Commit 2df98182 authored by Vincent A's avatar Vincent A Committed by Romain Bignon

update setup to use qt5 instead of qt4

parent 9a3a21a7
......@@ -46,8 +46,8 @@ def find_executable(name, names):
def build_qt():
print('Building Qt applications...', file=sys.stderr)
make = find_executable('make', ('gmake', 'make'))
pyuic4 = find_executable('pyuic4', ('python2-pyuic4', 'pyuic4-python2.7', 'pyuic4-python2.6', 'pyuic4'))
if not pyuic4 or not make:
pyuic5 = find_executable('pyuic5', ('python2-pyuic5', 'pyuic5-python2.7', 'pyuic5-python2.6', 'pyuic5'))
if not pyuic5 or not make:
print('Install missing component(s) (see above) or disable Qt applications (with --no-qt).', file=sys.stderr)
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ def build_qt():
'-f', '',
'-s', '-j2',
'PYUIC=%s%s' % (pyuic4, ' WIN32=1' if sys.platform == 'win32' else '')])
'PYUIC=%s%s' % (pyuic5, ' WIN32=1' if sys.platform == 'win32' else '')])
def install_weboob():
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