The new woob repository is here: This gitlab will be removed soon.

The new woob repository is here: This gitlab will be removed soon.

Weboob 2.0

This new version uses Python3 as default interpreter.

There are a lot of fixes, some new modules, but also new mechanisms to handle two-factor authentications.

Weboob 2.0 totalises 1,503 commits by 61 contributors.



  • Adrien Clerc
  • ahuillet
  • Andras Bartok
  • Antoine Bossy
  • aomizu
  • Axel Pèlerin
  • Baptiste Delpey
  • Benjamin Bouvier
  • Benjamin Carton
  • Benjamin Sigonneau
  • Adrien Célande
  • Christophe François
  • Cyril Brulebois
  • Damien Mat
  • David Kremer
  • Dorian Roly
  • Édouard Lambert
  • Édouard Lefebvre du Prey
  • Étienne Lacheré
  • Florian Duguet
  • Fong Ngo
  • François Schmidts
  • Frédéric Lépy
  • Guillaume
  • Guillaume Risbourg
  • Guntra
  • Jean Walrave
  • Jérémie
  • Jérôme Berthier
  • Juke
  • Laurent Bachelier
  • Leo Yvin
  • Louis Debève
  • Lowik Bourgeousat
  • Lucas Ficheux
  • Ludovic Lange
  • Martin Morlot
  • Martin Sicot
  • Maxime Gasselin
  • Maxime Pommier
  • nicofrand
  • Olivier Da Rocha
  • Philippine Aylor
  • Quentin Defenouillère
  • Roger Philibert
  • Romain Bignon
  • Romain Pesche
  • Simon Bordeyne
  • Simon Lipp
  • Simon Rochwerg
  • sinopsysHK
  • Sylvie Ye
  • Tenma
  • Théo Dorée
  • Tony Malto
  • Victor Kannemacher
  • Vincent Ardisson
  • Vincent Paredes
  • Xavier Hurtis



  • New airparif module (CapGauge)
  • New aviva module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
  • New cesu module (CapDocument)
  • New degiro module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
  • New hsbchk module (CapBank)
  • New lendosphere module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
  • New lucca module (CapCalendarEvent, CapDocument)
  • New lunchr module (CapBank)
  • New metalarchives module (CapBands)
  • New pajemploi module (CapDocument)
  • New ticketscesu module (CapBank)
  • New wiseed module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
  • Deleted biplan module
  • Deleted figgo module
  • Deleted lolix module
  • Deleted wellsfargo module

General: Core

  • send request_information to modules in all case, except if stdout is not a tty
  • handle error NeedInteractiveFor2FA
  • change way to bypass check, and set default value to None
  • set default value to '' to disable checks if it is missing
  • add ValueTransient for module parameters we don't want to keep in config
  • AppValidation "resume" config should be set as a Value
  • set request_information if app is interactive
  • use _do_and_retry only for iter_resources
  • handle interactive errors which allow to retry
  • Ignore geckodriver.log file (used for Selenium-Firefox)
  • Allow None as default value for ValueDate
  • Replace BrowserQuestion str with unicode
  • add str method to BrowserQuestion exception
  • progress should go from 20% to 30%, not the reverse
  • tools.pdf Add blinkpdf function
  • add str method to BrowserQuestion
  • fix capabilities collision on AbstractModule class
  • fix import for boobill and boobcoming
  • rename Tenma
  • refer to pip
  • remove references to Qt as it's a separate repo
  • gitlab-ci: disable python2
  • move stuff from to setup.cfg
  • remove qt apps
  • remove qt5 stuff
  • remove "scripts", use "entry_points"
  • set default ADDITIONAL_CONFIG for AbstractModule
  • New AppValidation errors
  • Better logging
  • Use the same logger
  • Revert "gitlab-ci.yml: use python3 in before_script"
  • Update mailmap
  • Fixes #307: Remove remaining uses of is_command;
  • python3/2 compatibility
  • if 'repo_path' is None do not save it
  • allow multiple inheritances with AbstractModule
  • Add fullmatch compatibility
  • add NeedInteractive exceptions when about to require OTP
  • clarify missing number error
  • gitlab-ci.yml: use python3 in before_script
  • now requires python3.5 or higher
  • handle ADDITIONAL_CONFIG on config property
  • Modified valuation test for valuations = 0.00
  • add CONFIG inheritance to AbstractModule
  • fix iter_caps not returning only Capabilities
  • Add new filters IsinCode & IsinType
  • move external password fetch here
  • Add missing test
  • Avoid race conditions
  • fix when BaseObjects don't have the same class
  • introduce blinkpdf
  • fix invalid email for va
  • Add RecaptchaV3Question to weboob/exceptions
  • read _proxy_headers from config
  • add recipient sanity check
  • Make BrowserHTTPSDowngrade inherit from Exception
  • Raise exception instead of browser unavailable for 404 errors
  • Add vscode to the .gitignore
  • add Babel to dependencies
  • map florian to budget-insight
  • Add DecoupledValidation to handle decoupled DSP2 use case
  • Allow SplitKeyboard to convert individual images
  • Handle memoryview
  • Force everything to be an iterator
  • Better string formatting
  • Move time_buffer to util
  • Cross-platform file replace
  • Introduce a dumper without aliases
  • Allow setting Loader and Dumper at class level
  • SQLiteConfig Python 3 compatibility
  • Handle calls with only one level in SQLiteConfig
  • Add SQLiteConfig
  • The underlying storage class may have a sync method
  • Add license headers
  • Allow extra classes to be pickled properly
  • Reduce filesystem calls in AutoCleanConfig
  • Only create decorator as needed, more parameters
  • Move time buffer logic out of the class
  • Avoid altering the values dict by doing a get()
  • No need to check if file exists
  • Rename to DBMConfig
  • Python 3 compatibility
  • Avoid race conditions
  • Add extra classes
  • Allow usage as a context manager
  • Add AnyDBMConfig, an implementation of IConfig for anydbm
  • use more docstring instead of comments
  • add more developers
  • Add new WrongCaptchaResponse exception to
  • forward parse_qs/parse_qsl extra args
  • add browser parameter
  • factor pattern parsing code
  • fix import input for python3


  • set a parent logger to AbstractElement
  • Allows SeleniumBrowser to use MANUAL proxies
  • delete prefix 'handle_' on authentication methods
  • clean authentication config keys after login
  • make variable name more understandable
  • make get_expire stronger
  • TWOFA_DURATION for the state expire date
  • better names
  • set expire from logged_date
  • make authentication methods more flexible
  • handle both 2FA and regular login methods
  • add possibility to clear specific cookies
  • handle NeedInteractiveFor2FA
  • add documentation about otp, sms and resume
  • add TwoFactorBrowser to handle multiple 2FA
  • Set default logging level to ERROR for selenium
  • Added the ability to overrride *Elements' env copy
  • Allow passing custom headers in Form.submit()
  • set attribute 'weboob' on browser
  • Normalize encodings
  • BrowserTooManyRequests: Remove class attributes for date helpers
  • BrowserTooManyRequests: Raise a TypeError if the next_try is not a datetime
  • BrowserTooManyRequests: Check whether the next_try is None after the date check
  • BrowserTooManyRequests: Add message parameter
  • [weboob/browser/browser+pages] Fixed doctest BASEURL
  • add some helpers to TooManyRequests
  • add rate limiting exception
  • add build_refresh_token_parameters method
  • python3 compatibility
  • send redirect_uri when using the refresh_token
  • allow multiple inheritance with AbstractBrowser
  • Implemented wait_xpath_invisible
  • Avoid crash when no BASEURL is set
  • add klass attribute to decorated @method
  • give state to the module at initialization
  • introduce BrowserParamURL for passing params implictly
  • Implement the empty_xpath attribute
  • accept new parameter proxy_headers (but don't use it)
  • Browser takes a new parameter 'proxy_headers'
  • if use of refresh_token fails, forget it
  • support when token_type key is missing
  • if access_token_expire is None, the access_token has no expiration
  • in case we got a 401 response, forget the access_token
  • fix compatibility with python3
  • Handle generic error for bad url callback
  • Repair refresh token
  • StatesMixin cookies should be str
  • OAuth2PKCEMixin codes shouldn't be bytes
  • Rewrite/improve PagesBrowser example

