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  • 1.5   Weboob 1.5
    428ab2bc · Weboob 1.5 released ·
    Release 1.5

    This new version is the first one released under the LGPLv3 license.

    The reason why weboob was under the AGPL license is because of an misunderstanding of the AGPL, as I wrote on April 2011:

    “With the GNU Affero General Public License, end-users of an application (based on Weboob) may get the source code of Weboob.”

    In fact, the AGPL is “propagating” all applications using weboob even through the network, which is not what was expected.

    As time goes by, several applications were created around weboob, many by companies, maybe in violation of the AGPL, even if it was (and will still be) profitable for weboob regarding the huge number of contributions.

    Changing the license was touchy, as we needed the acceptance of all contributors. It took around one month to get most of them. With some exceptions, it is now done, and we re-licensed all the codebase, and removed (fortunately minor) contributions from authors who didn't responded.

    There is now a better separation between the weboob core's license, and the weboob modules' ones. Most of weboob modules are currently still distributed under the AGPL. This will probably change over the time as the now default license is LGPL, and some modules (mostly bank ones) will be relicensed to LGPL.

    This will not change how companies interact with weboob, on the contrary, it will sustain the relation as the legal risk is evacuated.

    This version also contains several fixes and new modules.

    Weboob 1.5 totalises 300 commits by 26 contributors.


    Will this change anything to weboob's distribution?

    No, not in any way.

    Will weboob cost money in the future? Will there be a premium version of weboob?

    No and no.

    Will weboob move to a corporate structure?

    No, weboob is managed by the Weboob Association.

    Can I build non open-source weboob-based applications?

    Yes. Please check the legality of the re-distribution of modules regarding their licenses.

    Can I build non open-source weboob modules?


    Will this affect previous releases of weboob?

    No, this will only concern weboob 1.5 and later.



    • Andras Bartok
    • Antoine BOSSY
    • Baptiste Delpey
    • Bezleputh
    • Bruno Chabrier
    • Célande Adrien
    • Damien Cassou
    • Daniel Berthereau
    • Edouard Lambert
    • Florian Duguet
    • Florian Hatat
    • Jean Walrave
    • Jonathan Schmidt
    • Laurent Bachelier
    • Lowik Bourgeoisat
    • Martin Sicot
    • Maxime Gasselin
    • Maxime Pommier
    • Quentin Defenouillere
    • Romain Bignon
    • Sébastien JEAN
    • Sylvie Ye
    • Théo Dorée
    • Tony Malto
    • Vincent Ardisson
    • Vincent Paredes



    • License change of the core from AGPLv3 to LGPLv3.
    • New humanis module (CapBank, CapBankPockets, CapBankWealth)
    • New nef module (CapBank, CapBankTransfer)
    • New netfinca module ()
    • New sogecartenet module (CapBank)
    • New themisbanque module (CapBank, CapProfile)

    General: Core

    • convert lists to displayable ones
    • rewrite to not require module_name useless parameter
    • use docstrings for fields
    • short explanatory paragraph on the class role
    • small fix
    • fail if "Account.number" is NotLoaded
    • add assertNotEmpty method
    • Fix condition for Python version and pyuic
    • BrowserRedirect's str should display url
    • add parent logger param when instanciating a module
    • getLogger creates children for LoggerAdapter too
    • Include build.mk in distribution

    Applications: boobank

    • Typo.

    Applications: boomoney

    • MEMO now contains the raw information, for a better clarity
    • Made -A option to work and select the specified account only
    • Made slight changes so that debug in VSCode is possible
    • Setting Account type to CHECKING temporarily instead of permanently, to avoid side effect e.g. in societegenerale where history was listing the parent account
    • Handling unicode for python 3 compatibility


    • More documentation on login management
    • Documentation for HTMLForm.submit parameters
    • follow RFC 7636 on code_challenge generation
    • pass code_challenge_method param
    • log current auth step

    Browser: Filters

    • add new filter ReplaceEntities


    • Added Profile and Person attributes
    • Added account owner type 'ASSO' (association)
    • add Recipient.repr
    • rename diff_percent and keep a compat alias
    • Added field owner_type on Account


    • need_login calls do_login, not do_logout
    • Add imports in examples from module.rst
    • remove trailing parentheses in ItemElement example

    Modules: afer

    • handle new action needed message

    Modules: amazon

    • manage otp
    • fix locate_browser
    • fix download_document

    Modules: americanexpress

    • Add no account url
    • Fix missing transactions

    Modules: amundi

    • Rename iter_investments => iter_investment

    Modules: anticaptcha

    • handle funcaptcha

    Modules: barclays

    • Ignore history for twin accounts that are not in Euros
    • Corrected iter_accounts to fetch IBANs
    • Add loan and revolving credit
    • Use filter ReplaceEntities in common filter
    • Raise ActionNeeded for questionnaire on the website

    Modules: bibliothequesparis

    • items are present twice when late

    Modules: billetreduc

    • base url changed + support accented months

    Modules: binck

    • Skip new questions page
    • Handle ActionNeeded for password changing

    Modules: bnporc

    • id recipient can change, don't check the full recipient id
    • Retrieve also pending recipients
    • avoid recipient with same iban
    • Handle 'No porftolio to display' message

    Modules: bnppere

    • Handled french and american amounts
    • Added iter_pockets to avoid S2E crash when testing
    • Implemented code to avoid account ID duplicates

    Modules: bolden

    • Diff and Doc attributes may be NotAvailable for investments
    • fix liquidities as label changed
    • fix account valuation diff

    Modules: boursorama

    • handle transfer main page to iter recipient
    • Corrected coming summary filtering
    • Corrected liquidities and investments
    • Corrected issues with immediate card transactions
    • Do not scrape deferred card summaries when not fixed yet
    • Added "Retrait dab" as Transaction.TYPE_WITHDRAWAL

    Modules: bouygues

    • fix #203: sms url got updates

    Modules: bp

    • Handle new history url case
    • Get Savings IBAN
    • handle website unavailable message for pro accounts
    • Fix transfer without iban
    • Fix coming url for "Compte attente"
    • fix differed cards url
    • Fix revolving credit navigation
    • Fix url for iban and coming
    • Correct get RIB parameter

    Modules: caissedepargne

    • NotImplementedError for transfer with SMS
    • Check transfer functionality in pro space
    • Adde "is_error" to CreditCooperatifMarketPage
    • Included Capitalisation contracts in iter_investments
    • Corrected type and balance xpath for LI and Capitalisation
    • Fix regression
    • Fix datepourie
    • fix loans
    • Handle "Récapitulatif de frais bancaires" document
    • update main form
    • Some user have a market account but they have no access to linebourse
    • Fix cnet when card have not coming transaction
    • Handle error when error don't have any title
    • Added BrowserUnavailable when the redirection offrebourse is in error

    Modules: cmb

    • inherit CapBankTransfer like parent cmso

    Modules: cmes

    • Skip user form
    • handle new login url and custom page
    • handle new login url
    • Corrected investments and pockets for CCB supports

    Modules: cmmc

    • inherit CapBankTransfer like parent cmso

    Modules: cmso

    • Allows inexistant json transfer keys
    • check if account can do transfer or not
    • fix internal transfer
    • skip duplicate recipients
    • add new feature: transfer
    • add new feature iter recipient

    Modules: cragr

    • fix iter recipient
    • Avoid crash when redirection to Predica for old website
    • avoid duplicate iban
    • add iter recipient and transfer to api website
    • Set vdate to date for Savings accounts transactions
    • Typed "Escompte commercial" as Loan
    • Added missing balance for revolving credits
    • Typed PRET CEL as Loans
    • Remove assert on account balances
    • Use go_to_account_space() instead of self.contract_page.go()
    • Included "/agriculteur" in the list of URLs
    • Use go_to_account_space() for get_profile and advisor
    • Specified landing URL in the error message if login failed
    • Remove assert False since all error message are handled
    • Limit to 11 digits when posting username
    • Added other wrongpass message
    • Added "entreprise" to all concerned URL()
    • Corrected error message during security check
    • Add regexp to login to prevent server errors
    • Handle ActionNeeded when first online connection
    • Added information about account categories & skipped assurances
    • Skip account typing warning for "assurances"
    • Ignore "assurance" when getting account balances
    • Implemented get_profile and iter_advisor for new API website
    • Corrected login errors and factorized security check
    • Implement iter_investments() for new API website
    • Changed the behavior of logged-out page
    • Remove all_accounts from cache and corrected unique cards
    • Replaced OrderedDict with dict and typed transactions
    • Implemented history, coming and summaries for Cards
    • Replaced tabs with spaces in params dictionary
    • Implemented iter_history and coming for accounts
    • Corrected duplicate Loan IDs and iter_cards
    • Implemented navigation for new Cragr website
    • Fix crash due to missing balance
    • 'warn' exists for Logger, not LoggerAdapter
    • date_guesser modified

    Modules: creditdunord

    • Corrected bugs for account.balance and LI investments
    • Fix loan url
    • Fix iter account
    • Skip iban return for cards
    • Fix get_label
    • Fetch ISIN codes and portfolio shares for Life Insurance investments
    • fix iter_coming
    • Json key change
    • Fix missing space
    • Prevent transaction original_currency to be set if it's the same that the account

    Modules: creditmutuel

    • Handle terms and condtions page
    • Add banqueprive in new_website
    • Skip document without account identity
    • fix life insurance invest table
    • Fix original amount
    • Delete the warning logger in case of IndexError
    • Fix cards list
    • fix old history card navigation
    • fix several companies navigation for pro cards

    Modules: delubac

    • become abstract from themisbanque connector

    Modules: edf

    • fix iter_documents
      • par - fix login by correctly handling captcha
    • fix download document

    Modules: entreparticuliers

    • add missing fill_housing method

    Modules: explorimmo

    • fix advert url

    Modules: fortuneo

    • Change transaction.label content
    • Avoid fake ActionNeeded

    Modules: hsbc

    • Skip card in opposition

    Modules: ing

    • ingdirect is now also ing on bourse website
    • fill_account is not mandatory, skip it if website bugs
    • this method also get balance of market accounts on bourse website
    • cosmetic change
    • optimize download_document
    • change bill type to statement
    • remove bad logging
    • Fix bourse url
    • ing domain changed from ingdirect.fr to ing.fr

    Modules: lcl

    • Corrected profile.email when email is absent
    • Account type for PEA
    • Added account_owner_type to account
    • Fix transfer error when no label given
    • CapDocument implementation in espace e.lcl and pro
    • Password truncated to 6 characters

    Modules: leboncoin

    • fix module: website got updated

    Modules: logicimmo

    • fix #211 retrieve the good url

    Modules: materielnet

    • fix wrongpass detection by changing xpath

    Modules: myedenred

    • Add raw label to transactions.

    Modules: n26

    • Add transaction type

    Modules: nalo

    • accounts list url changed

    Modules: nef

    • Add recipients
    • Add transactions
    • Initial version, supports listing accounts

    Modules: netfinca

    • fix version number to 1.5
    • Correct problems with liquidities and inv codes
    • fix iter_inv using col span
    • Module creation

    Modules: oney

    • Fix positive balance for credit card account.

    Modules: pap

    • fix modules: website got updated

    Modules: pradoepargne

    • Make module completely inherit from Humanis
    • fix login

    Modules: societegenerale

    • retrieve accounts from old website
    • get balance instead of incoming balance
    • avoid retrieve subscription without id
    • add life insurance account type
    • reorganize retrieve document code
    • get first available transfer date with day first
    • find recipient by id before iban to do transfer
    • handle website unavailable message
    • email is now on HTMLProfilePage
    • avoid not invest raw in invest table
    • raise NoAccountsException when there is no account message
    • update and reorganize new recipient code
    • raise ActionNeeded where access to website is suspended
    • add new account type
    • update item condition in iter transaction
    • add xpath error message in profile
    • update error message to retrieve documents
    • update service unavailable url page
    • raise browserunavailable for users who can't access SG website
    • do not stop iter account when transfer page is not available
    • handle revolving credit as loan object
    • add account type
    • fix transfer
    • add new TYPE_PERP account type
    • handle loan history error message
    • add TYPE_CONSUMER_CREDIT account type
    • avoid transaction with null id in card transaction
    • update all code and use Browser2
    • some user can't access transfer page to get ibans
    • fix iter_subscription
    • Skip recipient without IBAN
    • update login and iter account
    • change transfer exec_date for the first available transfer date
    • update the last visited url in add recipient
    • handle website unavailable on transfer page
    • handle website unavailable on invest page
    • update is_here condition for AddRecipientPage

    Modules: vlille

    • url changed transpole is now known as ilevia


    • Use all if possible
    • Fix crash when template contains unicode characters
    • Boilerplate refactoring for extended usage
    • reset manual ports
  • 1.4   Weboob 1.4
    4a5b895a · Weboob 1.4 released ·
    Release 1.4

    The biggest core change of this version is the removal of the deprecated browser1, and modules which weren't ported to browser2.

