Commit 1461c129 authored by Christophe Francois's avatar Christophe Francois Committed by Vincent A

[cmes] Fetch pockets in a different page

This new page has the quantity.
parent 8b9908cf
......@@ -182,6 +182,14 @@ def iter_pocket(self, account):
for pocket in
yield pocket
for inv in self.iter_investment(account=account):
for pocket in
yield pocket
form =
for inv in
# Go to the investment details to get employee savings attributes
self.go_investment(form, inv._form_param)
for pocket in
yield pocket
......@@ -22,12 +22,12 @@
import re
from weboob.browser.pages import HTMLPage, LoggedPage
from weboob.browser.elements import ListElement, ItemElement, method
from weboob.browser.elements import ListElement, ItemElement, method, TableElement
from weboob.browser.filters.standard import (
CleanText, CleanDecimal, Date, Regexp, Field, Currency,
Upper, MapIn, Eval, Title,
MapIn, Eval, Title, Env,
from weboob.browser.filters.html import Link
from weboob.browser.filters.html import Link, TableCell
from weboob.capabilities.base import NotAvailable
from import Account
from weboob.capabilities.wealth import Investment, Pocket
......@@ -123,7 +123,6 @@ def iter_investments(self, account):
for row, elem_repartition, elem_pocket, elem_diff in self.iter_invest_rows(account=account):
inv = Investment()
inv._account = account
inv._el_pocket = elem_pocket
inv.label = CleanText('.//td[1]')(row)
inv._form_param = CleanText('.//td[1]/input/@name')(row)
inv.valuation = CleanDecimal.French('.//td[2]')(row)
......@@ -148,23 +147,6 @@ def iter_investments(self, account):
yield inv
def iter_pocket(self, inv):
if inv._el_pocket is not None:
for i, row in enumerate(inv._el_pocket.xpath('.//tr[position()>1]')):
pocket = Pocket() = "%s%s%s" % (inv._account.label, inv.label, i)
pocket.label = inv.label
pocket.investment = inv
pocket.amount = CleanDecimal.French('./td[2]')(row)
if 'DISPONIBLE' in Upper(CleanText('./td[1]'))(row):
pocket.condition = Pocket.CONDITION_AVAILABLE
pocket.condition = Pocket.CONDITION_DATE
pocket.availability_date = Date(Regexp(Upper(CleanText('./td[1]')), r'AU[\s]+(.*)'), dayfirst=True)(row)
yield pocket
def iter_ccb_pockets(self, account):
# CCB accounts have a specific table with more columns and specific attributes
for row in self.doc.xpath('//th/div[contains(., "%s")]/ancestor::table//table/tbody/tr' % account.label):
......@@ -252,6 +234,13 @@ def obj_performance_history(self):
return perfs
'retraite': Pocket.CONDITION_RETIREMENT,
'disponibilites': Pocket.CONDITION_DATE,
'immediate': Pocket.CONDITION_AVAILABLE,
class InvestmentDetailsPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
def get_quantity(self):
return CleanDecimal.French('//tr[th[text()="Nombre de parts"]]//em', default=NotAvailable)(self.doc)
......@@ -260,6 +249,39 @@ def go_back(self):
go_back_url = Link('//a[@id="C:A"]')(self.doc)
class iter_pockets(TableElement):
item_xpath = '//table[contains(caption/span/text(), "Détail par échéance")]/tbody/tr'
head_xpath = '//table[contains(caption/span/text(), "Détail par échéance")]/thead//th'
col_condition = 'Echéance'
col_amount = 'Montant investi'
col_quantity = 'Nombre de parts'
class item(ItemElement):
klass = Pocket
obj_investment = Env('inv')
obj_amount = CleanDecimal.French(TableCell('amount'))
obj_quantity = CleanDecimal.French(TableCell('quantity'), default=NotAvailable)
def obj_label(self):
return Env('inv')(self).label
def obj_condition(self):
condition_text = CleanText(TableCell('condition'), transliterate=True)(self)
condition = MapIn(self, POCKET_CONDITIONS, Pocket.CONDITION_UNKNOWN).filter(condition_text.lower())
if condition == Pocket.CONDITION_UNKNOWN:'Unhandled availability condition for pockets: %s', condition_text)
return condition
def obj_availability_date(self):
if Field('condition')(self) == Pocket.CONDITION_DATE:
return Date(
Regexp(CleanText(TableCell('condition')), r'Disponibilités (.*)'),
class OperationPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
# Most '_account_label' correspond 'account.label', but there are exceptions
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