Browser: Filters

  • Add the format .Italian() to CleanDecimal
  • New keyword argument to remove accented characters on CleanText filter.
  • Changed Capitalize filter to Title
  • Updated & Reordered all
  • Add dates to FormValue
  • Add color to FormValue
  • Add number/range type to FormValue, and tests
  • MultiJoin accepts types other than str
  • Regexp can use regex library
  • Allow all dateutil.parser arguments in DateTime
  • Strict dates by default
  • Catch incomplete dates
  • Explicit error message
  • Add MultiJoin
  • Join can use default argument
  • Add doctests to Join
  • TableCell(colspan=True) is now the only behavior desired
  • add FromTimestamp to convert to datetime
  • Fix error message for FormValue
  • Add new types for FormValue
  • Add MapIn filter, that allow the pattern of a selected value to another value using a dict.
  • Reorganize imports / add missing to all
  • Add Coalesce


  • rename accepted_doc_types attribute of CapDocument
  • Add KIID to DocumentTypes
  • Added new capability CapBands
  • Keep only PER
  • add PER account type
  • HousingPhoto inherits BaseImage
  • use PostalAddress and GeoCoords types where possible
  • introduce weboob.capabilities.address for a few object types
  • Add firstname and lastname field
  • add capability_to_string function to get capability name
  • Add new SAR currency
  • fix missing TransferInvalidOTP export
  • add TransferInvalidOTP exception
  • use StringField standard default value for transfer beneficiary label and number
  • Indentation cosmetic changes
  • Add new Investment attributes
  • Add new document type 'income_tax'
  • Add field 'original_gross_amount' to Transaction
  • Add field 'gross_amount' to Transaction
  • Remove performance_history default value
  • Added new attributes for employee savings accounts
  • Add RecaptchaV3Job to captcha capability
  • add support for commission in currency in bank/Transaction
  • add new add recipient exception for invalid otp
  • add has_file field to Document class
  • Add the relationship between the credentials owner (PSU) and the account
  • Add bdate. Represent the date that the transaction appear in the website.
  • prevent casting id from None to 'None' in constructor


  • add pip install
  • fix compatibility with sphinx 2.0
  • do not use deprecated defindex.html anymore
  • Use correct word

Applications: boobank

  • keep Value for TransferStep and AddRecipientStep
  • declare utf-8 in OFX formatter
  • give account object to iter_transfer_recipient

Applications: boobill

  • using a persistent storage for browser state

Applications: translaboob

  • use babel to detect language names and pass ISO-639 codes

Applications: weboobmain

  • move scripts/weboob to a dedicated dir in weboob/applications

Applications: weboobrepos

  • weboob-repos: port to python3

Modules: afer

  • Specified CapBankWealth legacy explicitly
  • Module: remove CONFIG (now inherits from the aviva module)
  • Made module an abstract of aviva
  • remove accountnotfound
  • Corrected wrongpass detection & handled ActionNeeded
  • update regex to allow users credentials migration
  • Raise BrowserPasswordExpired
  • handle a new BrowserIncorrectPassword

Modules: airparif

  • new CapGauge module for checking Paris pollution

Modules: allocine

  • fix crap

Modules: amazon

  • Add pagination and fix some values for documents
  • Fix the url of the page for the documents
  • change forgotten WRONGPASS_MESSAGES attribute
  • fix link to download document
  • handle more different messages for BrowserIncorrectPassword
  • Add html bill
  • fix login with better otp behavior

Modules: amazonstorecard

  • ditch obsolete cmp function

Modules: ameli

  • fix iter_documents which didn't accept str passed by boobill
  • Change iter_subscriptions
  • html document page has been put in a json
  • handle error page to raise BrowserUnavailable
  • new module
  • total delete

Modules: amelipro

  • harsh python3 port + cosmetics

Modules: americanexpress

  • Re-write do_login in Selenium
  • Modified login to avoid blocking accounts
  • Add ActionNeeded detection on login
  • Fixed login and better iter_accounts
  • remove get_account
  • Modified data index for iter_accounts
  • get correct accounts currency
  • A few code tweaks in and
  • Fixed transactions parsing when faulty json
  • Add bdate

Modules: amundi

  • Fix 3 years performance
  • Fetch performance history on CprPerformancePage
  • Fix diff value
  • Fix asset_category and add portfolio share
  • Handle xpaths in English for CrpInvestmentPage
  • Get performance columns dynamically
  • Get investment details for Amundi Investments Page
  • PER Account typing
  • Implemented iter_pockets
  • Correct Investment.diff
  • Added Investment.diff
  • Get performance_history for SGGestionPage
  • Remove password regex
  • Fetch 3 years performance on EE Investment Detail
  • Added account type "Article 83"
  • Handled investment attributes for SG Gestion space
  • Handle specific characters when fetching account label
  • Missing account type
  • Implemented asset category & recommended period
  • Skip investments without valuation
  • remove get_account
  • Repair SRRI fetching and investment.code check
  • Implemented investment Level of Risk (SRRI)
  • Skip iter_investments for accounts with null balance
  • Implemented company_name and performance_history
  • Compute correctly the amount of reimboursements.

Modules: anticaptcha

  • manage Recaptcha v3

Modules: apivie

  • Raise ActionNeeded when user info is too old

Modules: asana

  • flake8 code linting
  • correct some fields

Modules: aviva

  • Modify browser's TIMEOUT to 120
  • Browser: adapted aviva website to handle Afer abstract module
  • Changed License to LGPL since module is now parent of an LGPL module
  • Changed license for files and adapted the code for afer
  • removed get_account and re-indented
  • Fixed investments navigation and parsing
  • Changed Capitalize to Title
  • replace diff_percent field usage with diff_ratio
  • Corrected condition to exclude 'Total'
  • Adapt investment table to all account types
  • Ignore insurances and accounts without balances
  • Repaired module for iter_accounts and investments
  • Correct iter_accounts xpath and account typing
  • Added obj_code_type to investments if isin valid
  • Add totomobile to list of ignore account types
  • py3 compat (already compatible)
  • added label for transactions
  • raises a new actionneeded when we get redirected after login
  • Add condition to filter investments
  • label is not available on HistoryPage
  • changes retirement's saving from type TYPE_MADELIN to TYPE_PERP
  • patch after website design changes
  • Skip habitation contract because it's not an account
  • fetching currency
  • wrong regexp
  • fix for immediate 472462
  • update aviva login because virtual keyboard doesn't exist anymore and not only digit password is now allowed
  • add CapBankWealth and CapBankPockets in
  • Getting the correct value off diff_percent
  • adding some kinds to skip
  • set default=NotAvailable for invests
  • adapt module to new website
  • fix stuff [mangled commit]
  • integrate new login page
  • FIx label xpath and get details for investment
  • raise actionNeeded on cgu
  • fix invalid xpath
  • fix itering on transactions
  • handle balance on some accounts
  • raise wrongpass and force regexp on bad formatted password
  • detect a new BrowserUnavailable case
  • "arbitrage" are only one transaction
  • fix "arbitrage" parsing
  • some accounts have no history link
  • add a new ActionNeededPage
  • fix pyflakes
  • skip non-financial accounts, and fix parsing of euro funds
  • fix crash on iter_sub
  • fix history link
  • when user need to accept terms
  • adding aviva module

