Commit 123cc3c2 authored by Lucas Ficheux's avatar Lucas Ficheux Committed by Vincent A

Revert "[boursorama] Cleaner VirtualKeyboard"

This reverts commit b266f91afc769023a7dfacc54f4567ebb850d3e4.

Boursorama got rid of the id present in the svg data
parent dadcaf79
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ import datetime
from decimal import Decimal
import re
from datetime import date
from base64 import b64decode
import hashlib
from weboob.browser.pages import (
HTMLPage, LoggedPage, pagination, NextPage, FormNotFound, PartialHTMLPage,
......@@ -204,24 +204,36 @@ class VirtKeyboardPage(HTMLPage):
class BoursoramaVirtKeyboard(object):
# sha256 hexdigest of data in src of img
symbols = {
'0': '86bda4bbc37e6cff7755be5a1ddae5322fe825ec7d0d447788e1d9ddf45599c7',
'1': 'e022e986a83bd9eef9ea740a628e983aae853a70d2c265a3f381783796f755e9',
'2': '962569ba07017fa2620f78198e1b6fb38f7b5b272ac9d4aee15c2ad598c015c3',
'3': 'd3a74f4d1fc55bc3df4e3fef2c3be04455001269086fc5f041019cebc3589208',
'4': '42762e145fe9084529efd08da04fdae630ab37a3232b795d37b8e6d29c5fbe13',
'5': 'd0a51a1e680ff68a19eef3396bd685b5feb61e93002893c80208e3b13a866602',
'6': 'e61de98562e589080abbb65d62983ef752e6cb0fe863d2a0b32f8f33916e50e1',
'7': '9c53afbf67e1eb029b3f44756c80cf9a03e5870976b1c6ed72510ff316e0d6f5',
'8': '325b6b8ea28c7adc9a032bbdffe69dd1df0a30d22cf46b49c503ae2206894a0e',
'9': '28f5c6f96b7305022635be5f252861470d9e7ca10dc5c37a0062ce9c09b509c3',
def __init__(self, page, codesep='|'):
self.codesep = codesep
self.digits = {}
self.fingerprints = {}
for button in page.doc.xpath('//ul[@class="password-input"]//button'):
# src is like data:image/svg+xml;base64, [data]
# so we split to only keep the data
# decode it to b64 and read svg data
# the number the svg path represents is found in the id of said path
img = button.xpath('.//img')[0]
b64_text = img.attrib['src'].split()[1]
svg_text = b64decode(b64_text).decode('utf-8')
number =' id="(\d)"', svg_text).group(1)
self.digits[number] = button.attrib['data-matrix-key']
# hashed so that the symbols dict is smaller
img_data_hash = hashlib.sha256(
self.fingerprints[img_data_hash] = button.attrib['data-matrix-key']
def get_string_code(self, string):
return self.codesep.join(
self.digits[digit] for digit in string
self.fingerprints[self.symbols[digit]] for digit in string
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