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    setup.py: be less confusing when make is missing · 53b4cd71
    Adrien Kunysz authored
    When make is missing, setup.py prints a message suggesting to install
    PyQt4-devel even if it already is. This change with the help of
    6788c11a6d63824862d340f82da9de46ef63ee60 makes the message more helpful.
    $ python setup.py
    Building Qt applications
    Install PyQt4-devel or disable Qt applications (with --no-qt).
    $ python setup.py
    Building Qt applications
    Could not find executable: make
    Install missing component(s) (see above) or disable Qt applications (with --no-qt).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAdrien Kunysz <adrien@kunysz.be>
    Signed-off-by: Romain Bignon's avatarRomain Bignon <romain@symlink.me>
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