Commit 05310c36 authored by Vincent Ardisson's avatar Vincent Ardisson Committed by Romain Bignon

[bnporc] ignore some non-transactions on life insurances

In the history json, amid real transactions, there are some entries with
a 0 amount and a label like "Historique indisponible - contacter BNP
[...]". These are not transactions, skip them.
parent cfba28eb
......@@ -610,10 +610,15 @@ class LifeInsurancesPage(BNPPage):
class LifeInsurancesHistoryPage(BNPPage):
'En cours',
'Sans suite',
def iter_history(self, coming):
for op in self.get('data.listerMouvements.listeMouvements') or []:
#We have not date for this statut so we just skit it
if op.get('statut') == u'En cours':
if op.get('statut') in self.IGNORED_STATUSES:
tr = Transaction.from_dict({
......@@ -622,14 +627,16 @@ class LifeInsurancesHistoryPage(BNPPage):
'amount': op.get('montantNet'),
if op.get('statut') == 'Sans suite':
vdate = parse_french_date(op.get('dateEffet')) if op.get('dateEffet') else None,
raw='%s %s' % (op.get('libelleMouvement'), op.get('canalSaisie') or ''))
tr._op = op
if not tr.amount:
if op.get('rib', {}).get('codeBanque') == 'null':'ignoring non-transaction with label %r', tr.raw)
if (op.get('statut') == u'Traité') ^ coming:
yield tr
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