Commit f0ecd8fc authored by Jordan Augé's avatar Jordan Augé

[module/bp] fix: Unavailable RIB service prevents listing account balance

parent 3e29f496
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......@@ -418,7 +418,10 @@ class AccountRIB(LoggedPage, RawPage):
iban_regexp = r'[A-Z]{2}\d{12}[0-9A-Z]{11}\d{2}'
def get_iban(self):
m =, extract_text(
text = extract_text(
if not text:
return None
m =, text)
if m:
return unicode(
return None
  • Example of unavailable service:


    Result in boobank

    boobank> list
                     Account                     Balance    Coming
    2020-07-18 00:12:31, <Backend 'bp'>: Calling function iter_resources
    2020-07-18 00:12:32, Handle[REDACTED] with AccountRIB
    > [REDACTED]/.local/share/weboob/modules/2.0/bp/pages/
    -> m =, extract_text(
    (Pdb) p extract_text(
    (Pdb) c
    2020-07-18 00:12:41, Attribute iban (in [REDACTED]/.local/share/weboob/modules/2.0/bp/pages/ raises TypeError('expected string or bytes-like object')
    2020-07-18 00:12:41, <Backend 'bp'>: Called function iter_resources raised an error: TypeError('expected string or bytes-like object')
    Bug(bp): expected string or bytes-like object
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