    There are a lot of new modules, mostly banking modules, a new application named QBoobTracker, and really several fixes on modules.

    Weboob 1.4 totalises 2077 commits by 58 contributors.



    • Adrien
    • Andras Bartok
    • Antoine BOSSY
    • Arthur Huillet
    • Baptiste Delpey
    • Barthélemy Gouby
    • Benjamin Bouvier
    • Benjamin Tampigny
    • Bezleputh
    • Bruno Chabrier
    • Caram Dache
    • Célande Adrien
    • David Kremer
    • Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
    • Edouard Lambert
    • Etienne Lachere
    • Florent
    • Florent Fourcot
    • Florian Duguet
    • Fong NGO
    • Frédéric Lépy
    • Genevera
    • Guillaume Seznec
    • JEAN Sébastien
    • Jean Walrave
    • jerome
    • Jonathan Schmidt
    • Julien Juke Hébert
    • Julien Veyssier
    • Kevin Gueuti
    • Laurent Bachelier
    • Louis Debeve
    • Manoj
    • Martin Sicot
    • Maxime Gasselin
    • Maxime Pommier
    • Mickaël Thomas
    • Nicolas Frandeboeuf
    • Nicolas Gattolin
    • Olivier Da Rocha
    • Pawel Morawian
    • Phyks (Lucas Verney)
    • Quentin Defenouillere
    • Raphaël Rigo
    • Rémi CAZENAVE
    • Roger Philibert
    • Romain Bignon
    • Samuel Loury
    • Sébastien JEAN
    • Sébastien Marie
    • Simon Rochwerg
    • Sylvie Ye
    • Tenma
    • Théo Dorée
    • Tony Malto
    • Victor Kannemacher
    • Vincent Ardisson
    • Vincent Paredes
    • Yann Siberil



    • Previously deprecated browser, named ”browser1”, is now removed.
    • New anticaptcha module (CapCaptchaSolver)
    • New asana module (CapBugTracker)
    • New avendrealouer module (CapHousing)
    • New bandcamp module (CapAudio, CapFile)
    • New becm module (CapBank, CapBankTransfer, CapBankTransferAddRecipient, CapContact)
    • New binck module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
    • New bnpcards module (CapBank)
    • New bolden module (CapBank, CapBankWealth, CapDocument, CapProfile)
    • New deathbycaptcha module (CapCaptchaSolver)
    • New ekwateur module (CapDocument)
    • New figgo module (CapCalendarEvent)
    • New freeteknomusic module (CapAudio, CapFile)
    • New gmf module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
    • New groupama module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
    • New infomaniak module (CapDocument)
    • New journaldesfemmes module (CapRecipe)
    • New limetorrents module (CapTorrent)
    • New meslieuxparis module (CapDirectory)
    • New myedenred module (CapBank)
    • New nalo module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
    • New pagesjaunes module (CapDirectory)
    • New peertube module (CapFile, CapImage, CapVideo)
    • New reddit module (CapFile, CapImage, CapMessages)
    • New relaiscolis module (CapParcel)
    • New sprunge module (BasePasteModule, CapPaste)
    • New suravenir module (CapBank, CapBankWealth)
    • New xhamster module (CapFile, CapImage, CapVideo)
    • New yggtorrent module (CapTorrent)
    • Deleted alloresto module
    • Deleted arretsurimages module
    • Deleted attilasub module
    • Deleted batoto module
    • Deleted canaltp module
    • Deleted cappedtv module
    • Deleted eatmanga module
    • Deleted ehentai module
    • Deleted europarl module
    • Deleted fourchan module
    • Deleted gazelle module
    • Deleted gdcvault module
    • Deleted gdfsuez module
    • Deleted geolocip module
    • Deleted izneo module
    • Deleted jacquieetmichel module
    • Deleted jvmalin module
    • Deleted leclercmobile module
    • Deleted mangafox module
    • Deleted mangago module
    • Deleted mangahere module
    • Deleted mangareader module
    • Deleted nettokom module
    • Deleted nihonnooto module
    • Deleted nolifetv module
    • Deleted opacwebaloes module
    • Deleted quvi module
    • Deleted sfr module
    • Deleted simplyreadit module
    • Deleted trictractv module
    • Deleted unsee module
    • Deleted ups module
    • Deleted voyagessncf module

    General: Core

    • new application QBoobTracker
    • add version information in weboob/init.py
    • use release.py to generate ChangeLog
    • ResultModel.setColumnFields should accept strings
    • remove not used anymore weboob.tools.capabilities.messages
    • Under Python 3, prefer Python 3 Qt
    • Build universal wheel archive
    • new BrowserRedirect exception meant to work with oAuth2 compliant modules. The module constructs the authorization_uri with every params it needs (at least client_id and redirect_uri), then raise BrowserRedirect with this uri.
    • Modify and clean weboob.tools.decorators.retry
    • include Value.description in the message displayed by console
    • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for new contributors
    • deinit the browser even if dump_state fails
    • Move README file to a README.md file rendered by Gitlab, with extra links to doc
    • Value: add an "aliases" parameter to handle old "choices"
    • depend on Pillow, don't do old debian stuff
    • Captcha handling improvement, captcha type added


    • redirect_uri has to be supplied
    • remove ACCESS_TOKEN_METHOD, and create do_token_request() overridable method
    • update to handle more oauth2 cases
    • add OAuth2Mixin and OAuth2PKCEMixin classes
    • add a method for clearing local storage
    • map PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR to socket.timeout
    • force "sql:" prefix on newer versions
    • disable OCSP temporarily
    • set JsonPage encoding
    • HasTextCondition did not use the given xpath
    • add 'logger' attribute in SeleniumPage as others
    • if nss error is not handled yet, raise it instead of ignoring it
    • fix python3 compatibility in CsvPage
    • PEP8 fixes
    • also detect certifi path to detect module-pinning
    • cache certificates fetched by AIA HTTP
    • implement AIA support
    • log URLs when testing pages, like standard weboob
    • allow changing rendering window size
    • fix certificate_db_filename nss version parsing
    • Allow open to use callback
    • Allow open to use is_async
    • finally implement timeout support
    • Use public get_policy if available
    • add a mixin for doing login in selenium
    • support on_load
    • forking is not a problem
    • save visited page content (and a quota)
    • log path to avoid phantomjs logging anywhere
    • compatibility with mini_jsonpath
    • handle nested ListElement obj_x
    • close requests session when switching browser
    • add xpath function to get first non empty xpath result
    • add localStorage manipulation methods
    • new methods to scrape frames content
    • let browser build options and capabilities
    • fix usage of json parameter in go()
    • fix usage of parameter 'json' on open() and location()
    • quietly accept new 'json' location() param
    • introduce weboob.browser.selenium
    • ignore when OCSP is not responding
    • fix fd leak
    • in case of client cert, fall back to openssl
    • Add 'Upgrade-Insecure-Requests' headers to the Firefox/IPhone/Android profiles. Fixes #97
    • LoginPage should inherit object, like LoggedPage
    • use a lock to prevent race condition when saving responses
    • fixed KEEP_SESSION
    • handle CA bundles and nss on centos
    • if NextPage.request is an instance of Page, use it
    • Copy cookie policy in copy()
    • Add support for cookie policies
    • Also copy cookie policy
    • accept parameter 'page' to force à class to instanciate
    • add the SwitchingBrowser class
    • add a retry_on_logout_context context manager
    • introduce 'retry' module and RetryLoginBrowser
    • add "matches" XPath 2.0 function
    • indicate class file and line when an attribute raises an error
    • be more tolerant on HTTP-equiv refresh syntax
    • Bump to current Firefox ESR

    Browser: Filters

    • keep compat behavior call_with_colspan for no td
    • CleanDecimal now checks correct thousands separator use
    • CleanDecimal should accept whitespace after sign
    • new CleanDecimal form should return default value
    • Add colspan attribute to TableCell class
    • CleanDecimal should not accept mixed strings
    • raise FilterError instead of ParseError directly
    • move ItemNotFound error from standard
    • if there is no group in regexp, return original string
    • fix Decode because unquote differs in py versions
    • fix missing ColumnNotFound import
    • add more docstrings and examples


    • Use DocumentTypes.BILL instead of u'bill' in Bill init
    • add XPF currency
    • use DecimalField + add latitude/longitude
    • add new fields
    • new capability for yellow pages and opening hours
    • misc improvements
    • add new recipient error class 'AddRecipientTimeout'
    • Fix strict_find_object
    • add strict_find_object to skip matching on paramaters with empty value
    • add DocumentTypes to all
    • add iter_documents_by_types
    • apply same transformation on new label than old
    • add AddRecipientBankError
    • PEP8 fixes
    • add valuation diff percent field to account
    • remove all extra space like CleanText()
    • New Capability for bank websites
    • Add EUROS to currency
    • use int.str as IntEnum.str for compat
    • use compatible Enums in a few more capabilities
    • use enums in Account, Transaction and Pockets
    • Inverted iteration loops for get_currency
    • Fix empty() for multiprocessing
    • Account.iban and bank_name non-mandatory
    • Prefill weboob.capabilities.bill.Bill type field
    • Add new ProfileMissing exception in profile capabilities
    • link Documents to Transactions
    • fix exception_to_job for Nocaptcha
    • add an exception_to_job to easily build solving jobs
    • clarify percentage fields
    • complete and reorder all
    • Define default values for attributes of Subtitle class
    • remove unused imports
    • Fix CapRecipe comments #112
    • delete LUF currency aliases
    • Adding '()' to the EXCTRACTOR regex
    • adding some account types for loans
    • add a few more currencies
    • add Account.opening_date field
    • add a parent Field
    • improve doc
    • add a default get_account implementation
    • make BaseImage.id optional in init to use with ItemElement
    • compare decoded version of labels
    • update to a for/else clause


    • add fillobj tip and nested ListElement obj_x
    • add another method for json + describe table parsing
    • add pagination and http errors recipes
    • include init docstring in class docstring
    • add a cookbook guide
    • update URL to bug tracker

    Applications: boobank

    • account_type was not being initialized properly.
    • handle multiple AddRecipientStep in succession
    • Set proxy and logger in budgea command
    • transfer command accepts an exec date param
    • Update boobank.py to generate valid OFX files for CARD accounts. Only CHECKING and SAVINGS accounts were supported previously.
    • don't crash on "investment" or "pocket" command if not implemented
    • stop add_recipient command if there are multiple backends
    • Issue #57 fix not unique OFX Fit ID in boobank
    • make "transfer" command more interactive and add "recipients" command
    • fix Transfer and Recipient formatters
    • remove CapBankTransfer from Boobank.CAPS

    Applications: boobcoming

    • ICalFormatter now accepts dates (not datetimes)

    Applications: boobill

    • boobill handles profile
    • handle CaptchaQuestion by using CapCaptchaSolver backends
    • download all should use the correct backend of a document

    Applications: boobooks

    • add "search" command

    Applications: boomoney

    • Added unicode support to INIConfig
    • MSMoney does not like when CHECKNUM is after MEMO
    • Fixed pyflakes issues
    • Added boomoney application

    Applications: qboobtracker

    • add a fancy tag list display
    • display issue details and history
    • support tag search
    • new CapBugTracker app

    Applications: qcineoob

    • prefer getattr() over exec()

    Applications: qflatboob

    • fix compatibility with new enums
    • fix issue #105

    Applications: qgalleroob

    • don't force thumbnail retrieving if xdg storage has it
    • results can be fetched on-demand, and can be permanently hidden
    • improve image info labels
    • fix "browse" as iter_backends was misused

    Applications: qhavedate

    • do not crash if there is no description in a contact's profile

    Applications: radioob

    • do not force formatter for "search" command
    • fix wrong help displayed for "search" command

    Applications: videoob

    • VideoListFormatter uses rating_max field

    Applications: weboobcfg

    • Remove the applications command of weboob-config

    Applications: wetboobs

    • fix reversed condition on unknown temperature
    • Update wetboobs display of high and low values

    Modules: 750g

    • fix typo and missing duration
    • fix module website got updated
    • bump to https

    Modules: adecco

    • fix module: website got updated
    • website got updated
    • fiw module: website gor updated and bump to https

    Modules: afer

    • Add ActionNeeded to validate license agreement
    • return message with wrongpass
    • forcing cert file is now useless
    • py3 port
    • update AFER password length
    • corrected iter_investment
    • cleaning
    • Handles BrowserUnavailable when account can't reach adhesion page
    • add "raise BrowserUnavailable()" exception when website crash