Modules: axabanque

  • Handle SMS OTP with ActionNeeded
  • Add account type PER
  • Remove cache from AXAAssurance browser
  • New investment page
  • Add default value to get_pid Attr()
  • ordering transactions
  • fix missing param
  • Fixed documents retrieval and download
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • Use Floor division instead of Float division.
  • add account ownership
  • removed get_account
  • Repair browser AxaAssurance and implement iter_history from JSON
  • Formatted pages/ for from future import unicode_litterals to work
  • Fixed a market account being typed as checking account
  • Fixed transactions parsing for lifeinsurances
  • Fixed date for def card comings
  • Revert "[axabanque] Repaired iter_history for AXAAssurance browser"
  • update add recipient form parameters
  • Set type to FrenchTransaction.TYPE_PAYBACK for Transactions which label starts with 'ANNUL' Those transactions were previously not typed. 12347@zendesk
  • Added type FrenchTransaction.TYPE_BANK to all transactions which label starts with 'F-' All transactions that start with prefixed with F- seem to be bank fees, they were previously not typed. 12347@zendesk
  • Changed regex to give a type to transactions which label starts with 'CB' Transactions starting in 'CB' weren't given a type so I added a case to the regex 12347@zendesk
  • Add account type
  • Add the bdate
  • Get the real card number
  • Change the way that we handle missing part for the account id
  • Handle only the exception needed for account id
  • Add profile name
  • Type CEL account
  • handle '/' in account id to avoid duplicates
  • Repaired iter_history for AXAAssurance browser
  • Return to the accounts page on the main website after iter_account
  • Fix wrong typing Added 'epargne retraite agipi pair' which is a TYPE_PERP Changed obj_type to make use of MapIn filter
  • handle new recipient error message
  • Correct scraping of loan balance/currency
  • dump transfer virtualkeyboard in session folder if needed

Modules: banquepopulaire

  • Add one more location to find token
  • Typed several Life Insurances & repaired their investments
  • rename mis-backported iter_accounts method
  • Fix transaction sorting on website
  • Corrected some cosmetics in
  • Changed account Types & corrected redirection for Linebourse
  • Rewrote iter_accounts and iter_investments
  • Fix transaction being wrongfully deleted
  • Syntax for pep8
  • Fixed regex on profile names/company names
  • Raise BrowserUnavailable when unable to access login page
  • Modified owner_name account search for companies
  • add ownership to account
  • Handle dematerialization status for subscriptions
  • Add CapDocument to get bank statements
  • import unicode_literals in and fix spelling
  • typing transactions
  • Add parent to card accounts
  • Typed 'Parts sociales' as TYPE_MARKET
  • rework previous patch, raise BrowserIncorrectPassword only in a specific case
  • do not raise BrowserIncorrectPassword with legacy passwords
  • Revert "[banquepopulaire] raise incorrect password if password is not digits only"
  • factorize the back action
  • raise incorrect password if password is not digits only
  • fix BrowserUnavailable during iter_accounts
  • Added bdate to transactions
  • add condition to retrieve IBAN or not
  • fix virtual keyboard giving not deterministic results
  • add an additional hash to the virtual keyboard
  • fix duplicated coming transactions between card accounts
  • raise BrowserIncorrectPassword instead of BrowserPasswordExpired
  • fix login cookies in javascript with spaces
  • Fix error 400 during login
  • Add support for BrowserIncorrectPassword when there is a Virtual Keyboard
  • add support for virtual keyboard
  • Fix login for some connections
  • retrieve missing coming

Modules: barclays

  • Added ActionNeeded exception
  • Handle website unavailable
  • add message to BrowserIncorrectPassword exception
  • avoid crash in go_to_account if _btn is None
  • fix login

Modules: becm

  • remove useless file

Modules: bforbank

  • Handle WrongPass and blocked account at login
  • Fixed leave_espace_bourse behavior
  • add account ownership
  • fix missing param
  • handle empty card page
  • Ignore cards that are ordered but not activated yet
  • Add capability CapProfile to the module
  • Add bdate
  • Repair cards URL

Modules: bibliothequesparis

  • remove old stuff
  • support new error location
  • urls changed and json is not byte-equal strict

Modules: billetreduc

  • sort events within a day
  • pagination changed

Modules: binck

  • Removed bugging Investment vdate
  • Add new message that throws a BrowserIncorrectPassword
  • Various fixes on investments vdate
  • Fix investments vdate
  • Added an url and a form xpath to handle questionnaire to skip at login
  • fixed vdate for invests
  • Factorized get_token() method
  • Skip password change action needed
  • Corrected module to work for all users
  • Do not try to fetch investments if there is no money on the account

Modules: biplan

  • Delete module concert hall is closing

Modules: bnpcards

  • Handle 401 error on login (wrongpass)
  • Add missing transaction type
  • Added new site and siteswitch from old site to new site
  • Fixed account label to include space in between first and last name
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • Removed unused test file
  • Port to Python 3
  • Added connection type logging at login
  • Fix for iter_transactions non corporate
  • set default value to 1 instead of unknown 'ges'
  • Fixed transactions not scrapped for non corporate accounts.
  • Fix iter accounts for multiple accounts for non corporate connections

Modules: bnporc

  • reformat with yapf
  • Handle new error code 1000
  • Change ActionNeeded to BrowserPasswordExpired when we reach 100th
  • [bnporc - pp] get documents also from first documents page
  • Get rid of rdates in the future for coming transactions
  • Get rid of useless parse_french_date import
  • Corrected rdate parsed from label
  • add account ownership
  • Added missing coming transactions types
  • make _transfer_id go through
  • Removed unused transaction property
  • Fix bug when loans data is empty
  • Type summary_card that weren't typed
  • Added missing TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE account
  • fix missing attributes for revolving credit in iter_subscription
  • Fix for recipients with same iban
  • Update and clean
  • Fixed BrowserPasswordExpired at login
  • Fixed error for loans with empty balance
  • Fixed old url used for HistoryPage
  • Add documents to personnal pages
  • Changed the URL for HistoryPage
  • add 'Crédit Silo' as TYPE_REVOLVING_CREDIT
  • Add revolving credit details
  • Add detail for mortgage loan account
  • Implement iter_accounts in browser2
  • Corrected investments retrive on PEA 'Espèces'
  • Fix wrong typing Added 'BNP Paribas Multihorizons' and 'BNP Paribas Libertéa Privilège' which are TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE
  • Fix broken history for entreprise website and avoid fetching 3 months if not needed
  • fix regression on enterprise/browser, duplicating transactions
  • Improve history navigation for bnp enterprise
  • retrieve recipient transfer id
  • ignore some non-transactions on life insurances
  • 'idBeneficiaire' is not stable, change recipient id
  • internal recipients don't have _web_state attribute
  • remove all TransferError
  • raise TransferInvalidRecipient when recipient is not active
  • add provisional config 'digital_key'
  • handle digital key to add new recipient
  • catch websiteunavailable

Modules: bnppere

  • Reindent some lines in
  • Implemented iter_investment & iter_history for multi-accounts
  • Change account type to PER
  • Visiogo: user last() column instead of [6] for amounts
  • Implemented iter_investments
  • Visiogo - implement Account.company_name
  • Remove transactions ID
  • raise get_profile NotImplementedError for classical bnppere

Modules: bolden

  • retype lend documents and add fiscal docs
  • Repair login form and keys

Modules: boursorama

  • cleanup useless things, and use ValueTransient
  • Fixed transactions xpaths
  • Add missing transactions types
  • add check_interactive before sms
  • handle PSD2 SMS 2FA
  • Fix card transactions
  • Fixed loan currency xpath
  • Fixed bug for loans that has no maturity date
  • Change loan parsing to handle CLIC
  • Fixed loans label xpath
  • Modified handling of virtual keyboard
  • repaired new recipient
  • xpath changed for transfer confirmation
  • update recipient label handling for transfers
  • fixes on transfer
  • Handle firstname and lastname
  • send message for TransferBankError
  • repaired iter_recipients
  • Changed transactions amount format from US to French
  • fix missing type for some withdrawal
  • Fix deferred card transactions date
  • Fix regex for Transaction.TYPE_CARD
  • Skip checking coming transactions because 'date' disappeared
  • Add Account type for "csl" accounts
  • Typing '/livret-a/' urls-based accounts
  • We don't get users custom transactions anymore
  • Avoid to get 3 years of history for nothing when we get coming transaction
  • update recipient category xpath
  • Fix a bug that make deferred transaction with date == today to not show up
  • Get investment liquidity when there are 0 on it.
  • retrieve iban with new xpath
  • Skip not deferred card
  • Correct the way that we get the card number.
  • Add pagination for Checking accounts
  • Added the accounts ownership
  • Add bdate to deferred card transaction
  • some recipient category title has changed
  • handle \ufffd character
  • Add some "LDD" in account_types matching dict
  • Reindent correctly the account type dict
  • Change the label path to avoid duplicate text
  • fix skipped accounts because DOM changed on account numbers
  • get confirm transfer error
  • Corrected transactions typing & card transaction filtering
  • update iter recipient xpath
  • Correct cards disappearance again

