Here are draft instructions for installing weboob on a Synology NAS:

  1. Install Git Server using Synology package manager.

  2. Install opkg manager (assuming ARM7 here; google for other CPUs):

    telnet <synology>
    sudo -i
    mkdir -p /volume1/@entware-ng/opt
    wget -O - | /bin/sh
    /bin/ln -sf /volume1/@entware-ng/opt /opt
    /opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung start
  3. Install miscellaneous packages:

    opkg update
    opkg upgrade
    opkg install --force-overwrite python-dev
    opkg install zlib pillow libxml2 libxslt python-lxml
  4. Install pip (in /opt/lib/python...):

    cd /volume1/tmp
  5. Install:

    /opt/bin/pip install urllib3
    /opt/bin/pip install requests
    /opt/bin/pip install prettytable
  6. Install weboob:

    /opt/bin/pip install
  7. Although lxml has been installed by opkg, pip may think it has not been installed and try to recompile lxml from source. If this is the case, perform the following steps on your computer (not on the Synology NAS). This will add the missing dist-info directory that opkg has not installed. You need access to the NAS from your computer. Once the missing directory has been created, you can install weboob via pip.

    pip install lxml
    mv <path-on-computer>/site-packages/lxml-4.1.1.dist-info <path-on-nas>/site-packages
    /opt/bin/pip install
  8. Run boobank:

    /opt/bin/weboob-config update