Commit 0fc1b4f0 authored by Quentin Defenouillere's avatar Quentin Defenouillere Committed by Romain Bignon

[boursorama] Fetch card numbers according to the new website

The boursorama website changed and now the former code user to fetch
card numbers is completely obsolete: we must go to the cards page, fetch
the card's hash using card.url, match this hash with another hash on the
page that will be associated with the card's number.
In addition, I removed the method iter_card_ids() that was never called
and constitutes dead code.

Closes: 13401@sibi
parent 7a598e45
......@@ -325,13 +325,6 @@ class AccountsPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
return not Async('details', CleanText(u'//h4[contains(text(), "Établissement bancaire")]'))(self) and not \
Async('details', CleanText(u'//h4/div[contains(text(), "Établissement bancaire")]'))(self)
def iter_card_ids(self):
for tr in self.doc.xpath('//table[@class="table table--accounts"]/tr[has-class("table__line--account") and count(descendant::td) > 1 and @data-line-account-href]'):
url = Attr('.//a[@class="account--name"] | .//a[2]', 'href', default='')(tr)
m ='/([a-z0-9]+)/carte/([a-z0-9]+)', url)
if m:
yield m.groups()
class LoanPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
......@@ -841,35 +834,13 @@ class ProfilePage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
class CardsNumberPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
def populate_cards_number(self, cards):
Checking account ID used to match credit cards.
Label useful when several cards on the same checking account.
The card_details list contains tuples including the card number,
the hash of the card's parent account, and the name of the card.
card_details = [
(CleanText('.//span')(o), CleanText('./@data-card-key')(o), CleanText('.//p')(o))
for o in self.doc.xpath('//div[contains(@class, "zoom-carousel__item text-center credit-card-carousel__item")]')
# Remove cards whose number ends with **** (means it is not activated yet)
card_details = [
(number, account_hash, name) for (number, account_hash, name) in card_details
if not number.endswith('****')
for card in cards:
match = [(number, account_hash, name) for (number, account_hash, name) in card_details if account_hash in card.url]
if len(match) > 1:
# Several cards matched the same bank account, so we now try
# to match them using the name of the card holder:
card_username = card.label.split('-')[1].lstrip()
match = [(number, account_hash, name) for (number, account_hash, name) in match if name.startswith(card_username)]
assert len(match) <= 1, "only one card should be matched, or zero if the card is not yet activated"
if len(match) == 1 :
card.number = match[0][0]
# The second hash of the card's url is used to get
# the card's hash on the HTML page:
card_url_hash ='carte\/(.*)', card.url).group(1)
card_hash = CleanText('//nav[ul[li[a[contains(@href, "%s")]]]]/@data-card-key' % card_url_hash)(self.doc)
# With the card hash we can get the card number:
card.number = CleanText('//div[@data-card-key="%s"]/div/span' % card_hash)(self.doc)
class HomePage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
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