Commit 3feb0fb7 authored by Fong NGO's avatar Fong NGO Committed by Vincent A

[bp] pro website: add new transaction types

Related to rework of LBP pro website: 97968cde1b646cb05f97ae33489440c5979b9256
parent 045dcfc8
......@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ def is_logged(self):
'Frais/Taxes/Agios': Transaction.TYPE_BANK,
'Versement': Transaction.TYPE_CASH_DEPOSIT,
'Chèque': Transaction.TYPE_CHECK,
'Retrait': Transaction.TYPE_WITHDRAWAL,
'Annul/Régul/Extourn': Transaction.TYPE_PAYBACK,
'Remise chèques': Transaction.TYPE_DEPOSIT,
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