Commit e5f3a050 authored by Baptiste Delpey's avatar Baptiste Delpey Committed by Romain Bignon

[lcl] fix transferbankerror msg format

parent ffd6bb19
......@@ -779,7 +779,7 @@ class TransferPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
# This aims to track input errors.
script_error = CleanText(u"//script[contains(text(), 'if (\"true\"===\"true\")')]")(self.doc)
if script_error:
raise TransferBankError(html2text('\.html\("(.*?)"\)', script_error).group(1)).strip())
raise TransferBankError(CleanText().filter(html2text('\.html\("(.*?)"\)', script_error).group(1))))
def can_transfer(self, account_transfer_id):
for div in self.doc.xpath('//div[input[@id="indexCompteEmetteur"]]//div[@class="infoCompte" and not(@title)]'):
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