Commit a87dd510 authored by Romain Bignon's avatar Romain Bignon

fix backend from website changes

parent 053c7331
......@@ -35,8 +35,14 @@ class WeatherPage(BasePage):
return int(temp_str.replace(u"\xb0C", "").strip())
def iter_forecast(self):
for div in self.document.getiterator('div'):
if div.attrib.has_key("id") and div.attrib.get('id').find("jour") != -1:
for div in self.document.getiterator('li'):
if div.attrib.get('class', '').startswith('jour'):
mdate = div.xpath('./dl/dt')[0].text
t_low = self.get_temp_without_unit(div.xpath('.//dd[@class="minmax"]/strong')[0].text)
t_high = self.get_temp_without_unit(div.xpath('.//dd[@class="minmax"]/strong')[1].text)
mtxt = div.xpath('.//dd')[0].text
yield Forecast(mdate, t_low, t_high, mtxt, 'C')
elif div.attrib.get('class', '').startswith('lijourle'):
for em in div.getiterator('em'):
templist = em.text_content().split("/")
......@@ -52,16 +58,11 @@ class WeatherPage(BasePage):
yield Forecast(mdate, t_low, t_high, mtxt, "C")
def get_current(self):
for div in self.document.getiterator('div'):
if div.attrib.has_key("id") and div.attrib.get('id') == "blocDetails0":
for em in div.getiterator('em'):
temp = self.get_temp_without_unit(em.text_content())
for img in div.getiterator("img"):
mtxt = img.attrib["title"]
mdate =
return Current(mdate, temp, mtxt, "C")
div = self.document.getroot().xpath('//div[@class="bloc_details"]/ul/li/dl')[0]
mdate =
temp = self.get_temp_without_unit(div.xpath('./dd[@class="minmax"]')[0].text)
mtxt = div.find('dd').find('img').attrib['title']
return Current(mdate, temp, mtxt, 'C')
def get_city(self):
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