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    [caissedepargne] Improve the way that we get card's account. · dad4eb6d
    Maxime Pommier authored
    Card cases is really tricky on the new website.
    There are 2 kinds of page where we can find cards infomation
     - CardsPage: List some of the PSU cards
     - CardsComingPage: On the coming transaction page (for a specific checking account),
       we can find all cards related to this checking account. Information to reach this
       CC is in the home page
    We have to go through this both kind of page for those reasons:
     - If there is no coming yet, the card will not be found in the home page and we will not
       be able to reach the CardsComingPage. But we can find it on CardsPage
     - Some cards are only on the CardsComingPage and not the CardsPage
     - In CardsPage, there are cards (with "Business" in the label) without checking account on the
       website (either history nor coming), so we skip them.
     - Some card on the CardsPage that have a checking account parent, but if we follow the link to
       reach it with CardsComingPage, we find an other card that not in CardsPage.
    Closes: 41709@sibi
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