    Modules: agendadulibre

    • fix parsing date

    Modules: allocine

    • pyflakes Python 3 fixes

    Modules: alloresto

    • remove broken module

    Modules: amazon

    • update xpath to get document
    • do not redo login if it's already logged
    • fix download document
    • fix login
    • get other subscription link xpath
    • Fix issue #130
    • handle xpath variation for documents date
    • pass image data instead of image_url
    • Corrected xpath for date
    • better xpath to parse date
    • Improve double auth managing
    • Refactorized login to handle OTP + Captcha better
    • New form for double auth
    • Corrected way to go to login
    • New way to handle OTP
    • Can not handle OTP without StatesMixin
    • OTP verification handling
    • Added new security page to handle and better handling
    • Corrected subscription label if we do not have user's name & module description
    • Refactored the entire module. Added UK. Now based on FR site.
    • Corrected xpath, added condition and xpath to match all possible buttons to download pdf
    • Corrected to_login function to use the right variables
    • check we are on home page before looking for identification link
    • convert filter to list comprehension (py3 compat)
    • Now donwloading as PDF (if key is activated)
    • Comportement improvement, now handles text captcha

    Modules: amazonstorecard

    • flake8 fixes, Python 3

    Modules: ameli

    • handle unavailable page
    • handle error on login
    • add regex to login field
    • PEP8 fixes
    • py3 port
    • raise ActionNeeded if handle cgu page
    • go back to accounts page after history
    • fix regexp in iter_history
    • port to python3
    • list max documents (6 months), not the default (1 month)
    • Fix login page and a regex

    Modules: americanexpress

    • Handles temporarily unavailable pages
    • Card typing
    • Add: Id for transactions
    • Clean for new website only
    • only have card type
    • don't yield coming without debit date
    • Scrapping all accounts in the new website
    • make transactions match with account by account owner name ## ## / fetch coming for old website accounts
    • Add : Commission value
    • Fix: Fake account
    • Revert do_login
    • Add: Mix of old and new account
    • fix Decimal parsing error for CFA currency
    • corrected balance and coming for multiaccount
    • corected balance and coming
    • Fix type test (basestring includes both str and unicode)
    • length of account data list has changed
    • fix index out of range on acc label parsing
    • pass on 500 errors when fetching trs
    • yield more than 1 card on new website
    • fix missing label
    • handling actionNeeded
    • 'statement_start_date' key not always present in json
    • fix crash on rupie indonésienne tr
    • get currency on new website
    • now using 'parse_decimal' to filter original_amount so as to keep decimal format consistent
    • sign of transaction's original_amount fixed
    • fallback on another json balance page
    • fix debit date parsing for coming transactions
    • set right type for summary card operations

    Modules: amundi

    • py3 port
    • Added code_type for Investments
    • handle PEI account
    • removed obj_diff : it is wrong and doesn't exist on the website
    • no longer yielding investments where amount is 0
    • in account number, swap login and id
    • prepend login to Account.number
    • fix rounding transactions amount
    • force TLSv1.0

    Modules: apivie

    • None page after login is now wrongpass
    • remove "with" since it's for browser1
    • quick port to browser2
    • fix crash on iter sub
    • Investments on unknown account
    • handle vdate notavailable
    • account types
    • handle no invest on account
    • portfolio_share
    • fix account type for apivie
    • adding investments to apivie

    Modules: arte

    • fix tests
    • remove useless print()
    • website and api were fully rewritten
    • old video info url seems unavailable

    Modules: asana

    • new bugtracker module

    Modules: aum

    • fix compatibility with python3
    • port module to browser2
    • <3

    Modules: avendrealouer

    • Create housing module for avendrealouer.fr

    Modules: axabanque

    • update iban parsing
    • Handle error 500 page
    • Transfer: iban checking debug
    • handle maintenance page with insecure HTTP
    • Factorized liquidities with create_french_liquidity()
    • origin account iban can be notAvailable
    • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
    • Add profile capability
    • PEP8 fixes
    • Typed Epargne Retraite Novialaccounts to "Life Insurance"
    • Modified xpath for life insurances
    • fix typo for recipient category
    • add transfer virtualkeyboard hash
    • use TransferBankError instead of TransferError
    • need only the 5 first characters to validate transfer
    • handle transfer error message
    • handle new error message
    • get pea history on netfinca bourse page
    • Reload state only for add recipient step
    • switch type card account balance to coming
    • search for the last day of month to add debit date on coming transaction
    • wealth and pea accounts don't have recipients
    • Add new feature: add recipient
    • parent for card account
    • add deferred transfer
    • add new features: iter recipient and immediate transfer
    • handle life insurance new url
    • There is an Assertion error when error page is empty
    • catch browser unavailable message
    • Fix life insurance xpath
    • Skip debit card and no status card
    • fix deferred card
    • Clean 'get account list' code
    • skip item if document can't be downloaded
    • Get ISIN code in a weboobian way
    • Implemented document download capability
    • handle another actionNeeded
    • fix itering on invest from axabanque website
    • Rewrote xPath selector
    • detailed_view is not always available
    • fixing login
    • fix investments parsing
    • handle isin codes if available in href
    • fetch investements from PEA accounts

    Modules: bandcamp

    • new audio module

    Modules: banqueaccord

    • Add missing CapBank to module
    • Fusion with Oney module
    • fix currency
    • fetching currency

    Modules: banquepopulaire

    • type transactions for summary and deferred
    • Fix login
    • fix comment
    • Added error message in french
    • further fetch token when empty page
    • Fix bug for rightless users
    • Don't crash without simplejson
    • Fix error on sudouest url from creditmaritime
    • Changed iter_investments to create_french_liquidity()
    • set form parameters properly for Gocardless transactions
    • Included "Compte Titres PEA" into PEA accounts
    • Update regions from creditmaritime
    • Update region websites
    • handle browserunavailable
    • foreign currencies : currency and account type added
    • Remove obsolete VERIFY and ssl certificate
    • retry posting on keyerror
    • handles new browser unavailable page
    • wrong catching of the login page
    • handle linebourse landing page to avoid being delogged
    • Removed certificate verification for banquepopulaire
    • Remove call to set_gocardless_transaction_details
    • Revert "[banquepopulaire] Changed get_history return to prevent gocardless crash"
    • Changed get_history return to prevent gocardless crash
    • Handle gocardless transactions that have hyperlink
    • fix transactions page getting handled by ErrorPage
    • get references on gocardless transactions
    • completed profile
    • manually added cookies should be on origin domain only
    • implement CapProfile
    • fixed regex in get_investment_page_params
    • retry to go on accounts page
    • bypass browserunavailable when going on investments.
    • add "Plan Epargne Enfant Msu" as "TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE"
    • handling new json structure to by pass user action needed
    • fix for 'HomePage object has no attribute login'
    • Add regions to website choices
    • Fix: wrong account_type was raised
    • Browser tried to call a method on a page that didn't implemented it
    • handle unavailable page
    • some regions has been renamed
    • ActionNeeded on temporary password
    • rename some regions
    • loirelyonnais region has been renamed to bpaura
    • use dates for investments vdate
    • fix crash when there is a 'Contrat Prévoyance'
    • fix natixis life insurances fetching
    • fixing xpath to get currency on cards

    Modules: barclays

    • Adde fault=NotAvailable to Regexp
    • Corrected removal of untyped accounts
    • cert pinning is no longer needed
    • fix debit date for deferred debit transactions and rdate
    • return credit card history
    • don't cache history
    • Changed URLs from Barclays to Milleis
    • Changed immediate cards to TYPE_CHECKING
    • Corrected coming and balance for DIFF cards
    • Not raise BrowserIncorrectPassword when there is ' ' in secret
    • fix portfolio
    • detect more transaction patterns
    • fetch Transaction.raw from expanded transaction text
    • there may be no history for life insurances
    • add iter_investment

    Modules: becm

    • Added ActionNeeded when website does not respond to login process
    • Set version to 1.4

    Modules: bforbank

    • Avoid re_login upon checking market invesments
    • Exceptions added for checking accounts
    • raises an ActionNeeded when trading password needs creation/update
    • Fetch liquidities with create_french_liquidities()
    • Retry added because document won't load sometimes.
    • card with no transactions
    • change to the url to enter the Espace Bourse
    • baseurl changed
    • fetching previous month deffered card history
    • fix coming patch which was merged too quickly
    • set deferred card parent and coming instead of balance
    • handling transition period between last accounting day and debit date for deffered card accounts
    • handling certification needed by the user
    • ignore card when cancelled by bforbank
    • add liquidity invest on bourse account
    • go to lifeinsurance page after logout
    • Adding details on transactions raw
    • Scrapping details on 'prelevements' and 'virements' transactions
    • login images are now inline
    • recognize "Crédit" accounts as loans

    Modules: bibliothequesparis

    • implement search
    • fix missing renewal data and alert if missing
    • login requires an Accept json header

    Modules: binck

    • Get missing ISIN codes from invest detail page
    • Corrected details for new Binck website & improved navigation
    • Corrected navigation for new website
    • Rewrote module according to website changes
    • Corrected obj_code and added obj_code_type
    • Handle new informative page
    • Handles new informative page
    • any() takes exactly one argument
    • actionNeeded for frozen or closed accounts
    • Informations added for investments in foreign currencies
    • Factorized iter_investments with create_french_liquidity()
    • fix login error handling
    • py3 compat (already compatible)
    • handle an other account url
    • Add XX-liquidity investment
    • add ActionNeeded when ServerError with message is raised
    • use CapBankWealth
    • import TableCell from filters.html instead of filters.standard
    • actionneeded and coding style
    • handle expired password
    • skip customer quiz
    • fix 404 with non-invest accounts
    • fix investment xpath
    • don't log off when the browser is not on a known page to avoid deinit crash
    • adding binck module
    • pyflakes
    • add CapBank binck module

    Modules: biplan

    • bump to https

    Modules: bnpcards

    • Correct duplicate account's id
    • corpo/titulaire: fetch coming balance (if available)
    • non-corp/gestionnaire: go back to accounts page after balance
    • use SwitchingBrowser
    • detect expired password url for titulaire non-corporate
    • get coming balance for non-corporate gestionnaire
    • try to avoid duplicate ids in non-corporate/manager space
    • add currency to titulaire accounts (EUR)
    • bump version to 1.4
    • use a proxy browser to avoid do_login in init
    • fix handling multiple cases
    • fetch transactions for accounts with duplicate account number
    • fixing duplicate accounts
    • handle ti corporate page to avoid crash
    • fix going to transactions first page
    • update versions to 1.3
    • currency for bnpcards
    • fix non corporate manager iter accounts
    • handle rib pagination
    • yield all cards
    • update modules version to 1.2
    • fix accounts is not a class constant
    • refactor and fix bad transactions landing page
    • fixing parsing transaction
    • using number in place of id
    • get rid of useless variable
    • handling pagination for account page
    • caching account for better handling id
    • fix duplicates with payroll number field
    • add missing detail page
    • fixing missing import
    • adding softcap for bnpcards
    • fixing commission already in total amount
    • new page to navigate in coming pages
    • prevent crash when you have to change the password on holder accounts
    • bnpcards handle new navagiation
    • handling correctly coming for manager account
    • bnpcards module now handles Holders besides Managers
    • increase timeout to 60seconds
    • handling 3rd coming page
    • fix bnpcards with BrowserPasswordExpired
    • correctly limit history period to exclude coming transactions
    • remove accueilInternetGe.builder.do from error pages as we go on even on success
    • fix bnpcards change pass crash
    • change timeout to 30 seconds
    • fix name of module
    • rename module to bnpcards, add fields to Transaction, and force sort

