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      cmb/cmmc: replicate cmso BackendConfig · 2e68fdd3
      Vincent Ardisson authored
      cmb and cmso are AbstractModules of cmso, which allows them to inherit cmso's
      content. However, the inheritance is only done when instanciating the module.
      When adding a backend with weboob command-lines, the module is NOT
      instanciated yet and thus does not inherit the CONFIG attribute, so the
      default empty CONFIG is used and the module cannot be configured.
      A workaround is to copy the CONFIG of the PARENT module so it does not need
      to be instanciated.
      A real fix would be to find a way to inherit the PARENT module class before
      using the module's CONFIG (or anything else), with a dependency system at
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      modules: fix AbstractBrowser use · 2398d2e9
      Vincent Ardisson authored
      The weboob arg should now be passed as a kwarg, this avoids passing
      multiple times the weboob as positional argument in case of multiple
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