sibi
parent 6661ec3b
......@@ -1211,6 +1211,8 @@ class TransferInit(MyLoggedPage, BasePage):
yield rcpt
elif opt.attrib['value'].startswith('E'):
if len(lines) > 1:
# In some cases we observed beneficiaries without label, we skip them
rcpt = Recipient()
rcpt._index = opt.attrib['value']
rcpt._raw_label = ' '.join(lines)
......@@ -1220,6 +1222,8 @@ class TransferInit(MyLoggedPage, BasePage): = rcpt.iban
rcpt.enabled_at =
yield rcpt
self.logger.warning('The recipient associated with the iban %s has got no label' % lines[0])
def submit_accounts(self, account_id, recipient_id, amount, currency):
emitters = [rcpt for rcpt in self.iter_emitters() if == account_id and not rcpt.iban]
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