Commit 26bea85a authored by Damien Mat's avatar Damien Mat Committed by Vincent A

[bp] Handle new 2FA message to trigger it

Previous commit revealed new 2FA messages.
that where silenced by an ActionNeed.
Here it is a Certicode auth method
that actually needed to be triggered.
parent d53a3afc
......@@ -163,7 +163,11 @@ def get_auth_method(self):
status_message = CleanText('//div[@class="textFCK"]')(self.doc)
if 'Une authentification forte via Certicode Plus vous' in status_message:
return 'cer+'
elif 'authentification forte via Certicode vous' in status_message:
'authentification forte via Certicode vous'
+ '|code de sécurité que vous recevrez par SMS',
return 'cer'
'avez pas de solution d’authentification forte'
......@@ -189,7 +193,7 @@ def get_auth_method(self):
# raise an error to avoid silencing other no2fa cases
raise AssertionError('no2fa wrongly not skipped')
raise AssertionError("No 2FA case to skip, or new 2FA case to trigger")
raise AssertionError('Unhandled login message: "%s"' % status_message)
def get_skip_url(self):
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