Modules: bouygues

  • handle case where subscription detail are not available
  • create label from sub id and phone numbers
  • handle 401 error on login
  • handle now page for forgotten password
  • manage wrong password
  • Add Coalesce filter to handle facturePDF and facturePDFDF key in json
  • add lastname on login
  • new module
  • total delete
  • handle 404 on iter_documents when account doesn't own any bills
  • handle correctly document_file page
  • handle subscription labels with no telephone number

Modules: bp

  • Handle no 2fa case
  • Adapt module for SCA
  • Add retry when failing to go to market page
  • Fix BrowserUnavailable being wrongfully raised
  • Changed ProAccountsList page is_here and handle new errors
  • transfer validation with sms is not handled yet
  • Handle new revolving loan attributes page
  • otp and decoupled transfer not implemented
  • Handle other BrowserUnavailable
  • Added Transaction typing
  • Use builtin helper to read data from pdf.
  • Add conditions to filter out loans without any datas
  • repaired transfer
  • Fixed bug when searching for internal recipients ID
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • fix deferred card lists and transactions
  • Fix currency parsing
  • repaired iter_recipients
  • add account ownership
  • typed PERP Solésio correctly
  • Fixed link to check for deferred cards
  • Removed unnecessary u before strings
  • Added url handle for account history
  • get_params search for sub id instead of label
  • Added Account.TYPE_SAVINGS for "Compte relais" accounts
  • Added Transaction.TYPE_DEPOSIT for "Versement DAB" transactions
  • Better typing for transactions
  • fetch iban only for checking and saving accounts
  • type "plan d'epargne populaire" accounts as savings
  • Fixed cases of iter_documents crashing for PEAs by implementing the right type of statements
  • Fixed the issue of a page not being handled by adding the page
  • Fixed xpath to next page for pagination in transactions history on new pro website
  • Fixed item_xpath for iter_subscription on pro website
  • Parsing new pro website
  • Allow TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE to call get_history() for retirement_hist.
  • Add bdate
  • Ignore invalid loans
  • Fix URL route for mandated PEA and loans
  • Change the open function instead of location as needed
  • Keep revolving credit account
  • avoid bug for empty market account
  • Exclude HTML comments in the account tmp_balance
  • (Pro) take in consideration the 'operationnel' in history URL
  • handle virtualkeyboard image with RawPage to avoid warnings
  • Fix url to check password. Fixes #176. Fixes #230
  • remove all TransferError
  • iban duplicate
  • Banque Postale - Handle alternative cards URL
  • remove triplicate transaction in bp pro
  • prevent the history from being reached for checking account with balance = 0
  • Handle "compte attente" coming url

Modules: bred

  • Fix error when there is too many transactions in one account
  • Skip transaction duplicates
  • Cosmetic changes
  • Added missing account types
  • fetch checking account iban only from fillobj
  • Added company name / owner name to label of 'Portefeuille Titres' accounts
  • Fix accounts not scrapped
  • Typing 'CEL' and 'Moisson' accounts as TYPE_SAVINGS
  • Handle login errors correctly
  • catch error message
  • Get all life insurance account

Modules: caels

  • Correct method name for iter_investment

Modules: caissedepargne

  • Raise ActionNeeded for error 401 on loans page
  • Handle another login error with wrongpass
  • Factorize login and transfer authentication
  • fixed IndexError: list index out of range profile name
  • Handle another json key containing errors
  • set is_here in login pages to avoid transfer bug
  • Handle new virtual keyboard
  • Adding missing transactions type
  • add "Depot Esp" and retype "REMISE CHEQUES"
  • Fixed get_measure_accounts_list + add ownership for old website
  • Add missing account types
  • CloudCard not supported for transfer
  • Remove unnecessary '' in regexp to allow python3 compatibility
  • Catch BrowserUnavailable when getting LI history
  • Fix crash when no history on life insurances
  • Fixed get_profile when session had multiple CTX cookies
  • New website - Add account ownership
  • Fixed go_back link xpath for GarbagePage
  • Fixed syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • Raise BrowserIncorrectPassword if no redirect on cenet
  • set DocumentTypes.STATEMENT for 'Relevé'
  • Fix iter_investments
  • use TransferInvalidOTP
  • Added document retrieval for connections without accounts
  • Fixed regex for card coming infos
  • raise bankerror for out of france recipients
  • python3 compatibility on transfers
  • Fix loan rate
  • Skip transactions without amount for Life Insurances
  • Add comings for checking accounts
  • Corrected investment.diff value
  • remove useless module config "pincode"
  • blank page after transfer otp
  • [caissedepargne - par] fix iter subscriptions and iter documents
  • Complete transactions raw labels
  • Type Parts sociales as MARKET
  • Handled new API space for Life Insurances (invests & history)
  • Re-indented transaction PATTERNS correctly
  • Add bdate
  • Retrieve card for old website
  • Corrected obj_id and number Regexp for cards
  • fix websiteUnavailable when fetching cards
  • fix WebsiteUnavailable when fetching history for MILLEVIE PREMIUM accounts
  • fix WebsiteUnavailable after linebourse calls
  • Improve the way that we get card's account.
  • Set the transaction coming sign to negative
  • return empty list if user is not allowed to have subscription
  • Skip card that have no history/coming information and no existing check account
  • Fix iter account/coming/history for card account when there is no coming
    • Separate card deferred from check account
  • Corrected xpath to bypass QCF
  • Remove access_to_loans boolean
  • avoid reload state after transfer OTP error
  • Fix request when trying to go to Loans details
  • Revert "[caissedepargne] Add try/except on Loans request"
  • Add try/except on Loans request
  • use DST in URL for revolving loans
  • handle add recipient invalid otp
  • cenet, fix regression on deferred card history.
  • netpro, handle a different website behavior with more then 2 accounts
  • for netpro, fix duplicated transactions between pro accounts
  • fix transfer for pro space
  • make balance for loans negative
  • handle transfer otp sms
  • Delete space in loan id
  • remove all TransferError
  • Allows Loans Notavailable date
  • extend nuser regex
  • rectified transaction type
  • skip loan history
  • Cenet Loans
  • Replace all "return iter([])" with "return []"
  • Handle users who don't have access to Linebourse
  • Handle inactive accounts
  • Added balance xpath for specific Life Insurances
  • Repair connection to linebourse for creditcooperatif
  • Corrected xpaths for get_measure_balance()

Modules: capeasi

  • Changed password field to 'Mot de passe'

Modules: carrefourbanque

  • Add missing unicode_literals import
  • Handle error cases on login occuring randomly
  • remove cookie based on the begining of their name to fix login
  • remove two ugly cookies to avoid 400 response on login
  • make debittype column optionnal
  • handle error at login when login is an old format

Modules: cesu

  • deleting 'Bulletins de salaire' label from Subscriptions
  • New module (CapDocument capability only)

Modules: cic

  • Fixed 'Portefeuilles Titres' URL

Modules: cmes

  • Get asset category from asset management page
  • Get performance_history from new page
  • Fetch investment.quantity on InvestmentDetailsPage
  • cosmetic changes
  • Implemented srri, asset_category & recommmended_period
  • Added obj_number = obj_id and reindented obj_id method
  • Added company_name and performances
  • Deleted porfolio_share calculation
  • Corrected pocket table for CCB accounts
  • Account typing (cmes)
  • Add default value to e-mail action needed
  • set account type PEE for 'plan d'épargne groupe'
  • remove deprecated browser and pages
  • use new browser and pages as website has changed for all children
  • make former browser & pages deprecated
  • backport ActionNeeded handling from the old browser to the new CMES browser
  • add a class attribute client_space to build urls
  • make invest & pockets more reliable
  • Remove ProxyBrowser and inheritance between CmesBrowser and CmesBrowserNew
  • Handle some ActionNeeded
  • remove default=
  • Handle lower case in transaction PATTERNS
  • Handle new website, currently only for cmes and cices
  • Modified Investment URL to work for Groupama ES too
  • Handle new URL for invests and pockets
  • Handle additional URL for CCB invests

