Commit 278b246a authored by Quentin Defenouillere's avatar Quentin Defenouillere Committed by Vincent A

[CapBank] Implemented iter_market_orders into CapBankWealth & added class MarketOrder

parent 113e0013
......@@ -591,6 +591,47 @@ class Pocket(BaseObject):
investment = Field('Reference to the investment of the pocket', Investment)
class MarketOrderType(Enum):
"""Order executed at the current market price"""
"""Order executed with a maximum or minimum price limit"""
"""Order executed when the price reaches a specific value"""
class MarketOrderDirection(Enum):
BUY = 1
SALE = 2
class MarketOrder(BaseObject):
Market order
# Important: a Market Order always corresponds to one (and only one) investment
label = StringField('Label of the market order')
# MarketOrder values
unitprice = DecimalField('Value of the stock at the moment of the market order')
unitvalue = DecimalField('Current value of the stock associated with the market order')
ordervalue = DecimalField('Limit value or trigger value, only relevant if the order type is LIMIT or TRIGGER')
currency = StringField('Currency of the market order - not always the same as account currency')
quantity = DecimalField('Quantity of stocks in the market order')
# MarketOrder additional information
order_type = EnumField('Type of market order', MarketOrderType, default=MarketOrderType.UNKNOWN)
direction = EnumField('Direction of the market order (buy or sale)', MarketOrderDirection, default=MarketOrderDirection.UNKNOWN)
date = DateField('Date when the market order was executed')
validity_date = DateField('Validity date of the market order')
state = StringField('Current state of the market order (e.g. executed)')
code = StringField('Identifier of the stock related to the order')
stock_market = StringField('Stock market on which the order was executed')
class TransferStep(BrowserQuestion):
def __init__(self, transfer, *values):
super(TransferStep, self).__init__(*values)
......@@ -729,6 +770,17 @@ class CapBankWealth(CapBank):
raise NotImplementedError()
def iter_market_orders(self, account):
Iter market orders
:param account: account to get market orders
:type account: :class:`Account`
:rtype: iter[:class:`MarketOrder`]
:raises: :class:`AccountNotFound`
raise NotImplementedError()
class CapBankTransfer(CapBank):
accepted_beneficiary_types = (BeneficiaryType.RECIPIENT, )
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