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Fix typo: need_login calls do_login, not do_logout

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......@@ -386,7 +386,7 @@ Then, each method on your browser which needs your user to be authenticated may
You finally have to set correctly the :func:`logged <weboob.browser.pages.Page.logged>` attribute of each page you use. The
:func:`need_login <weboob.browser.browsers.need_login>` decorator checks if the current page is a logged one by reading the attribute
:func:`logged <weboob.browser.pages.Page.logged>` of the instance. This attributes defaults to ``False``, which means that :func:`need_login
<weboob.browser.browsers.need_login>` will first call :func:`do_logout <weboob.browser.browsers.LoginBrowser.do_logout>` before calling the
<weboob.browser.browsers.need_login>` will first call :func:`do_login <weboob.browser.browsers.LoginBrowser.do_login>` before calling the
decorated method.
You can either define it yourself, as a class boolean attribute or as a property, or inherit your class from :class:`LoggedPage <weboob.browser.pages.LoggedPage>`.
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