Modules: cmso

  • Fix url regex for insurances page
  • Merge InsurancesPage and LifeinsurancePage
  • New life insurances page
  • Various fixes
  • Raise BrowserUnavailable when HistoryPage contains an exception
  • Add comment to explain how transaction ids are working
  • Update the way we handle duplicates transactions
  • fix on missing transaction ids on comings
  • Fix transactions considered as duplicate
  • Fix python3 compatibility (missing parts)
  • Fix python3 compatibility (use response.text instead of response.content) (fix #318)
  • add account ownership
  • Added TYPE_PERP for "pep previ-retraite" accounts
  • Add bdate
  • Typing 'avantage capitalisation' account as TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE
  • Modified regex to catch contract number
  • retrieve index for id recipient
  • Typing 'capital expansion' account as TYPE_DEPOSIT
  • Typing 'BEMIX RECHARGEABLE' account as TYPE_CARD
  • fixed PEA account number not returned
  • Adapted login and navigation for users without Token
  • Corrected iter_history behavior for PEE accounts
  • get tokens for navigation separately
  • accounts info page is not needed anymore
  • All card transaction was typed as deferred card. Fixed it to set the proper type for each transaction.
  • Add BrowserIncorrectPassword case
  • Check for external recipient
  • Add TYPE_CHECK regexp on Transaction PATTERNS

Modules: cragr

  • reconnection process when locate to another space fail
  • Only keep date from card transactions to fix comparison with summaries
  • Set rdate from json if rdate value is not set from patterns and before date
  • Add missing transaction types
  • introduce yapf-compatible
  • Skip ESPE INTEG account because of liquidity duplication
  • Typed PERASSUR accounts as PER
  • tweaks for better formatting
  • transfer labels support in ISO8859-15 charset on api site
  • moving up LoggedOutPage in page order
  • Type VENDOME accounts
  • Add BrowserUnavailable when accounts_url throws a 404
  • Add missing transaction type
  • Add missing account types
  • Add new account type GEST IMMO
  • Included PER to iter_investments
  • Typed PERASSUR accounts as PER
  • Typed some untyped accounts (VOE & PRET PEL)
  • fix pyflakes
  • handle new server error when SCA is required
  • Include company name in accounts name
  • Remove useless fill_env in ListElement
  • Use fill_env instead of overriding LinearDateGuesser
  • raise ActionNeeded when SCA is required
  • Stricter matching patterns for rdates
  • Modify retries on login to handle more BrowserUnavailable errors
  • Raise BrowserUnavailable when switching account space fails
  • Get rdate from label
  • Regions: only fetch regular account when refreshing forms
  • Typed ESPACELIB3 as Life Insurance
  • Remove warning in on_load of AccountsPage
  • Regions: added logger to verify that all AccountsPage have "Synthèse comptes"
  • handle an other savings history page
  • Transactions not fetched correction
  • Raw strings for regular expressions
  • Wrong amount for loans fixed
  • Refresh account form before trying to fetch the IBAN
  • Account.TYPE_ changed / adding 2 missing
  • Fix DateGuesser for some savings
  • Corrected bug on diff_ratio
  • Fix regex for card id
  • Complete checking accounts transaction labels
  • Fixed navigation for connections with Cards and Loans
  • raise ActionNeeded when facing a broken perimeter
  • use shiny new BrowserParamURL
  • Remove "stbpg=pagePU" from PerimeterDetailsPage & PerimeterPage
  • Update missing session_value after login
  • Return no transaction if we cannot find the ongoing_coming
  • Typed missing account as CHECKING
  • Add bdate
  • update key for transfer response
  • Do not fetch main_account iban if None
  • Raise wrongpass if username or password is empty
  • Handle 500 errors during space switch
  • Handle perimeters without a main account
  • Complete card labels
  • Handle third coming line configuration
  • Typed unknown accounts
  • retrive more clear recipient name
  • Handle two kinds of xpath for Loan balance
  • Handle history for cards that have only one coming line
  • Remove AGPL files
  • add transfer and new recipient
  • Ignore recipient/transfer methods for Region website
  • Handled Loan table with 5 or 6 columns
  • Get sessionSAG as soon as we get accounts url
  • Verify if we reach wealth and loans before assert
  • Set coming to 0 when card has not been used
  • remove on_load in Logout page
  • Handle transactions in foreign currencies
  • Get operational balance if value balance == 'Montant disponible'
  • Coming xpath can be "débitées" or "créditées"
  • Corrected indentation
  • Handle history tables with 4 columns
  • Check if perimeter label is empty before getting there
  • Typed COLL. PUB as Loan
  • Raise wrongpass if login or empty password
  • Retrieve 'Debit' transactions as negative
  • Handle history with 6 columns
  • Corrected condition for account balance xpath
  • Skip coming lines in the accounts table
  • Get back to Accounts page before submitting cards form
  • Typed SUPPLETIS as revolving credit
  • Corrected xpath for specific accounts and cards coming
  • Handle Checking history page without Vdate
  • Get last column value for card transaction amounts
  • Handle BrowserPasswordExpired()
  • do assert instead of BrowserUnavailable
  • add transfer and new recipient
  • Rewrote regional old website
  • Ignore recipient/transfer methods for Region website
  • Add to import NetfincaBrowser
  • Make sure Login has exactly 11 digits
  • Switch from 'web' to 'region' browser
  • Switch from 'web' to 'region' browser
  • Skip cards absent on the website
  • Corrected URL resolvable for pro_profile_details
  • Skip loan without balance
  • Correct revolving handling
  • Typed "CAU. BANC." as Loan
  • Handle all perimeter types for profile and advisor
  • Handle HORS_MARCHE perimeter
  • Handle 'PROMOTEURS' space type
  • Typed FLORIANE 2 as Life Insurance
  • Verify if there are main cards before calling iter_main_cards()
  • Change consumer credit behavior
  • New site: fetch Cards with dynamic URL
  • add try/except to history request
  • Added 'agriculteur' to operations dictionary
  • add accounts type to mapping
  • Handle HTTPNotFound when fetching cards
  • Support another variant of BrowserPasswordExpired on cragr API
  • Do not list accounts tagged as 'Inactif' from the API
  • Add account types mapping
  • Handle BrowserPasswordExpired on API browser
  • Handle ServerError when fetching investment on banque-privee predica
  • Do not retrieve accounts not displayed on the website, as they have no history/iban/...
  • Add missing account types
  • Handle banque-privee space in the API browser (currently CA Paris)
  • Rewrote and with LGPLv3+ licenses
  • Renamed methods to fit new and changed license to LGPL
  • Added OldWebsitePage
  • Proxy Browser: switch main browser and changed license
  • Changed License from Affero to Lesser
  • Removed NewWebsitePage since web broser is now secondary
  • Modified method names to fit new
  • Deleted and
  • Fix duplicated accounts id when there are consumer credits
  • filter able to do transfer accounts
  • check on recipient id to avoid duplicate
  • handle internal transfer
  • Types prêts conventionnés
  • Do not break iter_accounts if IBAN can not be fetched
  • Handle ServerError when fetching cards
  • use account short label when long label is missing
  • handle transfer bank error
  • Repair login for Paris website
  • ignore '0' id accounts
  • Typed 'ESP LIB 2' as Life Insurance
  • return iterable advisors for api website
  • Corrected Account owner types with ASSO and AGRICULTEUR
  • Type various untyped accounts
  • Retry request when main account balance is unavailable
  • Add default='' to internal recipients

Modules: creditdunord

  • Handle ActionNeeded after login
  • Handle IBAN link sometimes not available
  • Fix virtual keyboard for children module
  • add account ownership
  • Added missing url handle + fixed baseurl regex match
  • Add comment to explain the problem due to adding new accounts
  • Returned BrowserUnavailable for the case of a page that is temporarily unavailable.
  • Added bdate to transactions
  • Refactor wrong/expired password management
  • Handle a new BrowserPasswordExpired message
  • catch BrowserIncorrectPassword
  • Fix wrong password not detected
  • Remove dead code
  • fix missing property logged
  • Remove a redirection not needed anymore
  • Fix double login
  • change account_type_page url
  • Fix login when rgpd pops

