The weboob core is compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3. Weboob commands can thus be run with Python 3. The limitation is that some modules are not compatible with Python 3 yet, so they must be ported.

A few tips for porting them to Python 2/Python 3 compatibility:

  • Browser 1 (weboob.deprecated.*) is not compatible with Python 3, use Browser 2 (weboob.browser.*)
  • It's strongly recommended to use from __future__ import unicode_literals, division, absolute_import
  • Don't import urllib, urlparse, use which contains the functions you want
  • For dicts, don't use iteritems, itervalues but items, values
  • Be careful with bytes/unicode confusion. You can import basestring or unicode aliases from

To test porting:

  • if your weboob installation isn't in Python 3 by default, run python3 $(which boobank) -b your_module, replace boobank by the weboob command you want to use and your_module by the module to port
  • run all sub-commands you would normally use with the module

  • declare the module name in tools/py3-compatible.modules (and git-add this modification to the porting commit)

  • run tools/ -3