Commit 025fc6bf authored by Xavier G's avatar Xavier G Committed by Romain Bignon

CrAgr: CA Sud Rhone Alpes now takes the adequate account label if possible. (closes #857)

parent 06848ae0
......@@ -79,7 +79,11 @@ class AccountsList(CragrBasePage):
account.label = div.findall('br')[0].tail.strip()
s = div.xpath('following-sibling::div//b')[0].text
account.label = div.findall('br')[1].tail.strip()
label_container = div.xpath('./b/span')
if label_container and label_container[0].text is not None:
account.label = label_container[0].text.strip()
account.label = div.findall('br')[1].tail.strip() = div.find('span').text.strip()
s = div.xpath('.//big')[0].text
account.balance = clean_amount(s)
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