Modules: creditdunordpee

  • fix weboob version

Modules: creditmutuel

  • Remove useless charset at login
  • Catch additional wrongpass error
  • Catch additonal BrowserUnavailable error
  • Removed wrong logger
  • Fix is_here()
  • Handle new loans
  • Parse a BrowserUnavailable error at login
  • Handle ActionNeeded on the market page
  • Various fixes for 2FAs
  • Add loggers to detect if old website is still in use
  • Add OTP SMS two factor auth
  • Revert "creditmutuel: adjust the mobile message and compute it only when needed."
  • transfer form version has changed
  • Handle useless page after login
  • handle new transfer error message
  • Add 'cmmabn' as a new website
  • Remove unnecessary encode/decode of login and password
  • remove supplementary date in raw labels
  • factorizing transfer error messages
  • transaction typing
  • Fixed loans balance sign
  • Handle transactions with no label
  • Add deferred date xpath
  • handle transfer error message "Virement interdit sur compte inexistant"
  • no next button for new recipient
  • Fixed some deferred card history xpath
  • new error message for transfer
  • repaired new recipient
  • Fixed loan_condition if details_link is not a valid link
  • Adding missing account type
  • Add default value for loans rate
  • Adding missing parameter in the login form
  • reload state after failing adding a recipient
  • Add ActionNeeded when website is asking for user infos
  • adjust the mobile message and compute it only when needed.
  • up STATE_DURATION to 90 days
  • Implement OTP validation.
  • card for adding recipients must be activated
  • Adding account type
  • Check for loan details
  • Better account typing
  • Missing account type
  • Broader regex for device name
  • Revert "[creditmutuel/cic] Added ActionNeeded for CIC when it ask for infos"
  • Raise AppValidation when mobile confirmation needed
  • Added ActionNeeded for CIC when it ask for infos
  • Missing account types + filter specific account
  • Fixed checking accounts balance
  • Added missing account type for "compte duo"
  • Added Account.TYPE_SAVINGS for "Tonic Societaire" accounts
  • Added Account.TYPE_SAVINGS for "Pep" accounts
  • Manage mobile confirmation page at login
  • Manage fiscality confirmation page at login
  • Fixed accounts listing for revolving credits
  • Fixed card account listing
  • handle coming transfers
  • Added one transcation typing for Transaction.TYPE_CARD
  • multiple spaces in transfer label
  • Correctly type mortgage account
  • Add rate for revolving loan
  • Added parent information for loans
  • Optimization to avoid some loop when we process the account list
  • Skip market account without information on their balance or history ("NC" unstead of the account balance number)
  • 'Eurocompte serenite' account and transactions typing
  • Added SRD-type actions in invest
  • Typing 'Capital Plus' account as TYPE_SAVINGS
  • Allows " in subcription id
  • Add invest currency
  • skip dsp2 page
  • Type account
  • Fix accountownership for pro card account that have checking account
  • Added the PSU statut
  • Missed bdate for some card history
  • Handle new page to differenciate immediate and differate cards
  • update transfer form
  • Add bdate to deferred card transaction
  • Fix PEA account's type match
  • handle transfer wrong exec date error
  • Allows pro cards return when other is not available
  • Repair iter cards condition
  • keep some non active cards
  • Repair LI history and add pagination
  • Fix checking account pagination
  • remove all TransferError
  • skip withdraw in deferred card history
  • Change form id account
  • id form changes for cards
  • skip additional information page

Modules: degiro

  • Fix for empty history (missing json keys)
  • Repaired iter_history and used float_to_decimal()
  • Fixed obj_code_type for investments
  • Fixed amount and currency handling for transactions
  • added vdate for investments
  • added unitprice for invests
  • Fix duplicated transaction id
  • Corrected investment valuations and account balance
  • Fix Wrong transactions dates (part2)
  • Inserted new key 'data' when getting information
  • Add id for transactions part 1
  • add new foreign languages
  • Fix: balance, original_val, liquidity
  • revert regression introduced for liquidities
  • Liquidities added
  • Prefix "CFD" investment ISIN codes with "XX-"
  • bump to 1.6
  • Handling new "intérêts" field to get action in history
  • Deleted invest condition to fit account balance
  • set original currency for investments
  • fetch the amount based on the label
  • skip filling investment field when it fails
  • add a missing key
  • changed account balance scrapping
  • json structure changed for balance
  • fix completely incorrect investment data
  • add CapBankWealth and CapBankPockets in
  • AuthMethodNotImplemented
  • handle totp error
  • bump version to 1.4
  • Change InvestmentPage URL
  • Better variables name.
  • fix: an isin code is always 12 char.
  • fix: access to investments only if number > 0
  • fix: get last element for isin in raw.
  • fix transactions investement with french lang + optimize
  • product ids are now ints
  • products url changed + fetch investment labels
  • misc fixes
  • fix json xpath
  • add type matching for transactions
  • Add module De Giro

Modules: edf

  • [edf - pro] handle another pro website
  • fixing authentication with an extra header
  • [edf - pro] use EUR instead of € for currency
  • [edf - pro] take subscription label in another place
  • [edf - par] fix login - add otp_data to states
  • [edf - par] fix login

Modules: figgo

  • implement CapDocument for fetching payslips

Modules: foncia

  • #285 fix module
  • fix #250 : website got updated

Modules: fortuneo

  • Raise ActionNeeded for connection blocked
  • Fetch investment history of PEA accounts
  • fix CardHistory debit vs. credit
  • not using the account iban for transfers
  • Added ActionNeeded when site ask for user infos
  • LI balance and investments format change
  • add account ownership
  • add error message for transfer
  • Corrected Life Insurance balance & investment values
  • Add last name+title to CapProfile
  • new xpath for error on transfer
  • Add bdate
  • Corrected account id and numbers

Modules: ganassurances

  • Made the module an abstract of ganpatrimoine
  • Made module Python3 compatible
  • Make this module standalone with former code from groupama
  • Set self.domain to repair login
  • Cosmetic changes
  • Regex in ValueBackendPassword and unicode_literals

Modules: gmf

  • Repair Login by handling the Virtual Keyboard
  • Changed form value to access investments and history

Modules: groupama

  • Make module an Abstract of ganpatrimoine
  • Updated login procedure to repair children ganassurances & ganpatrimoine
  • Typed transactions for newly added 'Certificats Mutualistes' account
  • Various code formatting
  • Added 'Certificats Mutualistes' as TYPE_SAVINGS accounts
  • Updated BrowserIncorrectPassword Got to raise it with a get_error in the login function, with checking of the error message
  • Corrected investment total valuation and codes

Modules: groupamaes

  • Cosmetic changes in
  • migrate to new cmes browser
  • Make module an AbstractBrowser of CMES
  • Repaired login URL

Modules: hsbc

  • Filter out duplicate transactions & ensure the debit date is always after the rdate.
  • correcting diff ratio for investments
  • fixing Patrimoine link
  • adding diff ratio when available for hsbc/life_insurance module
  • fix history issue when multiple credit cards
  • fixing PERP AccountType
  • Added new URL handle for login
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • Add accountownership
  • Fetch all kinds of defered cards
  • add bdate
  • Catch an additional wrongpass message at LoginPage so it is rightfully returned as such by weboob
  • Added new transactions patterns
  • Take the negative of balance for credits accounts
  • Miscellanous fixes for new webspace
  • Build around the new webspace
  • Add parsing of new web space
  • handle PEA new urls
  • Use the default tls settings. Fixes #188

Modules: hsbchk

  • make files not executable
  • Cleanup
  • create new HSBC boobank module dedicated to HK accounts

Modules: humanis

  • Cosmetic & contributor changes in
  • migrate to new cmes browser
  • Login URL changed to /epsens
  • joli logo

