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description='Weboob, Web Out Of Browsers - core library',
# long_description=read('README'),
Weboob is a project which provides a core library, backends and applications.
The core library defines capabilities: features common to various websites. For example, and are both videos providers: Weboob defines the “ICapVideo” capability.
Each backend interfaces a website and implements one or many of these capabilities. Backends can be configured, which
means that the end-user can provide personal information to access the underlaying website (login/password for example).
Applications offer the ability to the end-user to work with many backends in parallel, in a multi-threaded way. For
example, one could search a video on many providers websites. Applications are toolkit-agnostic. They can use Gtk, Qt or
text-only, more adapted to reuse data through pipes.
The core library provides base classes which help the developer to write backends and applications.
Weboob is written in Python and is distributed under the GPLv3 license.
author='Romain Bignon',
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