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    capabilities.bank.transfer: add new CapTransfer attributes · b95077ff
    Sylvie Ye authored
    Add theses 2 new attributes in order to be more explicite about transfer behavior:
    * can_initiate_transfer_to_untrusted_beneficiary: the module can do transfer to untrusted beneficiary, for example:
            when module can't add new beneficiary without doing a transfer like n26
            or when module can do transfer to a beneficiary not listed in `iter_transfer_recipients` like for PSD2 modules
    * can_initiate_transfer_without_emitter: the module can do transfer without giving it the emitter, for example:
            there is only, and will be only, one account like wallet
            or when the module can initiate transfer without emitter and the emitter is chosen afterwards like for PSD2 modules
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