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Commit 10adc09d authored by Vincent A's avatar Vincent A

AUTHORS: add more developers

parent cd1e3791
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......@@ -343,13 +343,16 @@ Roland Mas <>
* imm-o-matic script author
Jean Walrave <>
* Fix on bill and bank modules.
* Many fixes on bill and bank modules;
* Added PDF document conversion.
Jonathan Schmidt <>
* Fix on bill and bank modules.
ZeHiro <>
* Add support for banque de Savoir on banquepopulaire.
* Add support for banque de Savoie on banquepopulaire;
* Fixes on bank modules;
* Fixes on subtitles capability and modules.
Edouard Lefebvre du Prey <>
* Patch on browser.
......@@ -364,6 +367,54 @@ Jérémy Bossut
Valentin Lefils
* Tests for the browser
Jean Sébastien
* Fixes on browser core.
Arthur Huillet
* suravenir, binck modules maintainer.
Sylvie Ye <>
* Many bank and transfer modules fixes;
* Multiple changes to CapBankTransfer and recipients.
Florian Duguet <>
* Many bank and bill modules fixes.
András Bartók <>
* Multiple bank and bill modules fixes;
* Changes in CapDocument;
* Author of CapCurrencyRate.
Célande Adrien <>
Théo Dorée <>
Quentin Defenouillère <>
Étienne Lacheré <>
* Many bank and bill modules fixes.
Victor Kannemacher <>
Maxime Gasselin <>
Benjamin Tampigny <>
Fong Ngo <>
Tony Malto <>
Frédéric Lépy <>
Olivier Da Rocha <>
* Fixes on bank and bill modules.
Sébastien Marie <>
* Fixes for OpenBSD compatibility.
Denis Carikli <>
* Fix on radiofrance module.
Bruno Chabrier <>
* Author of boomoney application.
Nicolas Frandeboeuf <>
* Multiple fixes on bank modules.
Damien Cassou <>
* Author of nef module.
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