Modules: hybride

  • bump to https

Modules: ilmatieteenlaitos

  • Fix build with Python 3

Modules: indeed

  • Fix xpath query to retrieve a job title
  • fix module website got updated

Modules: infomaniak

  • fix iter_document after documents page has changed

Modules: ing

  • Handle login OTP with ActionNeeded
  • OTP authentication for transfer is not handled yet
  • Handle new error codes on login
  • Handle virtual keyboard change on login
  • Fix investment label
  • adpat VK api for abstract
  • add account ownership
  • Modified get_isin following page update
  • Added page encoding
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • handle new recipient errors
  • incorrect password json code might have changed
  • corrected transfer suggested date scraping
  • catch recipient error
  • implement add recipient
  • Added coming to accounts
  • change date if unavailable agency on transfer
  • investment portfolio shares are not available anymore
  • Add bdate
  • add new virtualkeyboard hash for character '6'
  • handle transfer virtualkeyboard
  • handle new login virtualkeyboard
  • avoid page not found from life insurance space logout
  • update request to return from ing loan website
  • add feature: transfer
  • avoid market page redirection when there is null balance
  • handle invalid login/birthday combination
  • fix cap document
  • do not return accounts in application state from old browser
  • handle invalid login case
  • bank name is only "ING" now
  • raise ActionNeeded for locked account
  • add transaction type for checking account
  • return on old website if we are on bourse, life insurance, loans page
  • not retrieve transactions web id
  • log export session dumps to use it
  • set Transaction.raw and use patterns to get a simplified 'label'
  • multiple fix
  • dump virtualkeyboard files in session folder if needed
  • add virtual keybord hash
  • handle API website

Modules: ipapi

  • Fix Python 3 compatibility

Modules: larousse

  • site was updated

Modules: lcl

  • Add parse_with_patterns if transaction has an unknown type
  • Add LinearDateGuesser for transaction rdates in the future
  • Fixed transaction details link for some transactions
  • Add missing transaction types
  • Handle load_details for deferred card summary
  • Changed transactions details link
  • Fixed transactions detail url method
  • handling euro symbol in transfer label
  • Modified account ownership regex to handle name without spaces
  • Changed profile name retrieval for account ownership
  • add account ownership
  • send message for TransferBankError
  • raise ActionNeeded when user account is blocked
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • Fixed contracts list gathering
  • Fixed/built Calie webspace parsing
  • Changed BoursePage col_especes detection
  • Corrected possible name for 'Espece' column
  • remove '&' from transfer label
  • Added dayfirst=True to all Date filters
  • Corrected condition for life insurances
  • Fix NotImplemented on coming for LCLEspacePro
  • transfer reference id is not available
  • Separate deferred card in specific account
  • '#' character is not valid for transfer label
  • cannot go on life insurance website from no_perm page
  • retrieve lcl external life insurance history
  • retrieve lcl external life insurance invest
  • retrieve all life insurance accounts on external website
  • update life insurance xpath
  • Fix new login url
  • update new recipient otp url

Modules: ldlc

  • Fixed init bug on LdlcParBrowser
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • [ldlc - pro] manage captcha and change login form field
  • remove unasked website params when login

Modules: lendosphere

  • new CapBankWealth module for crowdlending site

Modules: linebourse

  • Fix diff_percent on linebourse API
  • Do not try to parse investments with empty valuation
  • Handle NotAvailable for portfolio_share in invest when the data is not present in the json

Modules: logicimmo

  • Do no fail on missing img source attribute
  • fix module : website got updated

Modules: lolix

  • R.I.P.

Modules: lucca

  • avoid date overlap when sliding date window
  • use v3 api + merge events if there's both AM and PM
  • login page changed
  • relicense to LGPL
  • rename module to "lucca" since it does figgo and pagga

Modules: lunchr

  • Skip account without any card
  • type ORDER transactions on lunchr website
  • enforce per-page quantity
  • yield refund transactions
  • bump to 1.6
  • Handle wrongpass correctly
  • new CapBank module

Modules: mareeinfo

  • Fix crash due to strict dates

Modules: marmiton

  • get the right recipe json

Modules: materielnet

  • fix login which compared a string and an int
  • Unused test file
  • fix syntax
  • small fix when load document details
  • handle captcha
  • Fix 'regexp' keyword and add r''

Modules: metalarchives

  • New module Metal Archives (Boobands/CapBands)

Modules: meteofrance

Modules: myedenred

  • Fix python 3 compatibility
  • Fix login to mirror website changes
  • Fix bug when outlet/name key is missing
  • Add missing transaction type
  • Fix transaction label
  • Changed JsUserPage regexp looking for JSON content
  • Whole module changed
  • Resolve bug due to DateGuesser
  • Add daily credit limit to account.
  • Update the module to support a new website behavior

Modules: myfoncia

  • Fixed the login on the connector

Modules: n26

  • Update n26 to match n26_fallback
  • Add more error cases on login
  • Handle more error cases
  • Rework login, Handle OTP and refresh_token

Modules: nef

  • Typed Parts sociales as MARKET

Modules: netfinca

  • Repair iter_investments
  • Set account obj_number
  • Typed 'Parts Sociales', 'Vendome', 'PEA' and 'D.A.T.'
  • Added default value (None) for accounts withtout liquidities
  • Corrected account typing, balance and currency
  • Fixing netfinca not released

Modules: okc

  • fix authentication and website changes

Modules: oney

  • Handle login with email
  • Fixed decimal problem on transaction amount
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • Fixed account ID parsing
  • Changed login and parsing of other accounts
  • Further transaction typing
  • Reworked iter_history of CreditHistory page
  • missing transactions

Modules: onlinenet

  • flake8 code linting
  • mark onlinenet as python3 compatible
  • remove useless test

Modules: orange

  • Don't raise 503 error if there are no bills
  • increase timeout to 1 minute
  • Retrieve subscriptions from api if no subscriptions found
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • Fix StringIO import to be compatible with python3
  • handle password page when password is too weak and user has to change it
  • handle wrongpass when get 403
  • update bill page for par website
  • Handle cgu page
  • handle crash when server doesn't respond

Modules: ovh

  • fix the way we detect if we are logged
  • change the way to detect input login form
  • Add retry when failing to go to the login page
  • Syntax for pep8 + cosmetic changes
  • fix label message when raise BrowserQuestion
  • add error message when raise BrowserIncorrectPassword
  • python3

Modules: pagesjaunes

  • take only phone number, ignore fax number

Modules: pajemploi

  • add employee name in document label
  • New module (CapDocument capability only)

Modules: pap

  • #286 fix viager test for module

Modules: paypal

  • remove unused import
  • fix compatibility with python2
  • Fix get_accounts
  • Fix types during comparison
  • Fix paypal once & for all
  • Fix accounts list retrieval
  • Fix login
  • fix some py2-only behavior

Modules: pradoepargne

  • cosmetic changes in

Modules: s2e

  • New VK hashes
  • Fix wrong variable name
  • Check if password is digital before instanciating VK
  • remove useless get_account method
  • Modified xpath for Lyxor Funds asset_category
  • Implemented additional attributes for Etoile Gestion
  • Removed CleanText to avoid crash when Dict is null
  • Implemented investment attributes for S2E
  • Implemented supplmentary attributes for BNPPERE connections
  • Removed u in front of strings
  • Fixed xpath to get url to investment page
  • add col_quantity regex
  • Fix nav between several investments accounts popups
  • Added missing account types
  • Fetch Investment.performance_history and ISIN codes
  • Implement Account.company_name for single and multi space
  • Skip unexisting URL for investment codes
  • Improve account typing
  • Account typing 'PAGA' as TYPE_PEE
  • Ignore the 'ETOILE' prefix for account typing
  • Handle unavailable value for Regexp on get_code
  • s2e/bnpes] Handle unavailable history form
  • Raise NoAccountException only if we found message & found no account
  • Typed "Compte courant bloqué" as type DEPOSIT