    Modules: bnporc

    • rename 'get_accounts_list' to 'iter_accounts'
    • error with code 1001 is now a website unavailable error
    • use only recipient id on new recipient
    • too late to check transfer date after validation
    • fix usage of rotating password
    • 'ibanCompteCrediteur' key in init transfer response is empty
    • transfer fees are not always available
    • add parameter to disable password rotation
    • [bnporc-entreprise] Fix Market page when no account is present
    • Add try/except on old BNP website request to prevent error 500
    • [bnporc-entreprises] Split market account from checking account
    • add new wrongpass code and action needed code
    • fail on unknown error codes
    • add comments
    • do not log rotating passwords
    • support triple rotations of password
    • keep in priority localized messages from returned message
    • Handling list error page with abstract children
    • Handle new error at login with website error message
    • get rid of rotation password
    • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
    • handle another url for 100 connections limit
    • fixed tabs in pp/pages.py to pass pyflakes3
    • Included the "Assurance Vie" domain to BNP iter_accounts
    • py3 port
    • handles cases when bnporc's api sends empty json fields for profile
    • get rid of bad history for enterprise
    • market account if only one account
    • message for BrowserPasswordExpired
    • raises an actionneeded when account is blocked
    • [bnporc-entreprise] fix regex error
    • fusion between checking and card accounts
    • Add invest for BNP entreprise
    • resolved json parsing problems
    • pp: fix mistake in eddcfc607961bf54cd8e017c26dd426654d91eca
    • pp: parse listDetailCartes to type coming card trs
    • use default when advisor email is empty on site
    • detect one more card summary pattern
    • add deferred transfer
    • force ProfilePage to utf-8 since response doesn't have info
    • entreprise fix rdate parsing in history
    • raise ProfileUnavailable when profile is not accessible
    • transfer, might have multiple recipients with same iban
    • return correct type of object for advisor
    • handle connection without profile
    • fix typo in recipient otp message
    • load coming details to get card information
    • implement CapProfile on pp and entreprise
    • fix deferred_cb and summary
    • change AddRecipientError parameter
    • share BNP recipients and transfers source code
    • In transactions main JSON page, get coming details page crash
    • fix json key error
    • just let some code crash if it has to
    • changed card transaction detection
    • enterprise: fix keyerror on card summary
    • ent: fix TYPE_CARD and TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD for history
    • ent: try to detect immediate debit cards and not create accounts
    • entreprise: yield card history on card account
    • ent: json "aVenir" was renamed to "avenir"
    • Getting vdate on lifeinsurance accounts
    • Changed data on transfer validation
    • Key error when getting investments on transactions
    • Handle iban when not available
    • entreprise site: type tweaks for card transactions
    • fix transfers, recipient iban isn't in API response anymore
    • set Account.parent for card accounts
    • entreprise site: remove useless accounts/transactions cache
    • don't return history or investments on "pea espèces"
    • handle unauthorized to access on ent
    • merge list of cards
    • fix colliding card number
    • fix the mapping between an account and market_data
    • fix timestamp regex
    • update fromtimestamp function
    • pep8

    Modules: bnppere

    • visiogo config handling
    • Visiogo module

    Modules: bolden

    • Remodelled module with one main account and investments
    • new CapBank/CapDocument module for crowlending site

    Modules: boursorama

    • Included diff cards, ignored inactive cards and deleted dead code
    • Fix check transfer label
    • some life insurrance were skipped
    • Added 'assurance/famille' to ignored insurances
    • Added Consumer Credits to the list of ignored Loans
    • Add default values for Loan dates and Decimals
    • handle transfer url page
    • Fix differed transfer
    • Exec transfer: Retry page
    • update liquidities xpath
    • Included "assurance/comptes" in ignored accounts
    • Include personal insurances in ignored accounts
    • Handle users without accounts
    • Avoid iter_recipients for Loan and Life insurance
    • Corrected URLs for Loans
    • Corrected indentation mistake
    • handle paid off loans / no next_payement_date
    • Account.id should be str, not Decimal
    • Fetch card numbers according to the new website
    • get rate with the highest precision
    • retry when par accounts seem unavailable with unexpected error
    • Change tag name for cards details
    • Correct date format for loans and xpath
    • Details for loans retrieved
    • Avoid returning coming transactions in history
    • fix duplicated card transactions
    • Factorized with create_french_liquidity()
    • Fixed card matching and card history
    • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
    • fix regression introduced in 52fd0c25f8bca77fd754f9179709231f56a75aa0
    • Update market accounts with the latest balance
    • Added condition on investment table to exclude liquidation
    • CapCurrencyRate implementation
    • skip recipient with invalid iban
    • get valid pro card account
    • add livret, pel, cel as TYPE_SAVINGS accounts
    • skip inactive deferred card
    • handle ics calendar for deferred card debit date
    • changes pattern order to fix dates' wrong parsing in history labels
    • speed up iter_accounts
    • Corrected indentation pages.py line 183
    • Revised assert no prevent crash with unactivated card
    • Changed abs() to '-' for reimbursed transactions
    • improve acceptable losses in transfer labels
    • New real estate loan page url.
    • Fix empty invest label
    • fix how coming is handled
    • remove more special character in transfer label
    • fix retrieval of deferred card transactions
    • skip some characters in transfer label like boursorama do
    • add condition on iter_accounts
    • fix transaction rdate/type of deferred card account
    • take into account account ID to match cards
    • fix error when recipient has been created
    • fix new recipient
    • remove unactivated cards
    • fix wrong attribute check in iter_opposed_cards
    • ignore another format of opposed cards
    • resolve deffered card transactions parsing
    • fix login
    • Fix login
    • transfer handling and invalidTransfer amount
    • retry on loggout
    • scrapping back to 3 years on card account transactions
    • skipping opposed card account
    • ActionNeeded on request to update informations page
    • catch an ActionNeeded
    • set Account.parent for card accounts
    • recognize "csljeune" as savings account
    • when iterating recipients, we may be on step1 or step2
    • type account basing on url first, then label
    • increase history size to 3 years
    • fetch cards on main accounts page
    • Avoid exception on date parsing inside label
    • Support transfer from saving accounts.

    Modules: bouygues

    • fix iter_documents
    • fix iter_documents
    • return message for wrongpass
    • fix regression on login error handling
    • fixed weird bug FacturePDFDF
    • cleaned & fixed potential fake wrongpass
    • py3 compat (already compatible)
    • handle profile
    • 'comptesAccess' variable not always there
    • small fix when get 403 in subscription detail
    • refactor module to parse many subscriptions
    • fix non unicode strings in module.py
    • translates label values
    • resolves a wrongpass issue
    • fix navigation
    • fix crash when there are no lines available

    Modules: bp

    • handle add recipient service unavailable
    • Fix BP recipient
    • Changed encoding to UTF-8 for Loan accounts
    • Added encoding
    • Fix id regexp on pro subscription page
    • Fix "COMPTE ATTENTE" history
    • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
    • Fetched correct PERP balance and added iter_history for PERP accounts
    • Remove obsolete VERIFY and ssl certificate
    • Typed PERP accounts TYPE_PERP
    • change transfer exec date regexp on transfer summary page
    • to xml entity
    • bank statement for pro
    • bank statement for par
    • respects website navigation
    • handle new page for add recipient error
    • add loan currency
    • handle another transfer date regexp
    • parse rdates in transactions' labels
    • invalid account id
    • unavailable next payment amount
    • changes regex to match life assurance accounts
    • single table student loan
    • Added "compte attente" as TYPE_CHECKING
    • add a condition on xpath to get loans' labels.
    • id form and label for the loans changed
    • Move the relative page workaround to the location method
    • pro: fix login when site returns ".." in an absolute url
    • total coming now appears on the account list
    • Get cards debit coming or credit coming if exists
    • update add recipient error xpath and handle message error on add recipient confirm page
    • handle empty amount in history with default value
    • add default value in total amount for a loan
    • add balance headers for card account
    • handle student loan
    • implement CapProfile for pro
    • get profile for par browser
    • handle not unblocked loan
    • give dummy label to revolving loan
    • detect "COMPTE-TITRES" label as MARKET account
    • return empty history for loans instead of None
    • fix card coming balance detection
    • create dedicated Accounts for cards
    • fix typo
    • handle repayed loan
    • fixing error on loans
    • Change loan method and add revolving credits
    • iter_investments was raising NotImplementedError() instead of returning invests
    • change iban regex
    • Update no accounts exception condition
    • add error page detection on lifeinsurance invest
    • Navigation for iban changed
    • add "autres produits d'eparge" as TYPE_SAVINGS
    • fill Investment.vdate for life insurances
    • transactions from deferred card should not have TYPE_CARD
    • pdf for iban has changed
    • [transfer] don't crash on sms request
    • avoid 404 and refactor a bit
    • add a page.is_here() assertion
    • use sorted_transactions to sort by date then rdate
    • change the way to access deferred card history
    • handle more urls to do SEPA transfers
    • fix python3 bug when pdfminer isn't installer

    Modules: bred

    • cosmetic changes
    • update account types
    • prevent infinite loop
    • skip transaction with rdate and date too far
    • Raised the maximum transaction number
    • forcing cert pinning is no longer needed
    • Forced string type for transaction ids
    • Typed unknown account
    • Fixed e-mail profile scraping when email is hidden
    • Added regex for untyped transactions to fix rdate
    • Fetch rdate from PATTERNS if transaction is TYPE_CARD
    • passing to LoginBrowser
    • new account types
    • warning when account type is not supported
    • livret is saving
    • Added Life Insurances to iter_accounts and iter_investments
    • parent of card account
    • known checking type account
    • get profile for dispobank
    • Parse profile
    • add 'Compte sur livret casden' as TYPE_SAVINGS
    • do not use ID of transactions are they are not unique (ecr0, ecr1, ...)
    • fix mistake fetching same trs on different accs
    • adapt browser to new endpoint
    • certificate for dispobank has changed and still has no CA chain
    • card transactions on card account are deferred transactions
    • transactions in the future should be for iter_coming
    • Added a more descriptive error message when site is down
    • raise again history offset limit

    Modules: btmon

    • update module to new browser, fix it and add it to py3 module list

    Modules: btpbanque

    • regexp for password
    • repaired module
    • use caissedepargne as parent module

    Modules: caels

    • py3 compat now that parent is compat
    • Added obj_diff and code_type to caels

    Modules: caissedepargne

    • throw ActionNeeded if login uncessfull multiple times
    • fix regression introduced in f701d7450a9c6c5dd5ff6c30952968de65299d17
    • some users don't have checking account
    • fix login loop
    • "On going maintenance" error
    • Fix palatine boobill
    • catch BrowserPasswordExpired instead of wrongpass
    • By-pass questionnaire if possible
    • Corrected obj_code for Life Insurances
    • stop trying to fetch loans on garbarge page
    • better regexp for transfer to external recipient
    • skip cenet if it's not alone and nuser isn't set
    • Added ActionNeeded when user have to fill investment form
    • handle unavailable service message
    • Fix transfer label spaces
    • Fix PEP8 syntaxes
    • Fix Investment Account MILLEVIE
    • fix check allow transfer
    • some pro connection cannot do transfer
    • fix regressions and added new insurance account support
    • use Decimal instead of float for Loan amounts
    • avoid info leak
    • Added some life insurance account name
    • set investments' code type
    • divide the loan rate by 100
    • change the xpath to target relevant divs for loans
    • prevent duplicates of conso loans accounts
    • add new account types
    • set investment's code type when it is an ISIN
    • Change sign for Loans balance to be negative
    • rate of credits may be not available
    • check if there are credits before retrieve them
    • take into account any connection type
    • now scraping real_estate loans with ListElement
    • Implemented create_french_liquidity for PEA accounts
    • Error case added for missing nuser
    • Change PERP type
    • Group life insurance accounts and fix redirection
    • Replace data['account'] with data.get() to avoid crash
    • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
    • PEP8 fixes
    • Added netpp connections to NotImplemented subscriptions
    • Remove obsolete VERIFY and ssl certificate
    • Remove accounts with no balance
    • Prevent Boobill crash for professional accounts
    • reorder capabilities to fix children modules
    • bank statement CenetBrowser
    • bank statement for CaisseEpargneBrowser
    • '-' corner case for recipient
    • Added Liquidities to PEA NUMERAIRE
    • duplicate transactions
    • Removed original_currency
    • home page is LoggedPage
    • ensure the possibility of a None browser_sate.expire
    • fix transfer amount decimal
    • add new currency xpath on pro transfer
    • Nuances Plus Life insurance
    • do load_state only on part add_recipient
    • pro: transfer and add_recipient
    • Fix MILLEVIE PREMIUM connection
    • handles a case when user has recipients for European Union
    • retry posting a form for accessing MarketPage in some cases, the website redirects us to an intermediary page. We just repost the original form to bypass the redirection.
    • Fix 403 error during ls
    • Add history with linebourse module
    • Fix module for Nuances 3D life insurance
    • add regex to nuser login field
    • Add connection to natixis for life insurance account
    • increase range for history fetching. Closes: 702028@redmine
    • remove some tooltip from account label
    • Raise TransferBankError when recipient is unavailable for transfer
    • fix crash on iter_recipients pro site
    • Get first non-empty content label
    • update transfer label xpath to get the first matched result
    • fix undefined method regression
    • return deferred transactions when month is not ascii
    • factor deleting bad form items
    • modify the xpath in is_here() to call the right page
    • change xpath to get transfer label
    • add state to restore session for add recipient with otp
    • cenet: return more than 1 month of history
    • avoid assertion error in iter_history
    • moved account_history page navigation to avoid duplicate transactions
    • prevent an 409 error by adapting the cookie
    • fix calling non-existent method
    • Raise BrowserUnavailable when life insurance website is not available
    • correct type for checking account
    • python3: fix bytes misusage
    • come back on accounts list if on message page (bourse)
    • skip not available conso loan
    • fetching deffered card transactions
    • changing measure_id regex
    • make sure we haven't been redirect to loans before testing for popup error
    • skipping loans conso parsing to avoid 409 error
    • changed measure accounts id regex
    • don't raise ActionNeeded in iter_investments
    • fix warnings on float to decimal conversion
    • delete CTX cookie to prevent from duplicate error
    • handling new type of page "measure"
    • Date fields on loan accounts with dayfirst
    • use SwitchingBrowser
    • get diff_percent on life insurance invests
    • json decoding exceptions are descendants of ValueError
    • Handle more loan details
    • raising actionNeeded on pea investements list page
    • skip leading null characters
    • handle a BrowserUnavailable
    • don't do investment computations anymore
    • add recipient with sms option
    • skip recipients without a label
    • restrict rdate matching to numbers with the right len

