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Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for new contributors

......@@ -73,3 +73,20 @@ merging a merge request should be done locally, with prior rebasing upon the
`master` branch and take care of using the `-ff-only` merge option. Merge
requests should **NOT** be merged through the Gitlab UI, which would result in
an extra "merge" commit.
Getting your contribution accepted
All contributions are welcome and will only be judged on a technical and legal merit.
Contributing does not require endorsing views of any other contributor,
or supporting the project in any way.
Rejected contributions are not personal; further contributions will be considered.
It is discouraged to inquire about any contributor opinions or
identity characteristics as they should not have any influence on the quality
of the contribution. It is also possible to contribute anonymously.
If provided, icons are preferred to be parodic or humorous in nature for
legal reasons, however there are no restrictions on the quality or style of humor.