Modules: seloger

  • fix seloger URLs

Modules: societegenerale

  • loan monthly repayment cannot be February 30th
  • adapt to modifications made on TwoFactorBrowser
  • make it crash when auth method is unknown
  • handle logged out case by forcing re-login
  • handle 2FA methods on pro website
  • factorize / rename login methods
  • check if terminal name exists on polling
  • handle 2FA SMS on par website
  • handle both 2FA and regular login methods
  • handle 2FA polling on par website
  • factorize code to prepare coming 2FA
  • Fixed page typo
  • split methods to overwrite in stet module
  • split methods to overwrite in stet module
  • Add retry when err_tech error is received
  • Fixed balance for revolving credits
  • 'pass securite' needed for foreign recipients
  • skip recipients with empty label
  • Handle new error
  • users not allowed to add recipients
  • check recipient based on id
  • Handle new market pages for pro website
  • Added pagination for investments in MarketPage
  • Added commission for certain transactions
  • Add break in iter_documents for avoiding extra request
  • add comma after url
  • replace html entities
  • Handle the fact that some loans doesn't show their history yet
  • fix iter_documents_by_types function in
  • update accounts json path to get subscription
  • use accounts syntheses page as accounts page
  • get Rib document for all subscription
  • Fix spelling
  • Add regex to match special format
  • Fixed connection in websiteUnavaible when the profile page was in Error
  • replace 'document' for document.type by STATEMENT
  • Fix WebsiteUnavailable
  • fix ValueError day out of range for month
  • Set _parent_id for revolving credits
  • Handle new rate path for loan
  • retrieve market accounts and invests
  • Revert "[societegenerale] Handle mortgage type"
  • Added the debit account as the loan's parent
  • Set the nex_payment_date for loans
  • Handle mortgage type
  • Handle a new page to get more details on the loan (the rate)
  • Remove duplicate code line
  • Add account usage
  • handle case of old history websiteunavailable page
  • handle case of old history websiteunavailable page
  • handle case of old history websiteunavailable page
  • Add the account ownership to the new soge website
  • handle website unavailable page url
  • retrieve credit revolving transaction on old website
  • Fix rdate and type for account card transaction
  • Add bdate to deferred card transaction
  • add PROJECTIS_PROFESS and VIE_LMP as life insurance accounts
  • handle PLAN_EPARGNE_POPULAIRE as saving account
  • avoid unavailable accounts
  • add SOGEMONDE as savings account
  • typed check transactions
  • typed deferred card transactions
  • fix coming
  • fix execute transfer

Modules: sogecartenet

  • Change bdate to rdate for entreprises
  • Remove useless save_response
  • Modify time of login cookie
  • Fix wrongpass/actionneeded detection + message retrieval
  • Rewrote module to handle new website
  • Added transactions on multiple months
  • Fix swapped date and rdate

Modules: spirica

  • Fix account bug when portfolio_share is null
  • Added the account typing as life insurance for handicap savings
  • Added code_type
  • Catch blocked accounts as Wrongpass
  • Catch wrongpass correctly
  • remove useless comment
  • Handle BrowserUnavailebl() at Login
  • Remove iter_transactions_investments
  • Handle ServerError (502 Bad Gateway)
  • Only retrieve invests for 20 first transactions & handle logouts
  • Raised timeout to 180 secondes because website is SLOW

Modules: supertoinette

  • fix module website got updated

Modules: tapatalk

  • python3 support
  • do not append mobiquo/mobiquo.php to the url

Modules: themisbanque

  • Port to Python 3
  • Fix rdate for some account transaction
  • Changed BASEURL to new one and changed IBAN parsing
  • Fix duplicated transactions
  • Add default TIMEOUT for long request to History Page
  • handle account with no details

Modules: ticketscesu

  • Fix typo in name of module
  • Add module ticketscesu

Modules: trainline

  • rename bills "Trajet du" to "Achat du" to match website
  • handle carrier_invoice as a purchase
  • start listing documents by passing today's month
  • a bill can have a duplicate id when it has several refunds
  • fix iter_documents when bill is a refund
  • browser2 and python3

Modules: vimeo

  • repair video search and use youtube-dl, drop CapCollection

Modules: wellsfargo

  • obliterate obsolete module

Modules: wiseed

  • support bonds and improve "funding" xpath
  • new CapBankWealth module for crowdlending site

Modules: yomoni

  • Make values optional
  • Fix iter_history regex
  • Fix transaction fetching
  • Fixed FormatError for certain accounts
  • Corrected account.number
  • Allows Investments empty date and empty quantity

Modules: zerobin

  • Fix imports to work with the mainstream Cryptodome library
  • pyflakes


  • tools/ run weboob-config last
  • scripts/weboob-config doesn't exist anymore
  • Fix exit codes
  • Avoid stale_pyc under Python 3
  • Clean up spaces after templates
  • run pyflakes3 on all modules, not just declared modules
  • support python 3.7 and 3.8, no more 3.4
  • update to use python3
  • Avoid race conditions
  • [replace-backends-pass] Fix script to follow new format
  • force creating compat/
  • imm-o-matic: Fix parameter name
  • imm-o-matic: Fix for newer pyyaml versions
  • Fix for Python 3
  • reimport
  • force manual backports to be reimported
  • fix execution of pylint
  • [windows-install] updater scripts
  • [windows-install] update scripts
  • Added HEADLESS = False to pipeline


  • weboob.applications: remove qt apps
  • ci/requirements_modules: add selenium (for hsbchk)
  • python3: replace with next(iterator)
  • newsfeed: Works with Python 3
  • [trainline] add module to python3 compat
  • [myedenred] Added to list of py3 compatible modules
  • [materielnet] Marking module as python3 compatible
  • lendosphere and wiseed are py3 compatible
  • python3: import compat unicode/basestring in modules
  • python3: replace py2 dict.iter* to py3 equivalent in modules
  • modules: replace diff_percent field usage with diff_ratio
  • filters: Add test for Link
  • Add themisbanque in the py3 compatible modules list
  • change license of modules to LGPL
  • bump to 1.6


General: Core

  • make some namespaceable for qt for splitting repository

Applications: boobands

General: Core

  • Added Application Boobands


General: Core

  • Update Firefox profile to next ESR
  • fix Abstract objects new override


General: Core

  • transfer to others beneficiaries than recipient


Modules: metalarchives

  • capbands + metalarchives: cosmetics and rename some classes and pyflakes


Modules: seloger



  • fix some more shebangs

General: Core


  • install weboob in virtualenv as "scripts" disappeared
  • Add --local-modules option to local_install
  • change default python interpreter to python3

Modules: aum

Modules: okc

  • html2text does not provide unescape() method anymore, use the one from htmlparser

Modules: bforbank

Modules: lcl

  • Fixed market history link
  • Fixed get_logout_link xpath

Modules: boursorama

Modules: bp

  • new favicons

Modules: boursorama

Modules: creditcooperatif

  • change license

Modules: caissedepargne

Modules: creditcooperatif

  • for transfers, avoid EMV auth if present, choose SMS

Modules: cesu

Modules: pajemploi

  • Fixing Python 2.x [SyntaxError] 'return' with argument inside generator

Modules: cragr

Modules: netfinca

  • Adding missing account types
  • Account typing

Modules: creditdunordpee

Modules: s2e

  • rewrite using s2e, make it work with OTP / device fingerprinting

Modules: erehsbc

Modules: s2e

  • Remove credential secret phrase

Modules: happn

Modules: tinder

  • fix happn and tinder

Modules: ldlc

Modules: materielnet

  • [ldlc + materielnet] ldlc is now an abstract module of materielnet

Modules: paypal

Modules: societegenerale

  • change modules to LGPL

Applications: boobtracker

Applications: boomoney

Applications: monboob

  • use some python3 imports for email/io


General: Core

Modules: youtube

  • update some references in docs and messages

Modules: axabanque

Modules: caissedepargne

Modules: creditmutuel

  • replace fishy python2 code with iterators

Modules: becm

Modules: cic

Modules: creditmutuel

  • Fix login upon 2FA deployment
  • Handle AppValidation

Modules: cpasbien

Modules: kickass

Modules: t411

  • avoid urllib in modules

Modules: googletranslate

Modules: larousse

Modules: wordreference

  • adapt to translaboob changes

Modules: pagesjaunes

Modules: peertube

Modules: spirica

  • add favicons to spirca, pagesjaunes, peertube

Modules: axabanque

Modules: bp

Modules: caissedepargne

Modules: creditdunord

  • improve smelly code which triggers pylint py3 compat

Modules: bp

Modules: creditmutuel

Modules: n26

Modules: societegenerale

  • use ValueTransient in modules