    Modules: canaltp

    • remove broken browser1 module

    Modules: carrefourbanque

    • detect card transaction debit type
    • ignore empty for transaction
    • Add New life insurance
    • handle maintenance page
    • Add and use new VirtualKeyboard for login.
    • import basestring for python 3 compatibility.
    • fix login
    • fix login
    • Handle type accounts
    • fix savings balance when no "versement" link
    • return incoming account on the card
    • fix balance parsing
    • overload item instead
    • refactor account parsing
    • New xpath to match new agencement.
    • Parse loan accounts
    • Modules: centquatre

      • Fix login

      Modules: chronopost

      • raise an error if the parcel number is unknown
      • port to browser2

      Modules: citibank

      • blind py3 port
      • flake8 fixes, Python 3

      Modules: cmes

      • fix a typo in url
      • adds 2 url to be matched as investment page
      • changes an url and make it adaptable for children modules
      • fetching currency
      • accounts with no balance have zero
      • fixes label and balance's xpath
      • no investment means no table
      • repaired investment
      • no history if no transaction
      • Get more investments in another page.
      • raise ActionNeeded for CGU validation
      • fetching currency
      • Fix cmes/cices balance, improve label, and keep account id as it was before

      Modules: cmso

      • fix investment scraping
      • Fix iter_accounts
      • Removed auth url doesn't used anymore
      • add 'capital plus' account as TYPE_SAVINGS
      • loan balance can be 0
      • Handled BrowserUnavailable
      • when relogging for retry, clear headers else we're not logged out
      • Fix date list error
      • Repair Market account duplicate
      • py3 port of some code blocks
      • fixed a code smell (py3 port)
      • py3 port
      • confirmed investments list and added vdate and code_type
      • Modifications to manage the arkeabanqueprivee URL and name
      • fixes navigation in order to be more consistent with regular browser one
      • cmso/pro: set type to savings for Treso'viv
      • cmso/pro: implement pagination for iter_history
      • fix login when password is temporary
      • fixes XPATH on InvestmentPage on CMSO module (AbstractBrowser)
      • adapts cmso module to make it compatible with bpe module's abstract browser
      • fix IndexError when transaction list is empty
      • handle alphabetic characters in NoCompte
      • use continue instead of pass to skip iter_history
      • Finish to support new website
      • support new shitty website
      • avoid duplicate account
      • handle revolving credit with not unique id
      • implement CapProfile for pro browser
      • Get profile for par browser
      • avoid two objects to have same ID
      • fix connection with lifeinsurance only
      • NoAccountsException raised though savings accounts actually exist
      • add statesmixin
      • fetching currency
      • there might be another table with useless infos
      • dateOperation dateValeur might be missing from json
      • fix market Investment.valuation parsing with commas
      • handling new key to define item_xpath for coming transactions
      • in recipients page, parse mandate accounts to find their ids
      • avoid duplicate saving ids by appending a suffix
      • fix market and lifeinsurrance account_id unavailable
      • detect no accounts
      • fixing key error on iter_loans
      • fix crash parsing NotAvailable
      • Added Loan class and hydrate object
      • sort market history
      • find more account ids on the transfer recipients page
      • use owner to differentiate multiple market accounts
      • find better id for pea/market accounts
      • ignore some duplicate accounts present in multiple areas
      • some market accounts don't work at all, skip 'em
      • skip some lifeinsurance accounts which are not available
      • fix market invests and fetch pea invests
      • cosmetics: split some lines
      • for saving accounts, use the generic label for parsing type
      • recognize "plan bleu" savings account type
      • fix xpath to get login form

      Modules: colissimo

      • use post office location when provided
      • Fix colissimo module

      Modules: cragr

      • add RecipientBankerror for account without recipient add permission
      • Handle new predica life unsurance redirect
      • Fecthing missing balance for Savings accounts
      • add new recipient on the right account space
      • Fetch BGPI life insurance balances and correct investments
      • handle market page information needed
      • add "LIV A ASS" as TYPE_SAVINGS account
      • Skip recipients without label
      • Handle USD account
      • Corrected perimeter matching
      • Handling unexpected page for iban
      • Get PEA correct balance (without liquidities)
      • Factorized liquidities with create_french_liquidity()
      • Fixed bug when UnavailablePage wasn't expected
      • Handle transfer error only once
      • choose first matched recipient for recipient with same iban
      • Retrieve liquidities for Life Insurances
      • fixed columns for BGPIPage
      • Skip another annuity account
      • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
      • Balance return for trading account
      • add id for new recipient
      • Change parent_id location for iter_card
      • Type DAV NANTI accounts
      • skip recipient with invalid iban
      • check iban column in recipients table
      • repaired get_cards
      • parent for card account
      • currency for card accounts
      • Corrected iter_investments to prevent crash for DAV PEA
      • AUTO ENTRP is checking
      • Modified market balance update to avoid doublons for liquidities
      • fix error when no history and no iban_url for Term of Fixed Deposit accounts
      • Fix deffered card summary transaction identification
      • Handle 'PVERT VITA' type retirement savings
      • skip account 'Billet financier'
      • Resend OTP when the first given otp is incorrect
      • Get PEA liquidity investment
      • may raise ProfileMissing when error
      • another pattern to ignore useless RENTE accounts
      • skip "RENTE" since they have no data
      • Handle double recipients, skip recipient with same ID as other
      • support adding recipients by faking a transfer
      • handle case of multiple perimeter for transfer and list recipients
      • handle date '00/00/0000' in loan
      • fix loans
      • if recipients are unavailable, go to accounts list
      • don't store "infos cartes" link in Account.url
      • don't go on account without link
      • get correct rate value on Loans
      • get correct details on card accounts
      • rewrite iter_accounts on Savings and Loans accounts
      • rewrite iter_accounts on cards accounts
      • rewrite iter_accounts on regular accounts
      • set account.coming to 0 when not available
      • Coming on card accounts
      • some value are dot separated decimals
      • fixes the retrieval of an investment's vdate
      • Handling PEA accounts on market page
      • accounts from LoansPage should be typed LOAN
      • type some more checking accounts with funny names
      • new "EKO" TYPE_CHECKING account
      • update "DAV PEA" type to "TYPE_PEA"
      • get rid of html comments in transaction.raw
      • fill Investment.vdate and portfolio_share for life insurances
      • handle new saving account type
      • set account type loan
      • fix crash when cgu are needed on bpgi page
      • fix crash on immo loans
      • Handle loan accounts without available data or different xpath

      Modules: creditcooperatif

      • optional nuser
      • site completely changed and now uses caissedepargne
      • rearrange transaction type regexp to match something
      • add transaction type for deferred card for pro connection
      • implement CapBankTransferAddRecipient
      • implement CapProfile
      • getting the correct label, without the link in it
      • clean transaction label + fetching deffered card transactions as coming
      • add LDDS as TYPE_SAVINGS
      • pro site: type "CPTE A VUE"

      Modules: creditdunord

      • fix compatibility with other websites
      • fix variation between AV balance and global sum of investment
      • Type compte exploitation immo as checking
      • Corrected ISIN research in Label
      • Implement Browser2 Market iter_investments
      • modified type market to fit "TITRES", "TIT." and "TIT"
      • Re-indented whole CDNBasePage class
      • handle GDPR ActionNeeded
      • handle ActionNeeded after login
      • Invesments table xpath changed
      • rearrange some code
      • Refactor creditdunord and its children
      • now scraping deposit investments with TableElement
      • handles password expired case
      • add classes attributes to enable heritage
      • fix: move get_strid function after BrowserIncorrectPassword
      • Fix home redirection
      • raises BrowserPasswordExpired
      • Fix UnicodeDecodeError
      • handles password expired cases
      • force going to accounts page to respect proper navigation pattern
      • scraped 'COMPTE A TERME'
      • error page When it appears, you cannot do anything because refreshing does not work.
      • parent for card account for pro
      • duplicate card account
      • parent for card account
      • Skip iter investments if market option is not activated
      • Adapt liquidity fetching to comply with BI's policy.
      • cannot iterate if no investment
      • handling action needed when amendment to convention
      • add liquidity investment on market et PEA accounts
      • sometimes transaction amount is in label
      • fetching currency
      • Extracting original_amount and original_currency from original_wording
      • add new account types

      Modules: creditdunordpee

      • raise NoAccountsException
      • fix pyflakes
      • fix parsing of balance and investments

      Modules: creditmutuel

      • Handle nested investments
      • Fix card navigation
      • Fix empty transfer error
      • handle new page in add new recipient
      • Improve card speed
      • improve card history return
      • Add missing attributes to card
      • Repair two cards page navigation
      • Raise BrowserUnavailable
      • Add next card page
      • Repair pro card return
      • handle website invalid label error message
      • Handle differed transfer
      • Change Account Type checking
      • Skip immediate debit cards
      • Fix card history navigation
      • Skip some cards
      • Repair Revolving loans
      • Skip some cards
      • Add cards on the new space
      • repair original amount v3
      • repair original amount v2
      • New transfer error
      • Repair original amount
      • Fix one month coming
      • Fix Card history
      • Improve style and readability
      • Good date for subtransactions from the old space
      • Add merged transactions
      • Skip unavailable cards
      • Add other cards pages
      • fix check transfer data consistency
      • Implemented create_french_liquidity for liquidities PEA
      • handle new recipient error
      • Add new subbank url
      • handle differents forms to do transfer
      • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
      • update recipient form for pro account
      • handle add recipient error
      • avoid 'navigation interdite' error
      • raise AuthMethodNotImplemented when mobile app validation is needed
      • fix xpath syntax
      • adapts url for children
      • handle new transfer error
      • Fixed access to subscriptions & docs with subbank in URL
      • change caps order to repair children modules (like cic)
      • bank statement
      • skip transfer label character that crash website
      • to xml entity
      • Change Loan to Revolving type
      • Improve iter_accounts efficiency
      • Remove trash from Transactions labels
      • handles new page indicating that website is unavailable
      • handle new transfer error messages
      • Added obj_number to iter_accounts
      • Corrected selection for invests with only 7 columns
      • check keywords in website transfer state
      • Fix url for decouverte account
      • Fix StatesMixin duration and booleans
      • correct type to PEA accounts + show XX_liquidity
      • Revert "[creditmutuel] Scrap accounts without detail link"
      • Scrap accounts without detail link
      • change default value for 'need_clear_storage' variable
      • [creditmutuel-cic]Raise site under maintenance
      • When add recipient fails, don't reload state
      • add relvolving loans and update obj__link_id
      • parent of card account
      • handle wrongpass after redirect on sub site
      • add key case hash and add crash when hashes are not found
      • Change personnal key card message page is also on EmptyPage
      • set correct type to PEA accounts
      • Python3 compatibility
      • don't re-decode the page text
      • add 'is_new_website' in state to handle pro cards in storage
      • change xpath to retrieve card accounts
      • PTZ loan type
      • fix currency (PEN -> EUR)
      • handle uncodable character in password
      • support pending transfers submitted to the bank advisor
      • Fix link not available on life insurrance accounts
      • fix adding a new recipient
      • except server error and raise BrowserUnavailable
      • fix on pea currency fetching
      • fix regression because of Browser API change (introduced by commit "Display transactions on new type of saving accounts")
      • Display transactions on new type of saving accounts
      • Vdate with dayfirst
      • Getting only active cards
      • Next page on card_history account
      • Make sure unitvalue is always a price
      • recognise allure libre as loan and handle new url
      • LOAN type from account group's label
      • improves account type recognition
      • Handling coming on card accounts
      • Fix history card accounts
      • Getting executive cards
      • Remove old condition for fleet cards accounts
      • fixing vdate not available
      • MCNE account type
      • fill Investment.vdate for MARKET accounts
      • Now handle scraping with TableElement for all Investment
      • Catip account type
      • remove unclear condition to get back the history
      • Show more transactions in history.
      • Assigned scrapped values to good variables
      • No more submit buttons on site page
      • raise error when login needs an otp
      • Filter out the sum line in accounts list
      • filter "etalis" accounts out
      • fix link on one account page
      • Now handles when there is no future payment
      • Handles when there is no transaction on page
      • dont crash if there is no comming transaction on cb
      • don't go for mobile accounts
      • pro transfer, check another confirm msg
      • login url has changed
      • handle another account type to prevent loan matching
      • Modules: cuisineaz

        • fix module website got updated
        • Fix preparation time, cooking time and number of persons retrieval
        • fix module => bump toi https

