Commit d0bc9abc authored by Romain Bignon's avatar Romain Bignon

method fill_contact() and fixes on get_contact()

parent d026b0c2
......@@ -175,31 +175,47 @@ class AuMBackend(BaseBackend, ICapMessages, ICapMessagesReply, ICapDating, ICapC
def get_contact(self, _id):
def get_contact(self, contact):
with self.browser:
profile = self.browser.get_profide(_id)
if isinstance(contact, Contact):
_id =
elif isinstance(contact, (int,long,str,unicode)):
_id = contact
raise TypeError("The parameter 'contact' isn't a contact nor a int/long/str/unicode: %s" % contact)
profile = self.browser.get_profile(_id)
if profile.is_online():
contact = Contact(_id, profile.get_name(), s)
if isinstance(contact, Contact): = _id = profile.get_name()
contact.status = s
contact = Contact(_id, profile.get_name(), s)
contact.status_msg = u'%s old' % profile.table['details']['old']
contact.summary = profile.description
contact.avatar = None =
for photo in
contact.set_photo(photo.split('/')[-1], url=photo, thumbnail_url=photo.replace('image', 'thumb1_'))
contact.profile = []
stats = ProfileNode('stats', 'Stats', [], flags=ProfileNode.HEAD|ProfileNode.SECTION)
for label, value in self.get_stats().iteritems():
for label, value in profile.get_stats().iteritems():
stats.value.append(ProfileNode(label, label.capitalize(), value))
for section, d in self.get_table().iteritems():
for section, d in profile.get_table().iteritems():
s = ProfileNode(section, section.capitalize(), [], flags=ProfileNode.SECTION)
for key, value in d.iteritems():
s.value.append(ProfileNode(key, key.capitalize(), value))
return contact
except BrowserUnavailable:
return None
......@@ -226,7 +242,7 @@ class AuMBackend(BaseBackend, ICapMessages, ICapMessagesReply, ICapDating, ICapC
# TODO age in contact['birthday']
c = Contact(contact['id'], contact['pseudo'], s)
c.status_msg = u'%s old' % contact['birthday']
c.thumbnail_url = contact['cover']
c.set_photo(contact['cover'].split('/')[-1].replace('thumb0_', 'image'), thumbnail_url=contact['cover'])
yield c
def iter_chat_messages(self, _id=None):
......@@ -239,3 +255,18 @@ class AuMBackend(BaseBackend, ICapMessages, ICapMessagesReply, ICapDating, ICapC
#def start_chat_polling(self):
#self._profile_walker = ProfilesWalker(self.weboob.scheduler,, self.browser)
def fill_contact(self, contact, fields):
if 'profile' in fields:
contact = self.get_contact(contact)
if 'photos' in fields:
for name, photo in
with self.browser:
if photo.url:
data = self.browser.openurl(photo.url).read()
contact.set_photo(name, data=data)
if photo.thumbnail_url:
data = self.browser.openurl(photo.thumbnail_url).read()
contact.set_photo(name, thumbnail_data=data)
OBJECTS = {Contact: fill_contact}
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