Commit 62379aac authored by Bruno Chabrier's avatar Bruno Chabrier

MEMO now contains the raw information, for a better clarity

parent f33ac5ca
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......@@ -58,9 +58,16 @@ class MoneyOfxFormatter(OfxFormatter):
# MSMoney only supports CHECKING accounts
t = kwargs['account'].type
kwargs['account'].type = AccountType.CHECKING
OfxFormatter.start_format(self, **kwargs)
super(MoneyOfxFormatter, self).start_format(**kwargs)
kwargs['account'].type = t
def format_obj(self, obj, alias):
cat = obj.category
obj.category = obj.raw
result = super(MoneyOfxFormatter, self).format_obj(obj, alias)
obj.category = cat
return result
def output(self, formatted):
if self.outfile != sys.stdout:
self.outfile.write(formatted + os.linesep)
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