        Modules: delubac

        • fix python 3 compatibility
        • add CapProfile
        • Add more hashes to VirtualKeyboard and fix the '6'
        • adding some hashes
        • add default value for account link
        • add symbole '0' hash for virtualkeyboard

        Modules: ebonics

        • Port to Browser2 and Python3

        Modules: edf

        • Add new LoggedPage for BillDownload
        • small improvement
        • handle error page on login
        • get profile: add civility in name
        • fix pro ActionNeeded and formatting
        • py3 compat (already compatible)
        • fix login
        • handle profile
        • unicode error
        • recaptcha is in a fact a nocaptcha
        • fix login and subscriptions page in edf pro
        • Add HomePage and handle it with URL in pro browser
        • Fix login edf pro.
        • Corrected condition to match default for field
        • Now using captchas solution and corrected login comportment

        Modules: ehentai

        • remove broken browser1 module

        Modules: ekwateur

        • Fetch subscriber in subscriptions
        • New module

        Modules: ensap

        • update module to get new URL
        • fix authentification
        • remove test.py without tests

        Modules: entreparticuliers

        • fix module and enum regression
        • fix module
        • do not test DEP/GES as they are rarely filled
        • adapt module to new tests
        • Some fixes for entreparticuliers
        • ifx module website got updated
        • website now uses https

        Modules: explorimmo

        • fix module: website got updated
        • fix fill_house function
        • fix error while retrieving cost
        • Use the common HousingTest class for tests and fix a bug in location parsing
        • bump to https
        • Last fixes to support the new website
        • fix many little things
        • Fix for #90, explorimmo module was returning invalid URLs
        • Fix an error with some URL parsing in explorimmo module, leading to last character of the URL being truncated

        Modules: figgo

        • new CapCalendarEvent module for HR website

        Modules: foncia

        • fix my holy crap ... the module should now be able to retrieve photos content
        • fix fill_house function
        • Use the common HousingTest class for tests
        • Fix a few errors on missing DPE
        • Fix a bug in foncia module when no DPE is available
        • some fixes to parse price + several enhancements
        • some fixes to parse price + several enhancements

        Modules: fortuneo

        • Fix bad OTP value
        • submit transfer label if characters can be encoded by page encoding codec
        • handle transfer label error
        • Add recipient: Handle validation when the first sms is expired
        • Retrieved new actionneeded
        • fix iban regexp for add recipient
        • better regexp in add recipient
        • raise ActionNeeded if OTP message in the iframe
        • Implemented create_french_liquidity for TYPE_MARKET
        • Get profile when csv is unavailable
        • some external recipients don't have iban, skip them
        • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
        • add profile capability
        • fix internal transfer
        • Add condition to prevent get_currency() AttributeError crash
        • handle account without external recipient
        • new feature: add recipients
        • new feature: iter recipients and transfer
        • fix wrong dates of investements
        • only call has_action_needed method when on AccountList page
        • Action needed: iframe is now visited every time
        • fix page name due to mistake in previous patch
        • raise a new actionneeded case
        • add code type to investments
        • skip Action Needed if it is possible
        • raise ActionNeeded when it is embedded in an iframe
        • sleep while page is loading
        • fix shitty dom in transactions list
        • sometimes coming page is loading
        • correctly type cb as deferred_cb
        • fix coming sign
        • don't make unnecessary requests as it crashes the module
        • transactions were unsorted
        • avoid trying to get non-existent loan coming + fetchin next_payment_date
        • get coming on account with cards
        • Getting diff_percent on investments
        • Added vdate attribute for Investment
        • scraping investments when values are not yet shown
        • PEP 8 coding style
        • fix get_balance from investments accounts
        • fix pyflakes

        Modules: francetelevisions

          • fix module
        • fix modules: website got updated

        Modules: freemobile

        • handle profile
        • Better formatting of history and details
        • Use absolute URLs and fetch currency
        • Fix broken import

        Modules: freeteknomusic

        • file name may be truncated in label, use url
        • freeteknomusic

        Modules: ganassurances

        • call super constructor first to avoid fields overwritten

        Modules: geolocip

        • geolocip. remove broken browser1 module

        Modules: github

        • parse changes history
        • misc enhancements
        • support tags and object passing
        • fetch issue comments with pagination
        • easy port to python3

        Modules: gmf

        • py3 compat (already compatible)
        • raise ActionNeeded because of CGUs at login step
        • handle document signature page
        • implement iter_history and iter_investments
        • scrapping the right currency
        • new bank module

        Modules: googletranslate

        • fix and port to python3

        Modules: groupama

        • Fix iter_history for some AV
        • No invest on some AV
        • New AV page handled
        • no iban for some accounts
        • adds iban scraping
        • empty invests fix
        • Login error repair
        • add default value in life insurance balance
        • import TableCell from filters.html instead of filters.standard
        • life insurance balance has dot as decimal point
        • skip duplicate accounts and type PEA accounts
        • skip history for some accounts which don't work
        • balance uses comma decimal
        • don't stop at first space character when parsing id
        • Add portfolioshare and code isin to invest
        • Some 'a' tags in dropdown menu don't have href attribute
        • Get account link from menu and get investment
        • Some accounts don't have link to details
        • added virtual keyboard suport
        • fix accounts type and positive balances on loans
        • fix webid groupama
        • fix accounts links
        • iban on groupama
        • add life insurance accounts

        Modules: groupamaes

        • PEP8 fixes
        • fixes wrong retrieval of investment values
        • adding perco type + pep8
        • have different invests for different accounts
        • Add iter_pocket

        Modules: hsbc

        • remove unused import
        • Define secret field as ValueBackendPassword
        • Typed missing Savings and Life Insurance accounts
        • Add History for Scpi market account
        • Corrected default value for home_url when wrongpass
        • Fetch Comptes de Tiers
        • Revised account typing using Regexps
        • Added default account name when label is empty
        • Rename investment labels and codes in iter_liquidity()
        • Add profile capability
        • Fixed a bug when there isn't any liquidities
        • retrieve transactions for fusion space account
        • handle 'fusion' space
        • do a better regexp to get date in transaction label
        • add capitalisation account type
        • account typed
        • use parent account currency for card accounts
        • card history: stop duplicating trasnactions
        • add new label account to type
        • Get transaction summaries from checking account instead of sum()
        • parent for card account
        • account type
        • detect one more check transaction label
        • type deferred card transactions and sort history
        • modify account label id in case of scpi account in order to prevent same ids errors.
        • get all investments and under investments
        • handle another wrongpass cas
        • When invest balance is 0, there is not link to go on market page
        • handle new base url and fix url for useless form to get accounts page
        • Add 'livejeu' as 'TYPE_SAVINGS'
        • handle investment for market type account
        • Filter invests with PEA account id to get right invests and liquidity
        • Return nothing when there are no invests for PEA account
        • add new pattern to match account type
        • multiples fix in invest
        • handle no invests in PEA account type
        • fix investments
        • add accounts type
        • Add BrowserUnavailable case during login
        • make sure we're on rib page before calling get_rib()
        • fix "ParseError" and "unable to find columns" in lifeinsurance
        • add 'ptf' as 'TYPE_MARKET'
        • return empty history for life insurances with 404s
        • specialize pea accounts for investments
        • iter investments on pea
        • detect closed account
        • detect more BrowserIncorrectPassword
        • inv.valution now fetched
        • move other_page last since it will match everything
        • Fix url var name used twice

        Modules: ideel

        • flake8 fixes, Python 3

        Modules: imdb

        • fix, port to browser2 and python3

        Modules: imgur

        • port to python3

        Modules: indeed

        • fix module pagination
        • fix module : website got updated

        Modules: infomaniak

        • Update login's label to fit with the website's one
        • login changed
        • infomaniak

        Modules: ing

        • We scrapped the "previsionnal balance" instead of coming
        • Fixing xpath to get detailed loans
        • Implemented create_french_liquidities for iter_investments()
        • raises BrowserUnavailable
        • balance xpath seems to be changing for some connections
        • Coming balance added
        • Fix transaction label not cleaned up (regression from bc73ccfe)
        • PEP8 fixes
        • Added condition to get_isin() method
        • added condition to verify the page before calling get_isin_code()
        • Fixed excessive requests to get transaction investment ISIN codes
        • Fix bank fee type detection
        • Fix withdrawal type not detected
        • avoiding external accounts
        • LoginPage trying to use load_spage_page method
        • update account label for transfer check
        • use transfer default check for transfer amount
        • update transfer account balance xpath
        • get estimated value on transfer page
        • multispace
        • fix transfer amount decimal
        • Check origin account balance with estimated balance if exist
        • not using back_to_first user if only one user
        • switch users to have all accounts
        • skip coming transactions when no date (future debit date) is provided on the website.
        • scrap <Prêt personnel> account
        • fix internal transfer
        • fix parse date for transfer
        • replace_dots on life insurance invest unitvalue
        • check deposit type not detected
        • Fix ING tests regarding deferred transactions
        • Fix ING card type always set to deferred (fix #71)
        • diff_percent now divided by 100 and fix for unitvalue and quantity missformat
        • do not crash on euro funds in life insurances
        • ignore information lines in life insurance details
        • Getting investment on not consultables account performances
        • Now scraping the portfolio_share on life insurance accounts
        • Portfolio_share field is now diff_percent
        • catch too low amount during transfer
        • do not skip when there is more than one alert message
        • sometimes the card number is not available
        • Modified Regexp to parse card number
        • fix unicode strings
        • list cards and set category to deferred
        • improve test case

        Modules: ipinfodb

        • fix longitude parsing that only took one digit
        • fix and port to python3

        Modules: jcvelaux

        • remove Paris city and custom lat/long fields

        Modules: jirafeau

        • default to https

        Modules: journaldesfemmes

        • Fix a bug in instructions fetching
        • Add a CapRecipe module to handle journaldesfemmes

        Modules: lameteoagricole

        • support new weather fields
        • 10 days forecast page has changed
        • wind speed label sometimes changes

        Modules: lampiris

        • several fixes
        • don't crash when a bill does not have a type
        • skip "intermediate numbers ends here" lines
        • try to log only once
        • move to new website

        Modules: lcl

        • Fix unavailable RIB for users
        • origin account iban can be unavailable
        • Transfer: replace special characters during check transfer
        • Implemented iter_investments for Calie Life Insurances
        • remove character '+' from transfer label
        • handle accounts typing with more flexibility
        • Avoid crash when trying get_operations() on the LoginPage
        • Remove useless "break" after "return"
        • portfolio_share corrected from XX% to 0,XX
        • Fix account id request using new API
        • Replaced Regexp to handle Life Insurance with letters in the ID
        • Implement iter_history and iter_investment for Life Insurance API
        • add commision transactions
        • Added non handled pages for Calie space
        • add doc type
        • Add form attribute for particular space
        • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
        • Match account type
        • bankize label for transfer
        • hardcode DEPOSIT account currency
        • proper navigation + fix logger
        • Add regexp to match withdrawal types
        • fix parsing of number when coming from bforbank
        • fix pea number and label
        • change xpath for transfer label
        • handles case when website in unavailable
        • set code type to isin when appropriate
        • deposit accounts can't do transfer
        • scraped 'Compte à terme'
        • add deferred transfer and elcl account can now do transfer and add recipient
        • change assertionError with if statement for add recipient
        • set domain on cookies
        • add investment for bourse accounts divided btw stocks/liquity
        • handling is_restricted for Form2Page
        • take into account an additional page when going to Espace Bourse
        • raise ProfileUnavailable when profile is not accessible
        • email profile may be missing
        • don't crash in deinit if page isn't handled
        • handle case where life insurance history is not available
        • raise NotImplementedError when profile is not found
        • no children for companies + keep name title
        • get profile for par browser
        • fix account number for loan
        • add accounts number
        • fix handling calie page
        • handling new life insurance page
        • fix documents date parsing
        • get only market valuation for market account not liquidity
        • type "Compte transaction/gestion immo" accounts as CHECKING
        • Some ac_details_page doesn't require a producteur param
        • fill Investment.vdate for life insurances
        • remove complicated currency retrieval on life insurances
        • fix crash on unavaialble liquidity balance
        • avoid duplicate transactions when lcl do crappy things
        • avoid to build the form on assurance vie iter_history when data are not available.
        • Fix AV label and balance xpaths
        • support http redirection on netfinca + support iframe

        Modules: ldlc

        • fix login for pro website
        • Fix login
        • fix login and label/subscriber fetching

        Modules: leboncoin

        • fix bug when there is no cost on advert
        • fix module : website got updated
        • fix enum regression
        • fix fill_house function
        • Use the common HousingTest class for tests and fix a few bugs
        • Fix #109
        • Fix leboncoin, thanks to @Bezleputh
        • Some fixes + rebased on master
        • fix url, we do not need ile-de-france a default region any more
        • do not crash if rooms field is not available
        • fix url parsing

        Modules: limetorrents

        • fix base URL
        • new website address
        • fix torrent url : remove parameters
        • remove unused import
        • add new captorrent module

        Modules: linebourse

        • fix account switching by properly escaping param
        • website dont accep encoded parameter anymore
        • Changed condition to retrieve liquidities to prevent crash
        • [banquepopulaire-linebourse] Fix invest connection
        • remove liquidity invest
        • adding actioneeded on first bourse connection

        Modules: logicimmo

        • bump to https
        • fix module - add XMLHttpRequest header in brower
        • fix fill_house function
        • Fix viager type detection
        • Use the common HousingTest class for tests
        • Fix issues on dedicated hosting

        Modules: marmiton

        • fix module: website got updated
        • fix module website got updated
        • fix module: webiste got updated

        Modules: materielnet

        • Handle pro connection
        • check if login is a valid email
        • refactor module
        • Corrected login & bills

        Modules: meslieuxparis

        • new CapDirectory module

        Modules: meteofrance

        • Fix a bug as website sometimes does not return high value
        • Fix out of bound month in December

        Modules: monster

        • fix module : website got updated

        Modules: myedenred

        • Remove ids after getting doublons
        • Better ID for transactions
        • Added balance & corrected currency
        • fix currency on accounts
        • fix amount field
        • adding missing account type for several banks
        • Added test to see if connected or not
        • From boobill to boobank. Only accounst and transactions
        • Added new module

        Modules: myfoncia

        • Use find_object.
        • Make iter_documents work with either a Subscription object or a subscription id.

