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    [banquepopulaire] wrong catching of the login page · 8444c044
    Célande Adrien authored
    When the user is already logged in and it tries to log anyway, the website response by a json page which says it.
    But sometimes, this page may be catch by the Login2Page because of the URL.
    So now, the page exist with a is_here to be sure.
    Closes: 16413@sibi
    Closes: 16408@sibi
    Closes: 17916@sibi
    Closes: 10663@sibi
    Closes: 13746@sibi
    Closes: 10622@sibi
    Closes: 16474@sibi
    Closes: 15877@sibi
    Closes: 16473@sibi
    Closes: 17884@sibi
    Closes: 18531@sibi
    Closes: 15851@sibi
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