Calling commands to fetch passwords (and avoid having plaintext passwords in your config file)

Many Weboob modules require your passwords to scrap your account. You can either give it the password and let it store it (then having a password in cleartext in Weboob config files under ~/.config/weboob) or leave the field blank and type the password each time the module is called.

A third option is available though, and you can call an external application to fetch the credentials for an account. This is possible by giving to Weboob the command to call, surrounded by quotes "`" to delimit the command (similar to Bash scripts syntax).

Typically, in your ~/.config/weboob/backends file, you can replace

password = 123456


password = `pass banques/ing`

to call the pass command under the hood.

You can also use weboob-config tool to update your backends configuration, or directly put the correct value at the configuration of a new module. A script is available under the contrib folder to replace all passwords in your current backends configuration file by calls to pass.