        Modules: myhabit

        • flake8 fixes, Python 3

        Modules: n26

        • Ignore transactions when amount == 0
        • corrects total amount due to new fonctionnality "spaces" on n26
        • wrongpass because of bad exception
        • switch date and rdate
        • N26 returns XML content-type for transaction, add a header to accept only JSON
        • support empty transaction label

        Modules: nalo

        • new CapBankWealth module

        Modules: nolifetv

        • RIP

        Modules: nova

        • fix, add new radios and port to python3

        Modules: oney

        • Add missing hash in VK
        • Added new virtualKeyboard hash
        • check if there are transactions
        • [banqueaccord] py3 port
        • fix xpath to retrieve balance, coming and currency
        • don't use new account type
        • detect revolving accounts as such
        • fetching currency

        Modules: opensubtitles

        • Add a missing url regexp in the browser
        • Move module to browser2 + add support for series subtitles.

        Modules: orange

        • get subscriptions also from orange
        • fix compatibility with python2
        • remove CapMessage and port to python 3
        • changed default browser
        • get subscriber name from profile for every subscriptions.
        • remove headers when login
        • fix iter_subscription
        • get profile
        • remove useless params to login
        • fix login and simplify
        • no-pro subscriptions download documents from the website
        • rename duedate field into date
        • ignore dublicate documents when it's the website's fault
        • Change document list on pro contracts
        • Change document list on pro contracts

        Modules: ouifm

        • add new webradio

        Modules: ovh

        • fix login
        • fix login
        • go to profile with Referer header in locate_browser
        • Corrected double auth
        • Better handling of double auth
        • Handles double auth
        • handling auth method not implemented

        Modules: pagesjaunes

        • new module for CapDirectory

        Modules: pap

        • Ignore miniature video images
        • fix fill_house function
        • Use the common HousingTest class for tests
        • Fix a bug in area in pap module
        • fix parsing date in housing search list
        • Cities lookup has moved to a new URL
        • Fix pap, thanks to @Bezleputh
        • Fix pap listing
        • website now uses https

        Modules: paroles2chansons

        • base url changed + discard site disclaimer

        Modules: paypal

        • new anti-scraping features from paypal
        • Fix token retrieval + form submission
        • Fix history fetch
        • Speed up decoding process;
        • Fix anti-scraping protection against global browser objects;

        Modules: peertube

        • fetch thumbnail
        • declare py3 compatibility and fix pyflakes
        • new CapVideo module

        Modules: phpbb

        • flake8 fixes, Python 3
        • remove browser1 leftovers

        Modules: piratebay

        • flake8 / Python 3 compatibility
        • URL fixes

        Modules: podnapisi

        • Fix module due to new website and migrate to browser2

        Modules: pornhub

        • search is not always on page 1

        Modules: quvi

        • remove module based on unmaintained C lib (last release in 2013)

        Modules: radiofrance

        • fix France culture podcasts
        • start porting to python3

        Modules: reddit

        • new CapMessages/CapImage module

        Modules: redmine

        • fix compatibility with python3
        • basic port to browser2 and python3

        Modules: regionsjob

        • fix module: website got updated

        Modules: relaiscolis

        • New relaiscolis module

        Modules: rmll

        • pyflakes Python 3 fixes
        • Missing version bump

        Modules: s2e

        • NotAvailaible if no investment code
        • fix otp
        • fix valuation column when get_investments
        • fix valuation column when get_investments
        • Fix: empty invest for bnppere
        • Fix: iter_pocket invest pages error
        • changes a Regexp to handle a new case in XML file
        • repaired investments url
        • Skip redirection to a useless page to get all investments
        • set pocket label to investment label
        • fixes wrong encoding in investment and pocket xpaths
        • fixes xpath for investment/pocket quantity
        • raises the correct exception
        • Explain where to get code for SCA.
        • fetch code ISIN for swisslife investments
        • adding rsp type and coding style
        • update maintenance url for other sites like esalia
        • get full investment label
        • don't pass the "secret answer" anymore
        • detect otp errors
        • some wtf form field in otp form can be missing or maybe changed
        • bnppere, handle another otp validate button
        • handle erehsbc otp
        • remove code in module since s2e is only parent for abstract
        • remove code in module since s2e is only parent for abstract
        • add transient page for navigation

        Modules: seloger

        • fix advert_type search
        • fix currency detection
        • Fix city lookup
        • fix fill_house function
        • Use the common HousingTest class for tests
        • Avoid a bug when price is not available

        Modules: societegenerale

        • Fix exec_date
        • handle new inscription page url
        • some recipient can be internal and external
        • Fix transaction date
        • fix add new recipient
        • raise ActionNeeded when recipient is not added
        • fix iter recipient, transfer for 'par' website
        • Handle pagination for iter_investments()
        • Secure Access authentication is not implemented yet
        • handle password expired
        • some accounts are not able to do transfer
        • handle incorrect password for 'societe generale entreprise'
        • retrieve intraday accounts if there are no standard accounts
        • ActionNeeded added for first time
        • handle another ActionNeeded
        • handle new landing and fallback on old website
        • retrieve transaction with full label in raw
        • check for account number for credit card
        • Password len modified
        • handle error page
        • account and recipient iban can be unavailable
        • Implemented liquidities and corrected balance for PEA accounts
        • Coming amounts retrieved
        • not need to search for login form for authentication
        • Add new exception
        • RETRAIT DAB rdate should be closer in label
        • return transactions as they come, not in a list
        • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
        • Change AddRecipientError to AddRecipientBankError
        • handle transfer error message
        • refactorize json error and check transfer date validity
        • use 'assert' instead of TransferError
        • pea can be not able to do transfer
        • clean decimal for transfer summary
        • check if it's already logged on login page
        • new feature: add recipient
        • catch error message at login
        • account with null balance can not be able to do transfer
        • add encoding on accounts page
        • handle case of account without external recipients
        • new feature: transfer
        • new feature: iter recipients
        • handle BrowserIcorrectPassword case
        • iter_documents limits
        • get subscriptions even if no label
        • unavailable website when calling for profile
        • raise BrowserUnavailable when handle service unavailable page
        • pdf bank statement
        • repaired profile of entreprise
        • Raise ProfileMissing when profile service is unavailable
        • check that transfer error page is not handled by iban page
        • add browserunavailable for some iban
        • Removed XX-liquidity from invests list
        • get all internal recipient
        • parent for card account
        • Scrapping liquidities for all investment accounts
        • revert new types
        • changed url to scrap invests for all life insurances
        • part -> fix date of coming deferred_card transactions
        • do load_state only when adding recipient
        • change transfer execution date offset to 4 days
        • prevent logging out when fetching the advisor
        • skip GDPR form and fix add recipients
        • Change BrowserIncorrectPassword to ActionNeeded based on error message in do_login.
        • raise BrowserUnavailable when json response return 'NOK'
        • return msg when raise BrowserUnavailable in AccountHistory page
        • skip transaction without date
        • raise BrowserUnavailable on load profile page if error
        • make transfer python3 compatible
        • Raise ActionNeeded when accounts are frozen
        • get profile for par browser
        • change transfer execution date offset
        • adds rdate field to transactions
        • fix recipients after transfers
        • fix transfers as there are new params to be passed
        • add type for compte Alterna
        • Better error message when otp needed
        • now also fetching diff on invests when negative
        • get rid of nopurge on deferred_cb
        • handle another ActionNeeded
        • detail reason to the wrongpass
        • handle cct actionNeeded
        • Grep another cb summary

        Modules: spirica

        • Fixed bug during dateutil
        • fix date issue
        • Added symbols='-' for the transaction dates
        • Corrected history pagination and transaction invests
        • add currency field on the account, changes xpath on the table to make it adaptable to different currencies
        • add _invest_type for item investment
        • fix history, sometimes the label column title is plural
        • fix when life insurance are splited in different gestions
        • fix investment info fetch when label contains a quote

        Modules: sprunge

        • New CapPaste module

        Modules: sueurdemetal

        • PEP8 fixes

        Modules: suravenir

        • PEP8 fixes
        • support mes-placements.fr and epargnissimo
        • fix module for Linxea
        • add CapBank suravenir module

        Modules: tumblr

        • fix title search on gallery
        • consent to this GDPR bullshit
        • fetch gallery avatar
        • add id and date to images
        • use API + implement search_galleries + support other urls

        Modules: tvsubtitles

        • port to browser2 and python3

        Modules: vicsec

        • flake8 fixes, Python 3

        Modules: vicseccard

        • flake8 fixes, Python 3

        Modules: vimeo

        • Downloaded videos seem to be in mp4 containers
        • fix and port to python3

        Modules: vlille

        • fix module: url has changed
        • fix module: website got updated

        Modules: voyagessncf

        • remove broken browser1 module

        Modules: weather

        • correct capitalization in dict
        • modified api key

        Modules: wellsfargo

        • flake8 fixes, Python 3

        Modules: xhamster

        • site parsing changed
        • new CapVideo module

        Modules: yggtorrent

        • fix base URL
        • fix new style torrent size parsing
        • fix after URL change
        • fix get_torrent_file() with @need_login decorator
        • update module to website v3.0
        • add pagination
        • new module yggtorrent

        Modules: yomoni

        • Valuation diff corrected for invesments
        • detect "STEP_2" as ActionNeeded
        • add Investment code_type
        • add currency value in account

        Modules: youjizz

        • fix parsing video links

        Modules: youporn

        • fix thumbnails, duration and video url

        Modules: youtube

        • easy port to python3

        Modules: zerobin

        • handle a zerobin fork called "privatebin"
        • misc fixes


        • move release.* scripts to tools/
        • add qboobtracker and qgalleroob
        • Remove things related to deprecated Browser
        • add parameters --no-modules and --no-core
        • Revert "No deps by default on local install"
        • imm-o-matic: Don't crash without simplejson
        • fix CapHousing
        • windows-install: Drop support for very old Python
        • PEP8/flake8 for Python 3
        • PEP8 fixes
        • rboorrent-download: PEP8 fixes
        • update CapBank
        • weboob.capabilities.housing is a manual port
        • support choosing backport version with env var
        • Exclude a common false positive
        • Fix context for "missing ." test
        • Fix warnings option, allow changing modules path
        • Python 3 compatibility
        • Allow Python interpreter options
        • provide sys.executable as first argument
        • do not require to be in "tools" dir to run linter
        • backport transfer_check_label
        • fix building of python3-incompatible modules
        • add recipe
        • remove old compat files
        • fix bashism
        • adapt bash shebang
        • under OpenBSD, mktemp(1) requires at least 6 'X'
        • Less verbose logging for tests, do not pollute output
        • Stricter matching and simpler config
        • Show modules that are Python 2 only
        • More readable output
        • add *CaptchaQuestion exceptions
        • ignore stable_backport_data
        • support manual backport files for complicated cases
        • write compat/weboob_capabilities_bank.py instead of bank.py
        • webextension-session-importer: Copy logo instead of symlink
        • freemobile-munin: do not use module deprecated 'encoding' anymore
        • add setup-virtualenv.sh
        • support relative parent import, and custom fixes on Attr and Link
        • remove CapBank.iter_resources from backport
        • remove useless unicode prefixes
        • don't put methods from parents caps in CapRecipe
        • add login support in CapRecipe
        • port to python3
        • don't exit at the first error encountered
        • windows-install: Bump to 1.4
        • new stable version / bump weboob script


        • boomoney: make it as executable
        • remove weboob.deprecated
        • remove browser1 modules
        • ci: add dependencies
        • remove weboob.tools.capabilities.gallery and related modules
        • add qbooblyrics.desktop
        • weboob script: Don't capture input if not interactive
        • weboob command: better way to see if an application is a GUI
        • weboob command: Avoid duplicate entries and put GUIs at the end
        • weboob.capabilties.recipe: use a single "picture" field instead of urls
        • change AddRecipientError and TransferBankError parameters for several modules
        • Ensure images URLs are always absolute URLs
        • Start to implement FURNISHED_RENT type for housings
        • Use Currency filter in housing modules
        • Properly handle phone in Housing through fillobj calls
        • Store query params in Housing result
        • Add the possibility to filter on post type (agency or personal) in housing queries.
        • Homogeneize DPE / GES in Housing fields
        • add CapBankWealth and CapBankPockets in bank.py
        • normalizing currencies
        • modules: import TableCell from filters.html instead of filters.standard
        • add "debug" command prompting a python shell
        • check appropriate nss db file to initialize cert db
        • Remove Mechanize dependency and related workarounds
        • Add options in option groups to the bash completion
        • Add subcommands to the bash completion
        • Make the bash completion into a static file
        • fix more shell scripts shebangs
  • 1.3   Weboob 1.3
    40f5560c · Weboob 1.3 released ·
    Release 1.3

    Just before several talks at pycon-fr conference, we are happy to release Weboob version 1.3. A big work has been made to provide a better python 3 support, and we should be able to drop python 2.7 support in few releases (a cleanup has been made for python 2.6, as announced previously).

