Commit 9c961d3d authored by Romain Bignon's avatar Romain Bignon

fix the 'profile' command

parent 4bbbee93
......@@ -59,10 +59,39 @@ class HaveSex(PromptApplication):
def command_profile(self, id):
_id, backend_name = self.parse_id(id)
def print_node(node, level=1):
if node.flags & node.SECTION:
print '\t' * level + node.label
for sub in node.value:
print_node(sub, level+1)
if isinstance(node.value, (tuple,list)):
value = ','.join([unicode(v) for v in node.value])
value = node.value
print '\t' * level + '%-20s %s' % (node.label + ':', value)
found = 0
for backend, profile in'get_profile', _id, backends=backend_name):
if profile:
print profile.get_profile_text().encode('utf-8')
for backend, contact in'get_contact', _id, backends=backend_name):
if contact:
print 'Nickname:',
if contact.status & contact.STATUS_ONLINE:
s = 'online'
elif contact.status & contact.STATUS_OFFLINE:
s = 'offline'
elif contact.status & contact.STATUS_AWAY:
s = 'away'
s = 'unknown'
print 'Status: %s (%s)' % (s, contact.status_msg)
print 'Photos:'
for name, photo in
print '\t%s' % photo
print 'Profile:'
for head in contact.profile:
print 'Description:'
print '\n'.join(['\t%s' % s for s in contact.summary.split('\n')])
found = 1
if not found:
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