Commit 3b8cc43d authored by Vincent A's avatar Vincent A

gitlab-ci.yml: use python3 in before_script

I don't really know what this is used to since it's not related to a
version test. Also, not sure "pip3" will exist.
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- "pip install -r .ci/requirements.txt"
- "REQUIREMENTS=$(mktemp) && python requirements > ${REQUIREMENTS} && pip install -r ${REQUIREMENTS} && rm ${REQUIREMENTS}"
- "pip install -r .ci/requirements_modules.txt"
- "pip3 install -r .ci/requirements.txt"
- "REQUIREMENTS=$(mktemp) && python3 requirements > ${REQUIREMENTS} && pip3 install -r ${REQUIREMENTS} && rm ${REQUIREMENTS}"
- "pip3 install -r .ci/requirements_modules.txt"
image: "python:2.7"
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