1. 12 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      [tumblr] consent to this GDPR bullshit · 3b934c67
      Vincent A authored
      tumblr assholes are so zealous you cannot even access their API until
      you accept this whole GDPR bullshit which requires to store a cookie to
      indicate you don't want cookies.
      It would be funnily ironic if it weren't such an awful nightmare.
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  5. 03 Jul, 2018 4 commits
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      [creditcooperatif] optional nuser · e3fe7ab0
      Célande Adrien authored
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      [caissedepargne] Fix 403 error during ls · 6fbb7044
      Maxime Gasselin authored
      When an account is available on offrebourse and natixis the connection is only
      possible with good CTX cookie. The patch removes CTX when it is present
      twice or more.
    • Maxime Gasselin's avatar
      [caissedepargne] Add history with linebourse module · 7cec41f5
      Maxime Gasselin authored
      The history of some accounts are on the offrebourse website, which seems
      to be the same than linebourse. So the patch allows the connection to
      the site whith the help of linebourse module. Moreover the patch takes
      care of the cookie with a deletion when CTX value appears twice (avoid a
      403 connection).
      Closes: 5556@zendesk
    • Célande Adrien's avatar
      [creditcooperatif] add nuser · 0b726d34
      Célande Adrien authored
      Since caissedepargne has now a third identificator, nuser. It had been added to creditcooperatif.
      With a Switching Browser, the module can use the CenetBrowser.
      Several BASEURLs are handled because one is used for the login ans the other one for the rest of the navigation.
      So that the BASEURLs can be written in the code for another script.
      The migration script is the one made for caissedepargne to handle nuser.
      Closes: 5588@zendesk
      Closes: 5523@zendesk
      Closes: 5574@zendesk
      Closes: 5643@zendesk
      Closes: 5645@zendesk
      Closes: 4440@sibi
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