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    • Maxime Pommier's avatar
      [banquepopulaire] further fetch token when empty page · dbc88ff4
      Maxime Pommier authored
       - For some account, the page used to find the token was a 302 that redirect the browser to an
         page where we could not find any usefull information. Added a new page to check if the first
         one was empty.
      Closes: 20342@sibi 8050@zendesk
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    • Célande Adrien's avatar
      [banquepopulaire] wrong catching of the login page · 8444c044
      Célande Adrien authored
      When the user is already logged in and it tries to log anyway, the website response by a json page which says it.
      But sometimes, this page may be catch by the Login2Page because of the URL.
      So now, the page exist with a is_here to be sure.
      Closes: 16413@sibi
      Closes: 16408@sibi
      Closes: 17916@sibi
      Closes: 10663@sibi
      Closes: 13746@sibi
      Closes: 10622@sibi
      Closes: 16474@sibi
      Closes: 15877@sibi
      Closes: 16473@sibi
      Closes: 17884@sibi
      Closes: 18531@sibi
      Closes: 15851@sibi
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    • Baptiste Delpey's avatar
      [banquepop] fix transactions page getting handled by ErrorPage · a2db3743
      Baptiste Delpey authored
      page after getting back of transactiondetail seems to have a new url
      Closes: 4173@sibi
    • Célande Adrien's avatar
      [banquepopulaire] get references on gocardless transactions · 62903efc
      Célande Adrien authored
      To get the references, one must open the detail page for one particular transaction.
      To do so, the module get the parameters, load the page and return to the transaction page.
      Knowing that to get the details, you must know and retrieve the transaction id which changes on each loading of the transaction page.
      The references are stored in the raw field.
      Closes: 5152@zendesk
    • Célande Adrien's avatar
      [banquepopulaire] completed profile · 3a3f42d8
      Célande Adrien authored
      The profile can the one of a company or a person.
      Now only one of the field is filled and if you do not have a name, you are a company.
      Closes: 1534@sibi
    • Quentin Defenouillere's avatar
      [banquepopulaire] Scrapping invests & liquidities from Lifebourse · be55466c
      Quentin Defenouillere authored
      Re-added the Investments class to lifebourse/pages.py
      Modified banquepopulaire browser to scrap 'TIT' but also 'PRV' accounts
      Modified banque postale browser to avoid scraping liquidities and avoid
      The previous Banque Populaire code only scrapped accounts starting with
      'TIT', this was modified since accounts starting with 'PRV' also appear
      in Lifebourse with invests and liquidites.
      An 'XX-liquidity' class was re-added to the pages files of Lifebourse,
      since Banque Populaire customers wanted liquidities to appear. The
      browser file from Banque Postale file was also modified to prevent
      liquidities from appearing since it would be redundant with current
      Closes: 5162@zendesk
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