    As usual, CapBank is the most active component of Weboob, with a large rework and improvement of transfer functions. As seen in Changelog, banking modules hava also a high frequency development. From a user point of view, it's important to notice that we disabled auto-update of updates (for a better privacy, see related issue on gitlab for details). All Qt5 applications have also some improvements, and a new QGalleroob application is available.

    For developers, several debug tools are very interesting. See for example the dump of current session and highlighting of elements matched by a filter. A workaround for webiste not compatible with OpenSSL (a regular issue) is also available, with the new --nss option on all applications.

    Gitlab migration is still not fully done, but we are working on it. New issues are now only accepted on Gitlab, and we will move other tools before next release on it.



    • Baptiste Delpey
    • Barthélemy Gouby
    • Benjamin Bouvier
    • Benjamin CARTON
    • Benjamin Tampigny
    • Christophe Lampin
    • David Kremer
    • Edouard Lambert
    • Florent Fourcot
    • Florian
    • Florian Duguet
    • François Revol
    • Frédéric Lépy
    • Guillaume Lundy
    • Guillaume Seznec
    • James GALT
    • Jean Walrave
    • Jonathan Schmidt
    • Juliette Fourcot
    • Laurent Bachelier
    • Louis Debeve
    • Matthieu Weber
    • Nicolas Cornu
    • P4ncake
    • Phyks (Lucas Verney)
    • Raymonde Philibert
    • Roger Philibert
    • Romain Bignon
    • Sébastien JEAN
    • Simon Lipp
    • Théo Dorée
    • Vincent Ardisson
    • Vincent Paredes
    • ZeHiro



    • Big step for python 3 full support (many patches to improve python3 support (core is compatible, a number of modules are compatible))
    • New QGalleroob application for CapImage and CapGallery
    • New CapProfile capability (used in boobank for example)
    • Don't check updates of modules automatically (new --auto-update option)
    • Some code cleanups since python 2.6 is not supported
    • New bibliothequesparis module (CapBook)
    • New billetreduc module (CapCalendarEvent)
    • New blogspot module (CapMessages)
    • New bnppere module (CapBank)
    • New btpbanque module (CapBank)
    • New capeasi module (CapBank)
    • New cices module (CapBank)
    • New cityscoot module (CapDocument)
    • New cmes module (CapBank)
    • New cmmc module (CapBank, CapContact)
    • New ensap module (CapDocument)
    • New erehsbc module (CapBank)
    • New esalia module (CapBank)
    • New foncia module (CapHousing)
    • New lameteoagricole module (CapWeather)
    • New lampiris module (CapDocument)
    • New larousse module (CapTranslate)
    • New linebourse module (CapBank)
    • New myfoncia module (CapDocument)
    • New pixabay module (CapFile, CapImage)
    • New pradoepargne module (CapBank)
    • New ratp module (CapGauge)
    • New tumblr module (CapGallery)
    • New zerobin module (CapPaste)
    • Deleted champslibres module
    • Deleted citelis module
    • Deleted ovs module

    General: core

    • Use https for module updates by default
    • Real cleanup of modules folder in installation
    • Force utf-8 for backends config file encoding
    • API change: BrowserPasswordExpired exception now inherit from ActionNeeded (previously from BrowserIncorrectPassword )
    • Print progress on stderr instead of stdout


    • Improved module guide


    • Introduce weboob.browser.nss to replace OpenSSL by libnss
    • Add magic_highlight to open a browser showing an el
    • In debug, write html responses highlighting involved selectors when _highlight_el is set in backend config
    • Enable expiration duration on state
    • URL.open can take headers and methods, like URL.go
    • Support '*' special char in DictElement
    • Print session when debug is enabled
    • Rework of AbstractBrowser build
    • Support headers in stay_or_go method
    • Normalize URL before opening
    • Save content of response after headers, in case there is a crash during call of r.content

    Browser: Filters

    • Introduce filters.base, move or alias filters
    • Add AbsoluteLink filter
    • Add FormValue filter
    • Add HasElement filter
    • Add QueryValue filter
    • CleanText(children=False) now reads all text nodes, not just the first one
    • Allow for setting options on CleanHTML filter
    • Fix Type filter when data has already the right data type
    • Add debug() decorator to several filters

    Browser: Pages

    • Fix PartialHTMLPage in case of empty content
    • Fix off-by-one error skipping last row on XLSPage

    Old Browser

    • Remove support for older mechanize versions

    Tools: backend

    • Set fields to NotAvailable instead of NotLoaded when a module does not fill it after fill request.
    • New Module.get_proxy() method


    • Remove weboob.tools.ordereddict since we now use python>=2.7
    • Remove weboob.tools.compat.check_output since we now use python>=2.7
    • Remove obsolete and unused weboob.tools.property
    • New ValueDate class
    • If a Value is required, it must be set to be valid (in configuration)
    • Value's regexp must now match until end of string

    Tools: pdf

    • get_pdf_rows now handles unsorted table lines
    • Support LTCurve objects and output debug images
    • Open method new read as bytes (windows support)

    Tools: media_player

    • Use requests instead of urllib2


    • Replace some Field objects by more specialized types (IntField, BoolField, etc)
    • DeltaField now accepts int and long for seconds
    • Copy() of BaseObject now copies fields


    • New steps/API to manage transfer (see do_add_recipient, new_recipient and add_recipient)
    • New CapBankTransferAddRecipient to filter out module without relevant methods
    • Use OrderedDict for currencies
    • Add better error codes for TransferError exception
    • Add Pocket class
    • Add Loan class to have more detailed info on loans (not printed today with boobank, only avaiable with weboob API)
    • New code_type field for Investment
    • Add basic tests for banking modules
    • Add sorted_transactions helper
    • New ISIN code checker


    • New 'rooms' and 'bedrooms' and 'utilities' fields for Housing objects


    • Introduce video.ytdl which uses youtube-dl


    • Support --nss and 'use_nss' in config to replace OpenSSL by NSS
    • Allow user to use '~' when picking log file name
    • Honor quiet option for progress messages

    Applications: Qt

    • Add ResultModel for viewing objects hierarchies and FilterTypeMode
    • Some code cleanups/improvements
    • Quit faster by aborting running weboob backend calls
    • Limit results count in ResultsModel
    • Replace urllib.urlopen with requests.get
    • Do not keep references to main windows so that they can be garbage-collected

    Applications: boobank

    • Load config at startup
    • New error messages for TransferError childrens
    • Improve OFX formatter

    Applications: boobill

    • Reduce number of requests run by download command
    • Add optional PDF conversion on download

    Applications: boobcoming

    • Report CANCELLED status

    Applications: boobmsg

    • Add a few fillobj calls and export_thread support using numbers

    Applications: boobooks

    • Add a new "rented" command

    Applications: cookbook

    • Fix unicode comments display in python2

    Applications: qcookboob

    • Fix unicode issues
    • Use ID as export filename default

    Applications: radioob

    • Fix playlist decoding

    Applications: videoob

    • Display xterm-256 color thumbnail
    • Decode utf-8 lines

    Formatters: csv

    • Use to_unicode() to be sure it does not fail
    • Fix unicode output in python2

    Modules: 750g

    • fix recipe parsing because of website update

    Modules: adecco

    • fix parsing job location
    • fix mode site changed
    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

    Modules: afer

    • fix history parsing and transactions date
    • add certificate

    Modules: agendaculturel

    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

    Modules: agendadulibre

    • fix french region choice and use https

    Modules: allocine

    • fix get_movie_release and pep8
    • bump to browser2
    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

    Modules: allrecipes

    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

    Modules: amazon

    • don't crash anymore on broken links
    • Patch Amazon module
    • Bug fix in payment list (proper)
    • fix order not found crash
    • retry on TooManyRedirects error
    • fixed redirect loop error
    • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules

    Modules: amazonstorecard

    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

    Modules: ameli

    • detect more wrong password + improve login state management
    • fixing wrong regexp
    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
    • fix login validation URL
    • remove some useless ":443" in URLs since weboob normalizes them

    Modules: amelipro

    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
    • remove some useless ":443" in URLs since weboob normalizes them

    Modules: americanexpress

    • use url field instead of _link for Accounts
    • parse some other types of accounts
    • sort each transaction page to avoid sorting the whole list
    • set rdate to date
    • handle transactions as deferred
    • coding style
    • fix incorrect date (like 13th month)
    • fixing some accounts
    • fixing xpath on accounts2
    • skip some canceled cards
    • port to python3
    • fixing history and date on deferred
    • detect ActionNeeded
    • handle the new js site along with old site
    • add another fallback for fetching end_of_period

    Modules: amundi

    • detect NoAccountsException

    Modules: arte

    • do not crash if there is no video in creativ frame + improve test to handle this case
    • fix module / handle date not available in arte cinema json
    • do not handle arte-cinema program submenu
    • fix default 'quality' value
    • fix search and port to Python3
    • base url changed
    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

    Modules: attilasub

    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

    Modules: audioaddict

    • fix Frescaradio + set a default test config in case no one exists
    • bump to browser2 / import unicode_literals
    • remove frescaradio / add classicalradio / There are No public stream available anymore (www.radiotunes.com/founder-letter)
    • fix type in tests

    Modules: aum

    • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

    Modules: axabanque

    • avoid "is" comparison for strings
    • the history url is not fixed
    • axabanque : adding new browser to handle wealth part
    • fix: handle perp on wealth part
    • fix:: handle bank and wealth part at same time
    • fix: troubles on some accounts / ActionNeeded
    • when accounts have no detailed investments, just return empty
    • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
    • investment uses dot decimals and date can be missing
    • do a get request to finish login
    • fixing account type with PEA
    • investments page changed
    • portfolio_share uses comma separator
    • Fix no account and get_form warning
    • fill the diff_percent instead of diff for life insurances
    • avoid relogin after visiting an erroneous wealth page
    • fix url for post
    • Fix recuperation value of invest
    • Fix open for personnal loan and label xpath
    • add isin_code to investments, add history for life insurance accounts
    • handle life insurance history this way only on main website
    • fixing navigation to get rights investments/history
    • deferred card transactions are now flagged as coming
    • improve pagination code
    • sometimes the pagination doesn't work at all
    • iter_coming is not implemented for wealth site
    • basic port to python3
    • pagination of transaction history is broken

    Modules: banqueaccord

    • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
    • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
    • html had 2 elements with same id
    • fix exception raised in case of wrong password length
    • fix raise BrowserIncorrectpassword
    • adding missing account type for several banks

    Modules: banquepopulaire

    • don't update with an empty token
    • handle new natixis life insurance website
    • fix iter_investement vdate on natixis json
    • set date for investment history and label
    • fix natixis json with missing date
    • some years do not exist as pdf, fallback on json
    • some invest history just have no label
    • don't raise when natixis site is broken
    • retry the backend method in case of unexpected logout
    • minor improvements on retry decorator
    • return investment history in reverse chronological order
    • add another url for natixis error pages
    • fetch quantity of history invest
    • skip transactions without date on natixis
    • handling empty page
    • adding advisor
    • fix 500 errors on natixis website
    • adding entry to match some loans
    • cleaner handling of website crash
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