Commit 08b248e5 authored by Dorian Roly's avatar Dorian Roly Committed by Vincent A

[SGPE]Add regex to match special format

I've added a regexp in order to match the format : 2019/07011100

Also i've forced the transaction type on defered card for the comings page

closes : 12323
parent 6d52c0c9
......@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@ class Transaction(FrenchTransaction):
(re.compile(r'^(?P<category>CARTE) \w+ (?P<dd>\d{2})/(?P<mm>\d{2}) (?P<text>.*)'),
(re.compile(r'^REMISE CB /(?P<dd>\d{2})/(?P<mm>\d{2}) (?P<text>.*?)/?(-[\d,]+)?$'),
......@@ -156,9 +158,11 @@ class CardHistoryPage(LoggedPage, SGPEPage):
obj_rdate = Date(CleanText('./td[1]'), dayfirst=True)
obj_date = Date(Env('date'), dayfirst=True, default=NotAvailable)
obj_raw = Transaction.Raw(CleanText('./td[2]'))
obj_type = Transaction.TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD
obj__coming = True
def obj_type(self):
return Transaction.TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD
def obj_amount(self):
return CleanDecimal('./td[3]', replace_dots=True, default=NotAvailable)(self) \
or CleanDecimal('./td[2]', replace_dots=True)(self)
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