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How to contribute

Write a patch

Help yourself with the documentation <>_.

Find an opened issue on this website <>_, or write your own bugfix or feature. Then, once it is necessary, commit with::

$ git commit -a

Do not forget to write a helpful commit message.

Check your patch

You can run these scripts to be sure your patch doesn't break anything::

$ tools/
$ tools/
$ tools/ yourmodulename  # or without yourmodulename to test everything

Perhaps you should also write or fix tests. These tests are automatically run by Gitlab CI <>_ at each commit and merge requests.

Create a merge request or send a patch

The easiest way to send your patch is to create a fork on the Weboob Gitlab <>_ and create a merge request from there. This way, the code review process is easier and continuous integration is run automatically (see previous section).

If you prefer good old email patches, just use


$ git format-patch -n -s origin

Then, send them with this command::

$ git send-email *.patch

You can also send the files by yourself if you haven't any configured MTA on your system.