Table of contents :


Mandatory fields :

  • id
  • label
  • balance
  • currency
  • type (account type, the full list of types is in weboob/capabilities/

Optional fields :

  • iban (if available)
  • coming
  • number
  • parent (if applicable/available)


  • An account id must not change, it be unique and persistent/stable
  • It's an interal id, it needn't be user-friendly or meaningful
  • It can be a number (if possible)
  • It shouldn't contain spaces

  • The account number (number field) is optional

  • number is shown to user, so it must be meaningful for the user


  • The balance of an account must represent current state
  • The balance shouldn't include transactions that are to be debited in the future (for example, at the end of the month)
  • The coming balance (coming field) on the other hand should include transactions to be debited in the future (coming transactions)

  • Balance should be negative if it's due

    • for example, a loan's balance should be negative because it must be repaid


  • Each account must have a unique IBAN, and the IBAN should not be shared with other people accounts
    • Be careful, some banks give you the IBAN to which money should be transferred to recharge your card, but the IBAN is the one of the bank, not of your account. The field shouldn't be set in this case.
    • Also, some might tell you the IBAN where a loan is paid, not the IBAN of a loan, don't set it
  • It must be valid and complete (some banks will redact part of the IBAN with "XX")
    • use
    • else, don't set it


  • The currency field should contain the main currency of the account
  • Some transactions on the account can be in a different currency, but that doesn't affect the main currency of the account


  • Deferred debit cards should be returned as separate accounts (even if the site doesn't separate them)
  • The parent field is used to link an account with another
    • for example, a checking account can be the parent of deferred debit card accounts